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Sofia the First

Sofia the First

Disney Junior 2013

Sofia is a little girl with a commoner's background until her mom marries the King and suddenly she is royalty. With the help of the three fairies in charge of The Royal Prep Academy, Sofia learns that looking like a princess isn't all that hard but behaving like one must come from the heart.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Sofia the First

Sofia the First - S4E26

#1 - Forever Royal


Season 4 - Episode 26

As Sofia, Amber and James prepare for their graduation from Royal Prep Academy, Sofia is called back to the Mystic Isles to face an evil witch named Vor who is trying to take over the kingdom of Enchancia.

The episode was rated from 17 votes.

Sofia the First - S3E26

#2 - Royal Vacation


Season 3 - Episode 26

Miranda plans a family vacation in order to spend quality time together, but it turns out to be the worst vacation ever.

The episode was rated from 113 votes.

Sofia the First - S1E18

#3 - Tea for Too Many


Season 1 - Episode 18

When Sofia is selected to host a Royal Prep tea party, Amber encourages her to "think big."

The episode was rated from 94 votes.

Sofia the First - S4E8

#4 - The Mystic Isles: The Mare of the Mist


Season 4 - Episode 8

While traveling to the Mystic Isles on a quest, Minimus and Skye compete for Sofia's affection.

The episode was rated from 89 votes.

Sofia the First - S4E20

#5 - The Mystic Isles: Undercover Fairies


Season 4 - Episode 20

Sofia and Chrysta go undercover as fairies to stop a thief from stealing a magical Pixie Cup flower.

The episode was rated from 21 votes.

Sofia the First - S3E22
#6 - The Bamboo Kite
Season 3 - Episode 22

Sofia visits the Kingdom of Wei-Ling to attend the Festival of Kites, where Princess Jun has the honor of launching the first kite.

The episode was rated from 145 votes.
Sofia the First - S1E22
#7 - The Floating Palace
Season 1 - Episode 22

Sofia's family go on a royal vacation to Merroway Cove, where Sofia befriends a mermaid princess named Oona. The Amulet of Avalor transforms Sofia into a mermaid, allowing her to explore Oona's world.

The episode was rated from 142 votes.
Sofia the First - S1E21
#8 - The Baker King
Season 1 - Episode 21

Sofia helps King Roland see how important his job is as king after he yearns to live a more simple life as a baker.

The episode was rated from 106 votes.
Sofia the First - S4E16
#9 - The Mystic Isles: A Very Mystic Wassailia
Season 4 - Episode 16

Sofia discovers that Chrysta is filling her day with Protector tasks to keep from admitting she has no family with whom to celebrate the Wassailia holiday.

The episode was rated from 43 votes.
Sofia the First - S1E11
#10 - The Little Witch
Season 1 - Episode 11

A little witch's hexes cause big trouble for Sofia and her friends. Sofia tries to help Lucinda the witch mend her evil ways. Will Sofia stop the hexes or will chaos have its way?

The episode was rated from 178 votes.

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