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Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis

Syfy 2004

With the Ancients' city of Atlantis discovered in the Pegasus Galaxy by Stargate Command, Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Major Sheppard lead a scientific expedition to the ancient abandoned city. Once there, the team not only find themselves unable to contact Earth, but their explorations unexpectedly reawaken the Ancients' deadly enemies, The Wraith, who hunger for this new prey. Now with the help of newfound local allies like Teyla Emmagan, the Atlantis Team sets about to uncover their new home's secrets even as their war of survival against the Wraith begins.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis - S5E20

#1 - Enemy at the Gate


Season 5 - Episode 20

The team learns that a rogue Wraith has acquired several Z.P.M.s to power a formidable new hive ship -- and he is headed for Earth.

The episode was rated from 638 votes.

Stargate Atlantis - S1E20

#2 - The Siege (2)


Season 1 - Episode 20

A new military contingent from Earth is sent to take command of Atlantis and defend it from the impending Wraith attack.

The episode was rated from 656 votes.

Stargate Atlantis - S4E17

#3 - Midway


Season 4 - Episode 17

Teal'c visits Atlantis to counsel a headstrong Ronon, who is up for review by the I.O.A. But the two must work together when the Wraith invade the Midway space station in order to reach Earth.

The episode was rated from 576 votes.

Stargate Atlantis - S3E7

#4 - Common Ground


Season 3 - Episode 7

Colonel Sheppard finds himself the prisoner of a Genii commander, along with a desperately hungry Wraith who has been separated from his hive.

The episode was rated from 576 votes.

Stargate Atlantis - S4E11

#5 - Be All My Sins Remember'd (2)


Season 4 - Episode 11

With a plan to potentially extinguish the Replicator threat, the Atlantis team must seek an alliance with a fleet of Wraith ships.

The episode was rated from 605 votes.

Stargate Atlantis - S3E11
#6 - The Return (2)
Season 3 - Episode 11

The Atlantis team goes against orders to try and save Atlantis from Replicator control -- and to rescue General O'Neill and Richard Woolsey, who are trapped in the occupied city.

The episode was rated from 623 votes.
Stargate Atlantis - S2E1
#7 - The Siege (3)
Season 2 - Episode 1

The Daedalus arrives to defend Atlantis from the Wraith onslaught, but it may not be enough when the team discovers that an even larger armada is on the way.

The episode was rated from 712 votes.
Stargate Atlantis - S3E20
#8 - First Strike (1)
Season 3 - Episode 20

An unstoppable energy weapon leaves Atlantis under seige after Earth launches a preemptive attack against a very powerful enemy's homeworld.

The episode was rated from 642 votes.
Stargate Atlantis - S4E20
#9 - The Last Man (1)
Season 4 - Episode 20

Sheppard returns to Atlantis after a mission and finds the city abandoned, all systems dead -- and instead of ocean, sand dunes as far as the eye can see.

The episode was rated from 599 votes.
Stargate Atlantis - S2E20
#10 - Allies (1)
Season 2 - Episode 20

Michael and his Wraith faction arrive at Atlantis to propose an alliance, hoping to use the retrovirus to transform their Wraith enemies into prey.

The episode was rated from 615 votes.

Last updated: sep 24, 2021



the best stargate series IMO


It's a tight match between Atlantis and SG-1, but I have no doubt about one thing: **I love this show so much!** Just incredible!!!


I Grew up on Stargate with its witty humour and epic action. It is the best sci-fi franchise in all of my tv viewings. I only wish they completed the Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe franchise'. Definitely one to watch from begining to end!


It's that kind of show you still want to watch, after months of finishing it. Almost as good as sg1, despite the horrible ending. Though you know, sg1 ending wasn't really great either


Gran serie


pity it ended


@dunpealhunter They made the ending that way because there was supposed to be a direct to dvd movie made that would have further went through the story. I believe they were going to have to get Atlantis back to the pegasus galaxy or something like that. Unfortunately, MGM pulled all funding to the SG franchises, and here we are. Definitely miss this, SG-1 and Universe. Although I love re-watching SG-1 and Atlantis the best.


Spin-off series with a lot of potential. but the series is filled with disappointing episodes that feel like rehashes of other shows and series and some of the fillers (especially in it's first year) stink. Too many episodes also rely on either a crew member getting kidnapped, getting a strange virus or being trapped with a big problem to solve (or all Three situations combined). The main villains were memorable as they could suck the life energy out of humanoids but their looks was terrible as they looked like old tired Goth rockers who had been travelling a little too long on the tour bus. It also didn't help that they became more and more humanized after the series went on. My biggest problem with the series though was David Hewlett who were terribly annoying throughout and Joe Flanagan who felt like a poor-man's Richard Dean Anderson or Kurt Russell. The season-enders and beginnings were usually the most interesting episodes to see as they were filled with action and great effects. The series were also not afraid of killing off favorite (and not so favorite) characters permanently. The series usually got some great new additions to the cast too for each season, with Jason Momoa, (the lovely) Jewel Staite and the addition of "Stargate SG-1" regulars was lovely. Sadly, the final episode was anti-climatic and the fate of the show has never truly been resolved. Enjoy it for what it is.


That Canadian 'Scottish' guy's accent is truly abysmal but it's obviously his USP as uses it in every show . . .


Very tight match between SG1 and Atlantis atleast for myself.. If you haven't seen this one yet i highly recommend you to check it out!


SGA is amazing but i will always like SG1 more than this because of the AsGards and Daniel Jackson

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