Star Trek: Picard

10 Worst Episodes of Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard is a show set twenty years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis. It follows the retired Admiral Picard into the next chapter of his life. It has aired on Paramount+ since 2020 and currently has four seasons. Here, we will be ranking the show's worst episodes.

There are many factors that go into making an episode great or bad. It could be the story, the characters, the writing, or the overall feel of the episode. To rank the worst episodes of Star Trek: Picard, we have looked at the overall ratings of each episode and have come up with a list of the show's lowest-rated episodes.

It's important to note that the worst episodes of Star Trek: Picard don't necessarily mean they are terrible. They are just the lowest-rated episodes according to critics and viewers. Some of these episodes might even be enjoyable for some viewers, but they just didn't resonate as much with the majority of viewers.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Star Trek: Picard - S2E7

#1 - Monsters (Season 2 - Episode 7)

Tallinn ventures inside Picard’s subconscious mind to help wake him from a coma and face both his darkest secrets and deepest fears. Seven and Raffi go in search of Jurati whom they fear has succumbed to the monster inside. Rios struggles to hide the truth of who he really is from Teresa.

The episode was rated 7.08 from 1786 votes.

Star Trek: Picard - S2E9

#2 - Hide and Seek (Season 2 - Episode 9)


In the episode "Hide and Seek" of Star Trek: Picard, the crew finds themselves under attack from an old enemy. As Picard faces the ghosts of his past, Seven and Raffi have a final confrontation with Jurati. Although the episode is long in exposition, viewers still find it to be a fantastic creation. Many viewers enjoy this episode, noting the interesting conversation between Jurati and the Queen, and the themes of reconciling with the past. However, some found the action scenes to be too choppy and too many interruptions to the flow.

Viewers were also surprised at the limited use of Elnor this season, questioning the decision to use him so little. Did the actor only have limited availability? It's an interesting point to consider, as Elnor has been a fan favorite. Ultimately, this episode of Star Trek: Picard was an interesting exploration of the themes of reconciling with the past and the consequences of our decisions. The action scenes may not have been put together perfectly, but it still packs a punch and is an enjoyable installment of the show.

The episode was rated 7.16 from 1767 votes.

Star Trek: Picard - S2E8

#3 - Mercy (Season 2 - Episode 8)

This week's episode of Star Trek: Picard, entitled "Mercy," was much better than last week's but still not great. The FBI agent plot seems pointless and inconsequential, with Picard and Guinan inexplicably being interrogated by Dutchboy. While the hunt for Jurati and what she uses Soong for is probably more important, it's only a small part of the episode.

The most interesting part is the Q/Guinan interaction. It still isn't clear why Q brought Picard to this alternate timeline, or why the Borg Queen wanted Picard to rescue her. The Queen's plan to assimilate Earth before humans become a threat is confusing, and the consequences of this timeline are still unknown. With so many unanswered questions, it's hard to keep up with the plot, and it can become too convoluted to be enjoyable.

The episode was rated 7.32 from 1751 votes.

Star Trek: Picard - S2E6

#4 - Two of One (Season 2 - Episode 6)


In the episode "Two of One" of Star Trek: Picard, the crew and Picard enlist Tallinn's help to infiltrate a gala to protect one of the astronauts integral to restoring the timeline, Renee Picard. In this episode, Kore makes an interesting discovery about her father's work.

The episode itself has been met with mixed reviews. Some viewers find the episode to be a rehashing of season 1, The Next Generation, and other past episodes. Others find Rios' relationship with the doctor to be a bit annoying. On the other hand, the pep-talk from Picard to Renee was appreciated, although some viewers were sceptical as to whether it could really change her mind as she has already been indoctrinated by Q.

The episode was rated 7.37 from 1817 votes.

Star Trek: Picard - S2E4

#5 - Watcher (Season 2 - Episode 4)

In Star Trek: Picard's episode "Watcher", Picard desperately attempts to save the future by reaching out to an old friend for help. Meanwhile, Rios finds himself on the wrong side of the law and Jurati makes a deal with the Borg Queen. This episode drew in viewers with its intense, suspenseful plot and thrilling car chase scene β€” a nod to Star Trek IV. Fans also enjoyed the fun fan service and the line "They took off their hoods but put suits on" which left them feeling excited and emotionally invested.

The episode was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from fans. Many expressed their admiration for the incredible artistry of the show, with one viewer commenting, "How done you take something as awesome and exciting like going back in time to fix the prime timeline and make it even better....I don't actually know what this is except complete awesome piece of art." Others praised the fan service, with one fan saying, "I usually hate fan service, but this episode was totally fun. I needed this today." All in all, this episode left fans with a sense of joy, as they eagerly anticipate the remaining six episodes of the series.

The episode was rated 7.48 from 1874 votes.

Star Trek: Picard - S2E5

#6 - Fly Me to the Moon (Season 2 - Episode 5)


In Star Trek: Picard's episode Fly Me to the Moon, Picard discovers an important person from his past that may be integral to the divergence in the timeline. Meanwhile, Q continues his manipulation of the timeline, taking an interest in Dr. Adam Soong. Seven and Raffi, along with Rios, attempt a daring rescue while Jurati faces the consequences of her deal with the Borg Queen. In the background of the episode there is an exciting surprise - a Stargate! However, some viewers may have felt that the immigration story was unnecessary and that the show was lacking in the space and future elements that are normally found in a sci-fi show. Additionally, there have been a lot of characters from the original TNG show appearing in the show, causing some concern about fan service.

The Soong story is intriguing and nicely told, but it does take focus away from the already established characters and their stories. Viewers have seen Seven, one of the most intriguing characters in the show, in her presumably implants-less and disoriented state, yet the writers don't seem to take full advantage of this situation. Fortunately, the writers have worked hard to give Agnes a better role in this season, making her the central character and telling her story well. The Borg Queen's plan was cunning and it was obvious to many that Agnes was going to become her "vessel".

This episode was overall better than the last one, as it had a moderate pace and also lacked action. It also left viewers with many puzzles and questions about Q and the Borg's plans, which left many wanting to know more. The highlight of the episode for many was the appearance of Lea Thompson. The only plot hole was when a random French officer in a rural town spoke English, which was a bit unrealistic.

The episode was rated 7.51 from 1877 votes.

Star Trek: Picard - S2E10

#7 - Farewell (Season 2 - Episode 10)

The finale of Star Trek: Picard, "Farewell," has had an incredible response from viewers. With only hours before the Europa Launch, Picard and the crew race against time to save the future. The episode has left viewers with a mix of emotions, from awe and admiration to tears and nostalgia.

The finale was a true testament to the show's success. It tied up loose ends and left the door open for further exploration in the Star Trek universe. Viewers loved the nod to the original series, with Q and the Travelers making appearances. Many viewers couldn't help but express their appreciation for the episode, some even saying they would give the episode an 11 if they could. The finale was a truly fitting end to an amazing series, and it's clear that Star Trek: Picard has been a great success.

The episode was rated 7.54 from 1789 votes.

Star Trek: Picard - S2E3

#8 - Assimilation (Season 2 - Episode 3)


The second season of Star Trek: Picard adopts The Voyage Home's formula, set against 2024 Los Angeles. While I enjoyed this episode and season so far, the overall premise is a bit messy. It doesn't help that Q is an odd ball character, an extra dimension being with incredible power, but all too strangely preoccupied with humanity and Picard. The Borg Queen attempts to balance Q, but I generally find dual adversaries storyline to be lazy.

I particularly like Agnes and Picard attempting to revive the Queen. Picard's fear of assimilation and his trauma is palpable. It's an homage to the Star Trek legacy and it's not bad compared to episodes from older shows. The whole California in the/their past visit is an homage to the Star Trek legacy and it's not bad compared to episodes from older shows. Quick observation, main character gets shot with phaser and gets a nice burn and minor hole. Same phaser shoots bad guy and they disintegrate into red sparkles?

The episode was rated 7.54 from 1930 votes.

Star Trek: Picard - S1E5

#9 - Stardust City Rag (Season 1 - Episode 5)

The episode "Stardust City Rag" of the show Star Trek: Picard finally starts to pick up the momentum, as the La Sirena crew embarks on a mission to search for Bruce Maddox. As fans of the Star Trek universe are often judgmental, fickle, and arguably nostalgic, this episode is a reminder that progress can be messy and technology moves ever forward.

The episode delves into the characters' motivations, losses, and how to move forward. Raffi, for example, reluctantly helps Picard, because she realizes she needs to make amends for abandoning her son. Seven assists Picard in his mission to rescue Maddox in order to fulfil her vendetta, as her faith in humanity has been shattered. Meanwhile, Dr Jurati takes drastic action after learning something horrific, while Soji's fate may be determined by her ability to self-evolve and overcome her "programming".

The episode was rated 7.70 from 3390 votes.

Star Trek: Picard - S1E2

#10 - Maps and Legends (Season 1 - Episode 2)


In the first episode of Star Trek: Picard, titled "Maps and Legends," we are taken on a journey to uncover the mystery of Dahj and the implications her existence has on the Federation. Without Starfleet's support, Jean-Luc Picard is forced to rely on the help of Dr. Agnes Jurati and Raffi Musiker, a former colleague. Along the way, Picard is met with hidden enemies that are interested in discovering what his search for the truth about Dahj will yield.

The episode does a fantastic job of delivering top-notch storytelling, dialogue, and pacing, keeping viewers engaged even without any action sequences. The episode also delves into the backstories of Data, artificial intelligence, Romulans, and the Borg, while maintaining the tradition of high-ranking Starfleet personnel being "total assholes." Additionally, there is a hint of Picard's mysterious neurological disorder, Irumodic Syndrome, that was first introduced in the finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The episode was rated 7.71 from 3997 votes.

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