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Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack

Adult Swim 2001

Made by Genndy Tartakovsky, this cartoon tells the story of a great warrior displaced to the distant future by the evil shape-shifting wizard Aku. The world has become a bleak place under the rule of Aku, segregated into fantastic tribes and ruled by Aku's evil robot warlords. Jack travels this foreign landscape in search of a time portal that can return him to his home time so he can "undo the future that is Aku!".

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The 10 Best Episodes of Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack - S5E10

#1 - CI


Season 5 - Episode 10

The fate of the entire universe hangs in the balance as Samurai Jack finally faces Aku.

The episode was rated from 485 votes.

Samurai Jack - S5E3

#2 - XCIV


Season 5 - Episode 3

Samurai Jack is gravely injured, but still decides to face one of the deadliest foes he's ever faced, Assassins from the Cult of Aku.

The episode was rated from 519 votes.

Samurai Jack - S5E2

#3 - XCIII


Season 5 - Episode 2

Jack's will to survive is pushed to its absolute limits after a deadly, unseen foe launches a relentless surprise attack.

The episode was rated from 572 votes.

Samurai Jack - S5E7



Season 5 - Episode 7

Jack and Ashi overcome a series of dangerous physical and spiritual tests in order to recover Jack's sword.

The episode was rated from 474 votes.

Samurai Jack - S2E5

#5 - XVIII: Jack and the Ultra-Robots


Season 2 - Episode 5

Jack goes from destroyed village to destroyed village looking for the ultra-robots responsible for the destruction only to find that they were created by a troll commissioned by Aku.

The episode was rated from 190 votes.

Samurai Jack - S5E9
#6 - C
Season 5 - Episode 9

Samurai Jack's worst fear is realized when he faces off against Aku; the demon makes a shocking discovery about Ashi that puts her in grave danger.

The episode was rated from 449 votes.
Samurai Jack - S2E12
#7 - XXV: Jack and the Spartans
Season 2 - Episode 12

As jack climbs up to the top of a mountain he meets up with an army of great warriors and gets asked to help them in the last chapter of a 300 year battle.

The episode was rated from 173 votes.
Samurai Jack - S3E4
#8 - XXX: Jack and the Zombies
Season 3 - Episode 4

Aku resolves to do something about The Samurai once and for all and lures him into a cemetery.

The episode was rated from 164 votes.
Samurai Jack - S3E12
#9 - XXXVIII: The Birth of Evil (2)
Season 3 - Episode 12

The gods send the Emperor a mystical horse to free him and deliver him to a castle in the sky. The three gods give him powers and forge a mystic sword for him to wield before sending him forth to fight Aku.

The episode was rated from 126 votes.
Samurai Jack - S1E11
#10 - XI: Jack and the Scotsman
Season 1 - Episode 11

When Jack and a Scotsman meet on a seemingly never-ending bridge, they end up shackled together and on the run from bounty hunters.

The episode was rated from 242 votes.

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Just found out this is coming back to Adult Swim in 2016!


The epic fights and unique scenarios in a original show really put this over the top, but season 5, woo season 5 is just on a whole other level, highly Recommend Samurai Jack if you ever gain the chance


One of my favorite shows of all time, ever since I saw it premiere while I was a kid. What more truly needs to be said? A unique art style with superb animation, amazing action sequences alongside an in depth story with lots of interesting side stories, valuable wisdom and even humor for people of all ages, and excellent voice acting (R.I.P. Mako). While not every episode is the greatest thing ever, as a whole this show is one of the best.


Jack's story first began when he was born after Aku had his imprisonment by the hands of Jack's father. About a decade later, Aku escaped by an eclipse. Jack's mother went into hiding and sent Jack to train around the world, as was planned by his parents should Aku ever escape his prison and Jack's father fail to stop him. After years of training with some of the greatest warriors of the time, Jack returned to the temple his mother was hiding in and was given the sword his father used to defeat Aku with and his signature kimono.


Amazing. This is the epitome of great cartoon. I also found it to be better than the originals but only because the originals stretch the story too much and some times it gets boring. But this is also expected of a children's cartoon. I also loved the fact this one is a little more mature. Aishi is also interesting and has a similar charisma to Jack's, though Jack is still the protagonist. This is beyond fantastic. This is what Cartoon Network gets for trusting basically the same team as that of the original.

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