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Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws

Discovery 2013

From a 1969 Chevy Nova to a race-ready farm truck, the vehicles - and their drivers - come in all shapes and sizes and have one thing in common: the need for speed. But according to the STREET OUTLAWS of Oklahoma City - home to one of the largest undercover street racing rings in America – if you’re not on “the list,” you don’t matter. The “list” contains the 10 fastest street-racing cars in Oklahoma City and they are the best of the best. Not only will these guys will do anything -ANYTHING- to get ranked on this list, they’ll do whatever it takes to STAY ranked.Street racing comes first - before family, before friends and before work. The stakes are high and these drivers will put everything on the line to get to top, where there can only be one #1.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws - S14E9

#1 - Don't Choke


Season 14 - Episode 9

Ryan rolls into the final event at the top of the leaderboard and with each round worth double points, the pressure is on to not let the elusive NPK trophy slip away for a third time. Kye, Lizzy and Scott do everything in their power to derail him.

The episode was rated from 56 votes.

Street Outlaws - S14E7

#2 - Texas Tumblers


Season 14 - Episode 7

Heading into the seventh race at Summit Motorsports Park in Ohio, Ryan Martin, Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi are all in contention for the No Prep Kings championship and $100,000 prize. Meanwhile, Team Texas is on the verge of a major collapse.

The episode was rated from 49 votes.

Street Outlaws - S12E19

#3 - Crowning the King


Season 12 - Episode 19

After a dramatic round one, the race to the Points Championship is wide open. And, with everything on the line, the top racers are prepared to give everything they've got in order to earn the coveted title of No Prep King Points Champion.

The episode was rated from 57 votes.

Street Outlaws - S13E13

#4 - Cash Days: Comfortably Numb


Season 13 - Episode 13

On the second night of Cash Days, 405 racers must match up and race, while still fighting to knock out the only remaining Texas driver; the sketchy road is still in play, and it becomes a tuner's game to see who can get down the street in one piece.

The episode was rated from 74 votes.

Street Outlaws - S12E11

#5 - Driving High


Season 12 - Episode 11

It's time for the finals rounds in the race for points and $40,000 at Bandimere Speedway, but challenging conditions and a lengthy schedule are knocking out cars left and right. However, the top racers won't let the high altitude get them down.

The episode was rated from 47 votes.

Street Outlaws - S4E11
#6 - Bumper to Bumper: The Secrets of the Street Outlaws
Season 4 - Episode 11

A behind the scenes look into the 405 racers’ lives, with never-before-seen footage, sneak peeks and best-of moments. Their day jobs and financial sacrifices are revealed as well as their families feelings about racing.

The episode was rated from 21 votes.
Street Outlaws - S14E5
#7 - Route 66 Showdown
Season 14 - Episode 5

With the season half over and racers jockeying for points, the horseplay gets crazier than ever at Route 66 Raceway in Illinois. Lizzy and Team NOLA have been an unstoppable force so the competition is prepared to do anything to get ahead.

The episode was rated from 59 votes.
Street Outlaws - S11E18
#8 - Cash Days: The Daily Driver
Season 11 - Episode 18

Farmtruck and AZN are hosting another daily driver race, and this time, they've invited racers from all over the country to come to the 405 and race for $25,000. All the racers get their cars ready and cruise out to the race spot for the big event.

The episode was rated from 112 votes.
Street Outlaws - S17E6
#9 - Rise of the OG
Season 17 - Episode 6

Kamikaze returns to race against a new driver hoping to earn a spot.

The episode was rated from 43 votes.
Street Outlaws - S10E6
#10 - Rules Change
Season 10 - Episode 6

It's time for another race in the 405 & new number one, Ryan Martin is getting ready to defend his crown. But on race night, Big Chief is back & he's brought new rules that are going to make race night move faster & keep the OKC racers on their toes.

The episode was rated from 106 votes.

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