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The lives of the Roy family as they contemplate their future once their aging father begins to step back from the media and entertainment conglomerate they control.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Succession

Succession - S2E10

#1 - This Is Not for Tears


Season 2 - Episode 10

Logan weighs whether a member of the family, or a top lieutenant, will need to be sacrificed to salvage the company's tarnished reputation. Roman shares his hesitations about a new source of financing, as Kendall suggests a familiar alternative. Season Two Finale.

The episode was rated from 1443 votes.

Succession - S3E9

#2 - All the Bells Say


Season 3 - Episode 9

Matsson’s vision for the GoJo-Waystar relationship leads Shiv and Roman to manage the fallout, while Logan weighs his options.

The episode was rated from 1132 votes.

Succession - S1E10

#3 - Nobody Is Ever Missing


Season 1 - Episode 10

Amidst the revelry of Tom and Shiv's wedding, Logan and his team find themselves in defense mode as word of the Waystar takeover bid spreads. Kendall finds an escape outlet as the situation becomes supercharged, while Tom parlays his new wife's candor into the removal of an unwanted guest. Season One Finale.

The episode was rated from 1518 votes.

Succession - S2E9

#4 - DC


Season 2 - Episode 9

Logan, Kendall, Gerri and Tom testify before Congress. Shiv speaks candidly to Kira, a victim who is set to be a key witness. In Turkey, Roman's business pitch takes a chilling turn.

The episode was rated from 1304 votes.

Succession - S2E5

#5 - Tern Haven


Season 2 - Episode 5

Logan attempts to solidify his buyout of PGM at a weekend retreat at the Pierce family home, where Shiv, Roman and Connor veer from their carefully orchestrated roles. As the Pierces question whether an alliance with Waystar Royco will tarnish their legacy, Kendall makes his case to Naomi Pierce during a drug-filled night.

The episode was rated from 1335 votes.

Succession - S3E8

#6 - Chiantishire


Season 3 - Episode 8

At a luxe family wedding in Italy, Roman airs suspicions, Gerri draws a line, and the Waystar team grows concerned about rogue tweets.

The episode was rated from 1036 votes.

Succession - S3E3

#7 - The Disruption


Season 3 - Episode 3

With the DOJ at the door, Logan summons his arsenal, while Tom makes a potentially life changing offer. Kendall becomes obsessed with his own takedown.

The episode was rated from 1094 votes.

Succession - S3E1

#8 - Secession


Season 3 - Episode 1

Following his bombshell presser, a righteous Kendall scrambles to find a base of operations, while Logan's team searches for safe harbor.

The episode was rated from 1178 votes.

Succession - S2E4

#9 - Safe Room


Season 2 - Episode 4

Roman begins a six-week management training program. Connor and Willa attend the funeral of a family friend with a complicated past. Logan and Kendall arrange a covert meeting with PGM CEO Rhea Jarrell. Controversy surrounds a star anchor.

The episode was rated from 1343 votes.

Succession - S1E6

#10 - Which Side Are You On?


Season 1 - Episode 6

With the vote of no confidence against Logan approaching, Roman attempts to sway a neutral board member, while Kendall frantically shores up his “yea” votes. Logan arrives in Washington to meet with the president, but worries he's been snubbed after a last-minute cancellation. After successfully thwarting a potential scandal, Tom introduces Greg to fine dining.

The episode was rated from 1595 votes.

Succession - S3E5
#11 - Retired Janitors of Idaho
Season 3 - Episode 5

Kendall and the Waystar team find themselves working together at the annual shareholders’ meeting, where Logan’s health takes a turn.

The episode was rated from 1064 votes.
Succession - S2E6
#12 - Argestes
Season 2 - Episode 6

As Logan looks to finalize a deal to buy the Pierce family's papers and TV stations at a media & banking retreat, a threat to the deal arises from an unexpected quarter. Tom worries about ATN's new slogan after learning some distressing news from Greg. Kendall, Shiv and Roman fail to see eye to eye on how to handle damage control ahead of a panel featuring the Roys.

The episode was rated from 1255 votes.
Succession - S2E8
#13 - Dundee
Season 2 - Episode 8

The entire Roy clan travels to Logan's hometown of Dundee, Scotland, for a celebration of Logan's 50 years in the business. Kendall becomes enamored with Jennifer, an actress in Willa's play. A former employee proves difficult to silence.

The episode was rated from 1247 votes.
Succession - S3E7
#14 - Too Much Birthday
Season 3 - Episode 7

At Kendall’s lavish birthday bash, Shiv and Roman try to arrange a meeting with Lukas Matsson, a tech mogul who recently snubbed Logan.

The episode was rated from 1025 votes.
Succession - S2E3
#15 - Hunting
Season 2 - Episode 3

Logan informs his management team of his plan to make another attempt to acquire a rival media company. Greg worries his meeting with a Logan biographer puts his standing with the family at risk. Connor's presidential announcement irritates Logan.

The episode was rated from 1338 votes.
Succession - S3E2
#16 - Mass in Time of War
Season 3 - Episode 2

Kendall tries to get his siblings, as well as Stewy and Sandi, on his side. Fearing his legal situation, Greg asks Ewan for help.

The episode was rated from 1111 votes.
Succession - S3E4
#17 - Lion in the Meadow
Season 3 - Episode 4

Logan and Kendall have their first meeting together with Josh, a major investor worried about their family feud.

The episode was rated from 1043 votes.
Succession - S1E9
#18 - Pre-Nuptial
Season 1 - Episode 9

The Roys assemble at an English castle to prepare for Shiv and Tom’s wedding. The children reunite with their mother Caroline, who is every bit as acerbic as Logan. As guests mingle and clash, Kendall learns from Stewy and Sandy that their plot for a hostile takeover of Waystar has been fast-tracked in order to catch Logan off guard.

The episode was rated from 1473 votes.
Succession - S2E2
#19 - Vaulter
Season 2 - Episode 2

Roman and Kendall do a “routine health check” of a new media brand to help Vaulter to determine the future of the company. Tom tasks Greg with sniffing out waste at ATN, as Greg wonders if the divisive media outlet is the right fit for him. Connor and Willa host a soiree to mark their return to New York. Shiv brings Tom in the loop about her future at Waystar and with Gil’s campaign.

The episode was rated from 1345 votes.
Succession - S2E1
#20 - The Summer Palace
Season 2 - Episode 1

Kendall tries to make amends with his dad for his takeover attempt betrayal. Logan receives some unvarnished advice from his banker about the next best move for Waystar Royco. As Tom maneuvers for a new position in the company, Shiv tries to determine whether Logan is playing mind games regarding his successor.

The episode was rated from 1402 votes.

Last updated: jul 06, 2022



I was close to stop watching the show after the first three episodes. Everyone seemed to be a self-absorbed rich asshole, the show itself seemed to be going nowhere. But I'm so glad I didn't stop watching. Episode five was the first one where I thought "Oh, maybe it isn't so bad after all." It only improved afterwards. With all the schemes, backstabbing, and generally horrible people it's basically Game of Thrones set in 2018 New York. Succession is probably the best show on TV at the moment. I can't wait for season two.


This looks like it's going to be Rich People Shameless. I'll watch because of Adam McKay but it does look like it might end up being derivative. P.S. This opinion is only based off the first episode.


When the show first started, I gave up after 3 episodes because I didn't get the appeal. But I decided to give it another shot, so recently I went back and by the end of the first season, I was hooked. The second season was even better. An absolutely masterful look at power dynamics within one of the best ensemble casts I've seen in a while. The dialogue is just so brilliantly written, each character is so fascinating in their own way that it's always great to see them bounce off each other. I can't wait for Season 3


Midway through season 2 and the quality of this show can never be overemphasised. I’m usually gracious with these silly ratings, but when a show is this good I suddenly over critique and make sure it “earns” its score. But that’s because this show makes you feel uncomfortable. Especially Season 1, where you don’t know who’s who or what their agenda is, you can’t pinpoint who you like or who’s the John Snow and watch it play out as expected. Everything is just so well executed from the brilliant acting to the technical stuff with the annoying focus shifts.. all make it difficult not to be fully engrossed with the story. Tom has to be one of the weirdest characters though. One minute you want to punch him, but then he’s hilarious in the next. Turning out to be the Phil Dunphy fan favourite.


I just love it. It's so intense it almost feels perfect. I love characters and how they are portrayed. I even love the little odd moments from the more quirk characters. I haven't seen this quality in a while.


Terrific show. Plenty of talent working as a unit, I love an ensemble cast focusing on telling a story, weaving their characters mini-dramas into the larger tapestry.


So far watched the first 3 shows - very good. Will definitely see this one till the end. F-bombs a little over the top however (I'm NOT an anti-swear person), but just because you can, doesn't mean you HAVE to. Same with the stupid scene with Caulkin and the window... seriously? That's "entertainment"????


This show is 100% incredible. Its ability to make you give a crap about the problems of these revolting human beings is truly astounding. The humour is on point, the drama is heart-wrenching, the performances are all award-worthy, the script is very witty, very smartly written. What are you doing if not watching this.


Every character is a dick but you can’t turn away. Good show. But so damn sloooow. I kept wishing this was on my tivo so I can use quick mode. Also not a racially diverse show.


Literally no one in this show is likeable yet you can't fucking get enough of it.


My expectations coming into the series was I would get to see the manipulation, struggle and strategies used for the race to succession. But all we got was [spoiler] insecure family members having child-like tantrums [/spoiler] and a dumb storyline.


A great show to value the guillotine ... Eat the rich!


I have watched shows on the CW that are much better than this. Brian Cox does not a 8 + show make. No offense to the CW or Brian Cox... only to the politics and acceptance of shows from HBO. May you be the last bastion of fake ratings in Hollywood.


Brilliant I freaking love it. That cast amazing


3 seasons of going in circles with the same plot-line and every one is a self entitled narcissist - pulling plug after S3/Ep1 S1 - 8/10 S2 - 5/10 S3 - 2/10


Besides the incredibly superficial Shakespeare allusions, there is little which distinguishes this from a simple re-run of _The Thick of It_'s rhythms and philosophy. Much like _The Thick of It_, it uses labyrinthine dialogue to trick the audience into believing there is substantive intelligence on-screen when there, by and large, is none. Its conceit that the particular neuroses of its cast justifies the overwritten script is only a minor concession when these characters are often interminably dull. So, if it does not function as drama, does it function as satire? With the exception of one sublime chamber piece, the answer is an emphatic 'no'. The basic material which the show works with is certainly nothing new - we can look to Renoir's _The Rules of the Game_, Stroheim's _Foolish Wives_ or Lampedusa's _The Leopard_ as infinitely more sophisticated satirical-dramatic works on bourgeois elite subjects. Despite all the talk in the series of a 'new media landscape' which is set to destroy the aged Roy dynasty, nothing about this new reality is explored with any degree of insight beyond its novelty. Season two episode, _Panic Room_, represents the rare occasion when the show's writers have their finger on the pulse and are able to encapsulate both the bristling intensity and inherent absurdity of the very real political divisions which underscore contemporary civil life.


Stunning, wonderful, repulsive, disgraceful, horrific, beautiful and hilarious in perfect equal measure. The goldfish bowl of the 1% is a masterpiece and already some of the best television ever made. A super solid 10/10 in so many ways. Enjoy from between the cracks in your fingers, it's a revoltingly exhilarating ride.


This whole family is a complete snakepit. It’s great, and very funny without being in your face. Kinda like a modern day _Game of Thrones_, everybody’s constantly being insincere and insulting each other while having hidden agendas. I’ll say this though: you’re going to need the ability to endure and stomach people who are being incredibly annoying in order to enjoy it. If you expect a simple, clear cut black and white conflict like in a mainstream Hollywood film, this isn’t for you.


If you like this show, you should watch The Newsroom


Lol most of these reviews don't understand the plot of the show. It's pretty good like The Newsroom was, I definitely recommend people who like succession to try The Newsroom


W0W!! This series is great TV . Brilliant writing. Marvellous characters that are spectacularly portrayed by incredible acting performances. Clever dialogue. This hits the spot. Can not wait for season 4.


please! Please! I beg you to never turn your phone on or get distracted when watching this series - it’s not even an ask it’s a fucking command. The soundtrack - orgasmic, the script - SO FUCKING SMART, the characters - written so complex yet so hated that you end up hating that you’re rooting for some of them. Give it time to settle in your system and then you’ll become so addicted that you’re already playing the next opening credits before the episode ends.


Every single god damn character in the show is a MAJOR god damn buttwipe and yet.....it's **hard** to stop watching, because it's like a massive trainwreck. With multiple trains. Made of money. And lawyers. And corporate-intrigue. And screwed-up family-ties. **Friendly warning**: you may find yourself glued to your display/TV for several days.


I can't believe the emotional pull HBO must have to get such great ratings with such trash writing... it's almost like a closed loop system and swallowing their own load. Brian Cox and the irony in his name carries the entire franchise which I hope stops with this zygote. We are not so lucky. Think of the unlikeable characters in this show and equate them to the so called creators of this show and that will be reality.


Makes Dallas look like the teddy bear's picnic

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