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Syfy 2008

The adventures of the beautiful, enigmatic and always surprising Dr. Helen Magnus, a brilliant scientist who holds the secrets of a clandestine population called Abnormals - a group of strange and sometimes terrifying beings that hide among humans. Magnus seeks to protect this threatened phenomena as well as unlock the mysteries behind their existence.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Sanctuary

Sanctuary - S4E13

#1 - Sanctuary for None (2) (Season 4 - Episode 13)

With the new Abnormal Homeland now openly under threat, Henry and Tesla learn that the SCIU weaponized Tesla's work to use against Abnormals. Bigfoot and Kate investigate Caleb's rise to power while Will and Abby look into Magnus' past.

The episode was rated 8.39 from 190 votes.

Sanctuary - S3E20

#2 - Into the Black (Season 3 - Episode 20)

Receiving word that a large group of Abnormals has been spotted near a South Dakotan cave entrance, Magnus realizes it's the first wave of Abnormals emerging from Hollow Earth.

The episode was rated 8.29 from 176 votes.

Sanctuary - S4E4

#3 - Monsoon (Season 4 - Episode 4)

Magnus flies to a remote island in Africa to meet with the Sanctuary's new top secret advisor, but lands herself in the middle of a deadly hostage situation.

The episode was rated 8.23 from 206 votes.

Sanctuary - S4E1

#4 - Tempus (Season 4 - Episode 1)

Magnus has pursued Adam Worth back to 1898 London to stop him from altering and quite possibly completely destroying the future. As she battles to stop Worth, stay hidden from her past-self, and avoid taking any action that might change the events of history, Magnus must also figure out how to get back to her own present day timeline.

The episode was rated 8.20 from 211 votes.

Sanctuary - S3E10

#5 - The Hollow Men (Season 3 - Episode 10)

Seeking a gateway to the secret subterranean city, Magnus leads a treacherous mission to Tibet - telling a bitter Adam that he must stay behind while promising to bring back a cure for their radiation sickness. Because of their source blood, Magnus insists that Tesla and Druitt stay behind as well, taking the only shield Tesla was able to construct for herself. The hidden city, however, is rigged with deadly security traps - and death awaits the team at every turn.

The episode was rated 8.16 from 185 votes.

Sanctuary - S3E16

#6 - Awakening (Season 3 - Episode 16)

Magnus and Tesla investigate a former Praxian stronghold and unintentionally stumble on vampiric secrets.

The episode was rated 8.14 from 197 votes.

Sanctuary - S2E13

#7 - Kali (2) (Season 2 - Episode 13)

Will begins to experience strange visions that are connected to the Cult of Kali. Magnus has difficulty with finding the solution to their problems.

The episode was rated 8.13 from 140 votes.

Sanctuary - S3E11

#8 - Pax Romana (Season 3 - Episode 11)

Magnus is revived to answer Ranna's questions and soon figures out that despite Ranna's efforts the city is in great deal of trouble and the fall of Praxis could also threaten the surface world however Magnus is able to help. Magnus and Ranna makes an understanding to help and she revives rest of the gang. Magnus manages to save the city with the help from Gregory Magnus meanwhile Will tries to breakdown Adam's plan that can cause huge trouble.

The episode was rated 8.11 from 209 votes.

Sanctuary - S4E10

#9 - Acolyte (Season 4 - Episode 10)

Kate returns from Hollow Earth with word that insurgents are about to strike an above-ground target – and may have inside help from a trusted member of Team Sanctuary.

The episode was rated 8.10 from 187 votes.

Sanctuary - S4E3

#10 - Untouchable (Season 4 - Episode 3)

With a government inspector threatening to cut off the Sanctuary's funding, Magnus and Will must explain a mission gone wrong. Meanwhile, Henry has a surprise visitor with some shocking news.

The episode was rated 8.09 from 208 votes.

Sanctuary - S2E2
#11 - End of Nights (2)
Season 2 - Episode 2

Furious at being duped into a trap, Magnus takes on Kate, demanding information and complete access to her Cabal contacts. The Cabal’s true agenda is revealed and Magnus realizes that they are not only holding Ashley as ransom to obtain complete control of the Sanctuary Network, but turning her into the ultimate weapon. Now transformed into a Super Abnormal with devastating powers, Ashley and her newly cloned fighters begin their onslaught, destroying Sanctuaries in cities around the world. Tesla and Henry attempt to create a weapon that can stop the attacks…without killing Ashley. As the team prepares to defend the Sanctuary with Tesla’s new weapon, Magnus must come to the realization that they may not be able to stop the Cabal’s attacks without harming Ashley. She realizes she might have to choose between saving her only daughter, or losing the Sanctuary and all the lives and secrets within it.

The episode was rated from 207 votes.
Sanctuary - S3E18
#12 - Carentan
Season 3 - Episode 18

A colleague vanishes amid unexplained disappearances in Normandy, France, where Magnus and her team run into a military blockade during their investigation

The episode was rated from 187 votes.
Sanctuary - S4E9
#13 - Chimera
Season 4 - Episode 9

Just when Magnus thought Adam Worth was gone forever, she and Tesla become trapped in a virtual Sanctuary, where they are attacked by an avatar of Worth – who is determined to enter the “real” world.

The episode was rated from 181 votes.
Sanctuary - S2E12
#14 - Kali (1)
Season 2 - Episode 12

The team investigate a murder in Mumbai, and find a connection to the ancient cult of Kali, whose followers can foretell disaster. However, Will falls ill and disappears, and is somehow linked to the mystery.

The episode was rated from 173 votes.
Sanctuary - S2E7
#15 - Veritas
Season 2 - Episode 7

Will goes up against the heads of the Sanctuary Network to defend Magnus who is charged with a shocking murder. But as the evidence stacks up against her, even Will has trouble finding a way to convincingly defend her innocence.

The episode was rated from 190 votes.
Sanctuary - S4E2
#16 - Uprising
Season 4 - Episode 2

As Hollow Earth Abnormals continue to arrive at the surface in droves, Will, Henry, Kate and Bigfoot scramble to prevent all-out war with the Lotus Security Forces. All the while, they are worrying about the whereabouts and safety of Magnus who was last seen heading to Praxis just before the city was destroyed.

The episode was rated from 199 votes.
Sanctuary - S2E10
#17 - Sleepers
Season 2 - Episode 10

Magnus and Will investigate a number of inexplicable teenage disappearances. The common denominator in the case seems to be that they all recently spent time at an exclusive rehab clinic in Mexico. Paying a visit to the clinic, Magnus and Will are surprised to meet the program’s director…none other than a disguised Nikola Tesla, one of the original Five. Tesla portentously explains he has been working on a treatment that cures the teens of their addictions in merely a week. Magnus and Will know Tesla has an ulterior motive and press him to disclose the real purpose for the clinic. Unable to hold back his excitement, Tesla reveals he is actually turning his patients into Vampires. Tesla’s treatment is designed to create a time-release of the Vampire gene, evolving his unsuspecting patients into Vampires over a 30-year period. But when one of his patients discovers the formula to speed up the process, they find themselves up against a powerful and determined group of new Vampires. Unless they can be stopped, Magnus fears Tesla may have unleashed the resurrection of the deadliest race of Abnormals ever to roam the Earth.

The episode was rated from 179 votes.
Sanctuary - S1E13
#18 - Revelations (2)
Season 1 - Episode 13

The Five, led by Magnus, attempt to find the secret labyrinth in the decimated city of Bhalasaam. Once located, they must complete a series of cryptic tests that can only be achieved using each of their unique powers.

The episode was rated from 219 votes.
Sanctuary - S3E7
#19 - Breach
Season 3 - Episode 7

Magnus responds to an anonymous call for help at an abandoned building. But when she gets trapped inside, she discovers whoever made the call has a very different agenda.

The episode was rated from 180 votes.
Sanctuary - S3E3
#20 - Bank Job
Season 3 - Episode 3

The team goes on a routine mission to retrieve an Abnormal and take it to safety. But the mission becomes anything but routine when they are forced to stage a bank heist in order to protect the public from harm.

The episode was rated from 180 votes.

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Episodes that focus on members of The Five are really fun and enjoyable, but I end up fast-forwarding through half the episodes that don't.


One of my favourite shows ever made. I was devastated when it ended, but I also think SyFy screwed them around. Amanda Tapping is the Empress of SciFi, and I hope she makes more soon.


wau! as long as i can see after few episodes: weak acting, poor drama and cheap morality. sorry...


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