10 Best Episodes of Seinfeld - Season 6

Seinfeld, the iconic '90s sitcom, is a show that needs no introduction. With its witty banter, relatable characters, and hilarious scenarios, it has captured the hearts of audiences for decades. Whether you're a long-time fan or just discovering the series, there are certain episodes that stand out as the best of the best. From Elaine's iconic dance moves to George's outrageous schemes, Seinfeld never fails to deliver the laughs.

From its premiere in 1989 to its final season in 1998, Seinfeld entertained viewers with its unique blend of observational humor and quirky storylines. Created by stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, the show revolves around a group of friends navigating the ups and downs of life in New York City. While the show's premise is famously described as being about "nothing," its episodes are filled with hilarious and relatable moments.

Whether you're looking to revisit your favorite Seinfeld episodes or discover new ones, you're in luck. All ten seasons of the show are available on NBC, allowing you to binge-watch to your heart's content. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to laugh along with Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer as they navigate the absurdities of everyday life in the Big Apple.

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Seinfeld - S6E23

#15 - The Face Painter (Season 6 - Episode 23)

George and his girlfriend discuss toilet paper and he is in love. Elaine's boyfriend paints his face and his behavior at a hockey game, disturbs Jerry, Elaine and a passing priest. A monkey throws a banana peel at Kramer, when he throws it back, the monkey becomes depressed and the zoo demands an apology. George tries to tell his girlfriend that he loves her, but her reaction surprises him. Jerry refuses to give the "necessary" follow-up courtesy thank you for the hockey tickets and Kramer is outraged.

The episode was rated 7.74 from 588 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E8

#14 - The Mom & Pop Store (Season 6 - Episode 8)


A salesman convinces George to buy a convertible once owned by "Jon Voight." Kramer tries to save a small shoe-repair business, but his good intentions affect Jerry in a big way. Elaine wins tickets for Mr. Pitt, who's always wanted to participate in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The episode was rated 7.75 from 663 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E2

#13 - The Big Salad (Season 6 - Episode 2)

Elaine's boss wants a special mechanical pencil, so Elaine tries to get one from a stationary store where the clerk has a thing for her. George and his girlfriend pick up a "big salad" for Elaine, that his girlfriend gives to Elaine and she thanks her. Later, George points out that he bought the "big salad." Jerry discovers that his current girlfriend once dated Newman, who broke off his relationship with her. Kramer plays golf with an ex-ball player who breaks a rule of golf, they have a fight, and later the ball player is wanted for questioning in the murder of a dry cleaner, where a golf tee was involved. Kramer later helps him evade the police in a white Ford Bronco.

The episode was rated 7.75 from 794 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E13

#12 - The Scofflaw (Season 6 - Episode 13)


George meets an old friend who's spent the last few months undergoing chemotherapy, that everyone knew except him. Kramer calls a litterbug "a pig" near a cop who's on a quest to catch a longtime parking ticket scofflaw. Kramer wanting to change his image, asks Elaine where her old boyfriend got his glasses. He goes to see him at a book signing and says hi for Elaine, that means that she has lost the "upper hand" in their breakup, so she confronts him and then gets even by getting a copy of his glasses. George finds out from Gary, that he lied about his cancer and has been taking advantage of Jerry's kindness. Kramer discovers the identity of "the scofflaw." George gets a toupee.

The episode was rated 7.76 from 651 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E7

#11 - The Soup (Season 6 - Episode 7)

Elaine brings over a man she met in England and he turns out to be a real bounder. Jerry accepts an Armani suit from an obnoxious comedian, the only condition, he must treat him to a meal at a restaurant; however, what makes up a meal. George goes for a walk with a waitress from Monk's and manure in the path sums up his relationship with her. After his kidney stone, Kramer decides to eat only fresh foods.

The episode was rated 7.77 from 727 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E16

#10 - The Beard (Season 6 - Episode 16)


Elaine tries to convert a gay man to heterosexuality. George, who's now wearing his toupee, discovers that the woman Kramer has set him up with, is bald. Kramer gives a homeless man some Chinese food and begins standing in police lineups for $50 a lineup. Jerry begins to date a cop, but she wants him to take a lie detector test, she thinks he is lying about NOT watching Melrose Place.

The episode was rated 7.80 from 651 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E6

#9 - The Gymnast (Season 6 - Episode 6)

George and Kramer convince Jerry he'll be missing out on something if he stops dating a Romanian Olympic gymnast. Jerry and Kramer find out about one of George's bathroom habits. Kramer must pass a kidney stone. The mother of George's girlfriend sees him eat something out of a trash bin, later cleaning a windshield & one of his bathroom habits. Elaine's boss becomes obsessed with finding the image in a 3-D painting, so he sends her to represent him in a huge merger deal.

The episode was rated 7.82 from 744 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E20

#8 - The Doodle (Season 6 - Episode 20)


Jerry is disgusted when he finds out he was eating pecans that were just in his girlfriend's mouth. George finds a doodle that his girlfriend drew of him. Kramer is eating some tasty peaches that come in season for two weeks every year. Fleas force Jerry and his visiting parents out his apartment. Elaine has an interview with a publisher that has suite of rooms at a fancy hotel and that is where Jerry parents get to stay. Jerry stays with his girlfriend. Elaine must go into Jerry's fumigated apartment to get an unpublished manuscript that she is supposed to read for her interview and she can't find it, but Kramer read it in Jerry's apartment and the gas causes him to lose his sense of taste. George finds out that his girlfriend really doesn't care what he looks like. Jerry figures out that Newman gave him the fleas. Meanwhile, Jerry's parents, Uncle Leo and Nana live high on the hog at the hotel.

The episode was rated 7.86 from 655 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E3

#7 - The Pledge Drive (Season 6 - Episode 3)

Jerry comments that a friend was hitting on him and Elaine tries to find out if what was true, but gets the voice of the woman and her current boyfriend confused. Elaine's boss eats his Snickers bar with a knife and fork and idea that soon catches on. George thinks a waitress gave him the finger. Jerry gets caught throwing away a thank you card. Jerry cashes some old birthday checks from his grandmother. Jerry's working a PBS pledge drive and gets George to bring a Yankee to appear with him, while en-route to the studio, someone gives George the finger.

The episode was rated 7.86 from 765 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E12

#6 - The Label Maker (Season 6 - Episode 12)


Elaine and Jerry are suspicious of a friend's gift, when a gift Elaine gave him, a label maker, is given to Jerry in return for some Superbowl tickets Jerry has but can't use because "The Drake" is getting married on Superbowl Sunday and he is in the wedding party. George convinces his girlfriend to get her male roommate to move out, that he soon regrets. Kramer takes playing a game of Risk against Newman seriously. The Superbowl tickets pass through several hands and Jerry sees the game with his worst nightmare.

The episode was rated 7.87 from 682 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E4

#5 - The Chinese Woman (Season 6 - Episode 4)

Jerry and Elaine see George's father with a man with a cape but don't say hello. Jerry discovers a Chinese woman on George's phone line after the wires get crossed and he gets a date with her. Kramer gets worried about his sperm count, so he goes to a fertility clinic and then makes a change in his choice of undergarments. Elaine ruins her friend Noreen's latest romance with a long talker. The Chinese woman turns out to be Jewish and from Long Island. Estelle gets advice about her relationship with Frank from the Chinese woman, but discounts it when she meets her. George's life is made miserable when his parent's separate.

The episode was rated 7.87 from 772 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E21

#4 - The Fusilli Jerry (Season 6 - Episode 21)


Estelle is getting an eye job. Kramer gets his new license plates from the DMV, but the plates say "ASSMAN." Jerry is disturbed when he finds out his mechanic used his "move" on Elaine while making love to her. Kramer makes a statue of Jerry out of fusilli pasta and he makes the most of his new license plates. Jerry confronts his mechanic and later requires his services. Frank becomes the unwitting victim of one of those "freak" accidents proctologists are always telling stories about.

The episode was rated 7.95 from 653 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E19

#3 - The Jimmy (Season 6 - Episode 19)

In this hilarious episode of Seinfeld, titled "The Jimmy," the gang finds themselves caught up in a series of amusing situations. When they take part in a basketball game with a man who refers to himself in the third person, known as "the Jimmy," things quickly take a comedic turn. George, always on the lookout for investment opportunities, becomes interested in Jimmy's peculiar training shoes. Meanwhile, Jerry stumbles upon an unexpected surprise at the dental office when he discovers Penthouse magazine in the waiting room.

Elaine, on the other hand, finds herself in an awkward encounter at the gym. Hoping to meet a handsome guy, she instead ends up striking up a conversation with none other than "the Jimmy" himself, who shamelessly sets up a date with her. As if that wasn't enough, Jerry suspects that his dentist and hygienist may have acted out a fantasy during his dental appointment, leading him to question the true nature of his experience.

Not to be left out, Kramer has his own dental adventure while under the influence of Novocain. To make matters even more amusing, he ends up wearing a pair of Jimmy's bizarre shoes and unexpectedly lands a seat at the main table of a benefit event. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of laughter as "The Jimmy" episode unfolds in classic Seinfeld fashion.

The episode was rated 8.01 from 625 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E11

#2 - The Switch (Season 6 - Episode 11)


In this hilarious episode of Seinfeld, Elaine finds herself in a sticky situation after loaning Mr. Pitt's prized tennis racket to a potential employer. Little does she know, the borrowed racket ends up causing a major injury that could potentially ruin her chances with the job. With the pressure on, Elaine must figure out a way to retrieve the racket without causing any more damage. Will she be able to salvage her opportunity?

Meanwhile, Jerry is faced with an odd dilemma. His girlfriend never laughs, which leaves him feeling unfulfilled. However, everything changes when he meets her roommate, who has a contagious laughter. Intrigued by this sudden change of events, Jerry contemplates making "the switch" and pursuing a relationship with the roommate instead. Will Jerry find the happiness and laughter he's been craving?

George, on the other hand, finds himself caught in a peculiar situation involving his model girlfriend. Suspecting that she may be bulimic, George goes to extreme lengths to gather evidence. His search leads him to Kramer's mother, who works as a bathroom matron. Little does George know, this encounter will reveal Kramer's first name - Cosmo. As Kramer embraces his true identity, George hatches a plan for a menage a trois. Will his scheme bring him the excitement and satisfaction he desires?

Tune in to this episode of Seinfeld, titled "The Switch," to find out how Elaine, Jerry, George, and Kramer navigate through these comical predicaments. With laughs, surprises, and unexpected twists, this episode is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish.

The episode was rated 8.05 from 700 votes.

Seinfeld - S6E10

#1 - The Race (Season 6 - Episode 10)

In this hilarious episode of Seinfeld, titled "The Race," Jerry gets caught in a blast from the past when he meets an old rival through his girlfriend, Lois. But things take a surprising turn when the rival accuses Jerry of cheating in a high school race and challenges him to a rematch. Will Jerry be able to prove his innocence and come out on top?

Meanwhile, Elaine finds herself in a sticky situation after being put on a "blacklist" for Chinese food delivery. As if that isn't enough, she also discovers that her boyfriend is a Communist. How will she navigate these unusual circumstances and maintain her sense of humor?

And let's not forget about George, who responds to a personal ad in a Communist newspaper while at work. Little does he know that his actions will catch the attention of none other than Steinbrenner himself. What will happen when George finds himself face to face with his boss?

In the midst of it all, Kramer takes on a new gig as a department store Santa, but things quickly spiral out of control when he starts spouting Communist propaganda. Brace yourself for a wild ride filled with laughter, surprises, and unexpected alliances. Don't miss this unforgettable episode of Seinfeld that will leave you wanting more!


- George's interaction with Fidel Castro as Steinbrenner is truly a sight to behold. Prepare for some laugh-out-loud moments!

- Jerry's love for Superman shines through in this episode, and it's a treat to see his love interest sporting a similar haircut to Teri Hatcher, who was starring in Lois and Clark at the time. Get ready for some nostalgic vibes!

The episode was rated 8.06 from 699 votes.

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