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BBC One 2013

Created from the novels by award winning crime writer Ann Cleeves, Shetland follows DI Jimmy Perez and his team as they investigate crime within the close knit island community. In this isolated and sometimes inhospitable environment, the team have to rely on a uniquely resourceful style of policing.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Shetland

Shetland - S4E6

#1 - Episode 6


Season 4 - Episode 6

Season Finale - Troubled by historical DNA evidence results, Jimmy has to face the fact that Duncan may have been involved in Lizzie Kilmuir's murder, and potentially Sally McColl's as well. A shocked Duncan is brought to the station for questioning, hurt that Perez would even think him capable of murder. However, the detective knows Duncan's lying - perhaps not about the murder, but about something else significant. So when Duncan finally admits he had an affair with Donna, it's not long before a bombshell is dropped.

The episode was rated from 307 votes.

Shetland - S3E6

#2 - Episode 6


Season 3 - Episode 6

As the investigation reaches its final stages, Detective Inspector Perez and his team discover the person responsible for the deaths of Robbie Morton and Michael Thompson is closer to home than any of them thought.

The episode was rated from 325 votes.

Shetland - S5E6

#3 - Episode 6


Season 5 - Episode 6

With Olivia giving up hope, Perez at last closes in on Zezi’s location. But can he reach her before it’s too late? Duncan is traumatised after his discovery on the beach.

The episode was rated from 275 votes.

Shetland - S4E5

#4 - Episode 5


Season 4 - Episode 5

Perez must re-assess the investigation in the aftermath of the attack. The MIT arrives on Shetland and sets its sights on Malone. Meanwhile, Tosh begins to have doubts about Lars.

The episode was rated from 292 votes.

Shetland - S3E5

#5 - Episode 5


Season 3 - Episode 5

Perez struggles to deal with what has happened to Tosh as he continues to investigate the murders of Robbie Morton and Michael Thompson, but a shocking discovery finally leads him to the identity of who Thompson was going to testify against.

The episode was rated from 336 votes.

Shetland - S4E4
#6 - Episode 4
Season 4 - Episode 4

Ignoring Secret Service warnings, Perez and Tosh track down Mathias Soderland. Back on Shetland, a beach memorial service is held for Sally McColl.

The episode was rated from 294 votes.
Shetland - S3E1
#7 - Episode 1
Season 3 - Episode 1

When a young man disappears on the Aberdeen to Shetland ferry crossing and a small boy ends up in intensive care, DI Jimmy Perez and his team investigate, becoming convinced the two events are connected.

The episode was rated from 368 votes.
Shetland - S5E1
#8 - Episode 1
Season 5 - Episode 1

A severed hand washes up on a Shetland beach, with further body parts discovered in a holdall that has been dumped at sea. Perez and the team begin a complex murder investigation.

The episode was rated from 295 votes.
Shetland - S5E3
#9 - Episode 3
Season 5 - Episode 3

Sandy feels the heat in the aftermath of Calum’s suicide. Convinced that McGuire is the key to cracking the case, Perez travels to Glasgow in an attempt to track him down.

The episode was rated from 272 votes.
Shetland - S4E1
#10 - Episode 1
Season 4 - Episode 1

When Thomas Malone has his murder conviction overturned after 23 years behind bars, DI Perez has to reopen the investigation into the 1994 death of local teenager Lizzie Kilmuir.

The episode was rated from 330 votes.

Last updated: oct 18, 2021



Great show as always. Bummed i have to wait a year for new episodes


Yeah!! Love this show! Glad to see it back!!


Is the show coming back?


I just finished the third season. The whole season revolves around one murder mystery. It was fantastic! I've upgraded my rating from an 8 (great) to a 9 (superb) out of 10. Much see drama, in my books. Now I'm going to revisit season 1 & 2. I think I missed most of it because of my pain meds. It's worth a second look.


While in recovery from surgery, I've started watching Shetland, a crime drama on the island communities of the Shetland Islands. Slow paced, as one might expect from unusual activities being investigated among people who know everyone, but good story lines, excellent, believable character development. I give the series an 8 (great) out of 10, but I'm going to have to rewatch some of it as I was knocked out by pain meds between a part one and a part two of one of the episodes sets.


Really enjoyed the series. Great acting and great stories. Real heart breaker at the end of season 3.


is shetland real? can i move? ^^


Brilliant series - hoping for more episodes.

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