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Steins;Gate 0

Steins;Gate 0

Tokyo MX 2018

The dark untold story of Steins;Gate that leads with the eccentric mad scientist Okabe, struggling to recover from a failed attempt at rescuing Kurisu. He decides to give up and abandons his lively scientist alter ego, in pursuit to forget the past. When all seems to be normal, he is seemingly pulled back into the past by meeting an acquaintance of Kurisu, who tells him that they have begun testing a device that stores the memory of a human and creates a simulation of them with their characteristics and personalities. Okabe begins testing and finds out that the simulation of Kurisu has brought back anguish and some new unexpected tragedies.Zero is a side story that explores events from the Beta Attractor Field's future that contribute in making the end of the original story possible.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Steins;Gate 0

Steins;Gate 0 - S1E21

#1 - Rinascimento of the Image Formation: Return of Phoenix


Season 1 - Episode 21

Setting forth on a long and arduous journey, Okabe seeks to rekindle his hope and revive what all had thought gone.

The episode was rated from 97 votes.

Steins;Gate 0 - S1E8

#2 - Dual of Antinomy: Antinomic Dual


Season 1 - Episode 8

Okabe is given a bittersweet reminder that in changing world lines, sacrifices must be made.

The episode was rated from 98 votes.

Steins;Gate 0 - S1E23

#3 - Arc-light of the Point at Infinity: Arc-light of the Sky


Season 1 - Episode 23

Okabe and his friends must battle against fate in the past, present, and future to find Steins Gate and reunite the lab members once and for all.

The episode was rated from 88 votes.

Steins;Gate 0 - S1E20

#4 - Rinascimento of the Unwavering Promise: Promised Rinascimento


Season 1 - Episode 20

Okabe awakes in a cold, lifeless world where he finds his friends struggling to survive amidst all the chaos.

The episode was rated from 80 votes.

Steins;Gate 0 - S1E17

#5 - Altair of the Hyperbolic Plane: Beltrami Pseudosphere


Season 1 - Episode 17

As Suzuha sets off to finish her mission, Mayuri finds determination of her own. But then, disaster strikes.

The episode was rated from 87 votes.

Steins;Gate 0 - S1E16
#6 - Altair of the Point at Infinity: Vega & Altair
Season 1 - Episode 16

Okabe's stubbornness causes fists to fly and tears to be shed as the deadline for using the time machine swiftly approaches.

The episode was rated from 88 votes.
Steins;Gate 0 - S1E22
#7 - Rinascimento of the Projection: Project Amadeus
Season 1 - Episode 22

In their struggle to save the time machine, the lab members brainstorm to circumvent convergence but realize it cannot be done without sacrifice.

The episode was rated from 81 votes.
Steins;Gate 0 - S1E19
#8 - Altair of the Cyclic Coordinate: Time-leap Machine
Season 1 - Episode 19

War and disaster has come, and the only way Okabe can stop it is to rely on his friends, determination, and hope.

The episode was rated from 76 votes.
Steins;Gate 0 - S1E18
#9 - Altair of the Translational Symmetry: Translational Symmetry
Season 1 - Episode 18

All hell breaks loose over the time machine when a villain from the future haunts the past and unveils their devious plan.

The episode was rated from 85 votes.
Steins;Gate 0 - S1E7
#10 - Eclipse of Vibronic Transition: Vibronic Transition
Season 1 - Episode 7

As Okabe seeks answers regarding the attack, trouble with Amadeus brings a surprising turn of events.

The episode was rated from 96 votes.

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Don't think this show was needed, too many episodes where I was just bored. The original anime was just way better.


The King of Sci-Fi Anime is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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