Sweet Home

10 Worst Episodes of Sweet Home

As humans turn into savage monsters and the world plunges into terror, a handful of survivors fight for their lives — and to hold on to their humanity.

Written by Sophie and last updated on dec 10, 2023.

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Sweet Home - S1E4

#10 - Episode 4 (Season 1 - Episode 4)

In episode 4 of the thrilling TV show "Sweet Home," critical information about the monsters is finally revealed to the residents. As tensions rise, the community becomes divided on what to do with Hyun-su, the protagonist. In a surprising twist, Lee Eun-hyeok suggests that they settle the matter by holding a vote. With the fate of Hyun-su hanging in the balance, viewers are left wondering what the outcome will be.

Fans of the show have been eagerly speculating about the nature of the monsters, and this episode starts to shed some light on the matter. As one viewer points out, it seems that everyone is at risk of undergoing a transformation based on their past experiences. The flashbacks and hints dropped throughout the series add to the anticipation of what lies ahead.

Despite the slower pace of this episode, viewers agree that it remains captivating. Questions are raised about the number of people in the building, considering its size, and whether there are more hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. Although these mysteries may not be fully explained this season, the intriguing storyline and well-developed characters keep fans engaged.

Finally, in this episode, events begin to make some sense. The concept of turning and the existence of a Golden Hour where monsters can be killed provide some clarity to the strange and confusing events of the previous episodes. This newfound understanding has viewers on the edge of their seats, with one fan even proclaiming this as the best episode yet. The complex relationship between the gangster and his victim adds another layer of intrigue, leaving viewers guessing about what will happen next. With each passing episode, it becomes clear that "Sweet Home" is a must-watch for fans of mystery and suspense.

The episode was rated 7.51 from 298 votes.

Sweet Home - S1E2

#9 - Episode 2 (Season 1 - Episode 2)


In episode 2 of "Sweet Home," the tension reaches an all-time high as a state of emergency is declared. The residents take drastic measures and tie up Pyeon Sang-wook, who has been bitten. Meanwhile, our main character, Hyun-su, finds himself unable to ignore a family in distress. Despite his own struggles, he steps up to save the kids, showcasing his unique and original qualities as a non-traditional hero.

One of the standout aspects of this episode is the impressive monster creations. Viewers are raving about the creativity and originality of the monsters in this series. With a wide range of characters, it's hard to form opinions on all of them just yet. However, the show does a fantastic job of presenting a diverse panel of reactions to the crisis at hand. Notably, the gangster and teacher characters display impressive fighting skills.

The blind monster scenes in episode 2 are particularly intense, capturing the audience's attention and keeping them on the edge of their seats. The cinematography and color schemes throughout the episode are visually stunning, although some viewers note that the increased use of CGI may give the show a slightly cheaper overall look. Additionally, while the episode is filled with action, some viewers found the music during these scenes to be a bit off-putting and not fitting with the intensity of the action.

Overall, viewers are highly impressed with episode 2 of "Sweet Home." The ending leaves them excited and intrigued about what's to come. With its unique take on the zombie genre, creative monster designs, and compelling characters like the store owner, this show continues to captivate audiences and keep them coming back for more.

The episode was rated 7.40 from 333 votes.

Sweet Home - S2E6

#8 - Episode 6 (Season 2 - Episode 6)

In episode 6 of the thrilling TV show "Sweet Home," tension reaches its peak as Eun-yu embarks on a dangerous chase after Yi-kyung and a mysterious girl. With Park Chan-yeong hot on her heels, the stakes are higher than ever. As the plot thickens, the stadium, already a haven for survivors, is thrown into chaos by the tragic deaths and the sudden disappearance of a soldier. The once peaceful refuge becomes a hotbed of unrest, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next twist in this gripping series.

As the story unfolds, viewers are drawn deeper into the intricate web of events that surround the characters. The chase between Eun-yu, Yi-kyung, and the unknown girl adds an element of suspense, leaving us wondering about their connection and what secrets they hold. Meanwhile, Park Chan-yeong's relentless pursuit adds to the nail-biting tension, making us question his motives and the role he will play in the unfolding drama. With each passing moment, the unraveling of the stadium's tranquil facade keeps us hooked, craving for answers and resolution.

The episode takes an unexpected turn as tragedy strikes in the form of survivor deaths and the disappearance of a soldier. The once united community within the stadium is now in disarray, with fear and uncertainty gripping everyone. This sudden shift in dynamics leaves us pondering the true nature of the threats they face and the lengths they will go to survive. With the chaos mounting, the stage is set for a thrilling climax that promises to keep us guessing until the very end. "Sweet Home" continues to captivate its audience, delivering heart-pounding twists and turns that will leave viewers eagerly anticipating the next episode.

The episode was rated 7.24 from 37 votes.

Sweet Home - S2E8

#7 - Episode 8 (Season 2 - Episode 8)


In episode 8 of the thrilling TV show Sweet Home, the tension reaches its peak as our protagonist, Yi-kyung, finds herself on the brink of death. As the clock ticks, a young girl emerges to save her from the clutches of darkness. But here's the twist: the survivors they stumble upon in the lab ruins are not what they appear to be.

With each passing moment, the stakes get higher and the mystery deepens. Will Yi-kyung make it out alive? And who exactly are these mysterious survivors? As the soldiers delve deeper into the secrets of the lab, the truth slowly unravels, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Episode 8 of Sweet Home is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and suspense. Prepare to be captivated as the story takes unexpected turns, leaving you craving for more. Don't miss out on this thrilling installment that will keep you guessing till the very end.

The episode was rated 7.23 from 31 votes.

Sweet Home - S2E7

#6 - Episode 7 (Season 2 - Episode 7)

In episode 7 of the thrilling TV show "Sweet Home," tensions run high as Eun-yu and Hyun-su have a terse reunion. With their complicated history, viewers can't help but wonder what led to this tense encounter. Meanwhile, the platoon sets off on a daring mission to find a missing soldier. Will they be successful, or will they encounter unexpected obstacles along the way? As if that wasn't enough, the stadium faces a monstrous threat that leaves everyone on edge. Will the characters be able to overcome this terrifying challenge and save the day? Don't miss this action-packed episode filled with suspense, drama, and heart-pounding moments!

Episode 7 of "Sweet Home" delves deep into the complex relationship between Eun-yu and Hyun-su. As the two characters come face to face, viewers are left wondering about the secrets and emotions that lie beneath the surface. Meanwhile, the platoon embarks on a risky search for a missing soldier. The stakes are high, and the tension is palpable as they navigate through unknown territory. But just when they thought their troubles couldn't get any worse, a monstrous threat emerges at the stadium, sending shockwaves through the community. Will our beloved characters be able to overcome these challenges and find a way to survive?

Prepare to be on the edge of your seat in episode 7 of "Sweet Home." As Eun-yu and Hyun-su confront each other, the air crackles with unresolved emotions. What led to their strained reunion? Meanwhile, the platoon sets out on a dangerous mission to locate a missing soldier, their determination and camaraderie tested to the limits. But the real nightmare unfolds at the stadium, where a monstrous threat presents a terrifying challenge for everyone involved. Will our favorite characters be able to conquer their personal demons and the external dangers they face? Tune in to find out in this gripping episode that will leave you craving for more!

The episode was rated 7.22 from 32 votes.

Sweet Home - S2E2

#5 - Episode 2 (Season 2 - Episode 2)


In the second episode of "Sweet Home," Eun-yu embarks on a journey to uncover the fate of Eun-hyeok. As she stops at a particular location, she stumbles upon a clue that may hold the key to his whereabouts. The suspense builds as viewers eagerly follow Eun-yu's every move, anxiously hoping for a breakthrough in the mystery. Will she finally uncover the truth in this gripping episode?

Meanwhile, Hyun-su discovers something astonishing during an experiment. It turns out that he possesses a unique ability that has a profound effect on another monster. As the plot thickens, viewers are left wondering about the extent of his newfound power and how it will shape the future of the story. This unexpected twist adds a layer of intrigue and excitement to the episode, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what comes next.

While some viewers express their disappointment with the direction of season 2, others remain hopeful for a satisfying resolution to the storyline. Despite the mixed reactions, the second episode of "Sweet Home" continues to captivate audiences with its gripping plot twists and mysteries. Will you be able to resist the urge to keep watching?

The episode was rated 7.20 from 60 votes.

Sweet Home - S1E1

#4 - Episode 1 (Season 1 - Episode 1)

In the first episode of the thrilling TV show "Sweet Home," we are introduced to our protagonist, Cha Hyun-su, as he moves into the run-down Green Home. From the very beginning, we are taken on a rollercoaster ride of suspense and intrigue. But it's not long before things take a dark turn when Hyun-su witnesses something truly disturbing in his neighbor's apartment. This sets the stage for an enthralling series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Fans of the show have praised its captivating start, with the first snowy scene immediately drawing them in. The episode is solidly entertaining, striking a perfect balance between pacing and keeping the audience engaged. The acting is commendable, and the CGI monsters, although not flawless, are surprisingly well-executed. The inclusion of comedic elements adds an unexpected layer of enjoyment, with viewers finding themselves chuckling along the way.

While some critics have expressed reservations about the CGI and monsters, others are excited about the potential of the show. The cast selection has received high praise, with hopes that underrated actor Song Kang will shine in his role. Despite mixed opinions on sound editing, the CGI is considered better than expected. As the first episode unfolds, viewers are left wondering if there will be a bigger context to the story beyond just a reality show setup. The introduction of unique characters in a locked-down highrise adds an intriguing dynamic to the plot, leaving viewers eager to see which direction the show will take.

Overall, the first episode of "Sweet Home" delivers on its promise of thrills and mystery. With its captivating storyline, commendable acting, and a dash of humor, this TV show has all the ingredients to keep you hooked from start to finish. Whether you're a fan of suspense or simply looking for your next binge-worthy series, "Sweet Home" is a must-watch that will leave you wanting more.

The episode was rated 7.20 from 414 votes.

Sweet Home - S2E3

#3 - Episode 3 (Season 2 - Episode 3)


In episode 3 of the thrilling TV show "Sweet Home," the determined Yi-kyung embarks on a daring mission to find her missing husband. Little does she know, this search will lead her to a shocking and life-altering discovery. As the suspense builds, viewers will find themselves on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the unraveling of this gripping mystery.

Meanwhile, the battered and bruised Ji-su and Eun-yu seek refuge at a new shelter. But their respite is short-lived as catastrophe looms just around the corner. What obstacles will they face in this new environment? Will they be able to overcome the challenges that await them? This episode promises to deliver heart-pounding action and unexpected twists that will leave audiences craving for more.

As the plot thickens, "Sweet Home" continues to captivate viewers with its compelling storyline and unforgettable characters. This episode is sure to leave audiences clamoring for answers and eagerly anticipating the next installment. Don't miss out on the exhilarating ride that is "Sweet Home" - a show that keeps you guessing and leaves you hungry for more.

The episode was rated 7.19 from 53 votes.

Sweet Home - S2E5

#2 - Episode 5 (Season 2 - Episode 5)

In the fifth episode of the thrilling TV show "Sweet Home," tensions run high as Sergeant Kim and Master Sergeant Tak find themselves at odds over how to ensure the safety of their men. As the chaos outside intensifies, their conflicting strategies raise the stakes even higher. Will they be able to find common ground and protect their comrades?

Meanwhile, a mysterious girl enters the scene, catching the attention of Eun-yu. With an alluring offer in hand, she approaches him, leaving viewers wondering what her true intentions are. Will Eun-yu be able to resist her temptation, or will he be drawn into a web of danger and deceit?

While some viewers have expressed their disappointment in the current season of "Sweet Home," feeling that it lacks the same spark as the first, the latest episode promises to inject some much-needed excitement. As the characters face off against each other and encounter this enigmatic stranger, the plot thickens, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting the next twist in this thrilling series.

The episode was rated 6.94 from 34 votes.

Sweet Home - S2E4

#1 - Episode 4 (Season 2 - Episode 4)


In the gripping fourth episode of "Sweet Home," the survivors find themselves seeking refuge underground as the world above becomes increasingly dangerous. With supplies running low, tensions rise among the group as they struggle to adapt to their new environment. Will they be able to find a way to sustain themselves and stay safe in this bleak underground sanctuary?

Meanwhile, Eun-yu, one of the main characters, continues her desperate search for her missing friend, Eun-hyeok. As she navigates through the dark and eerie tunnels, she stumbles upon a mysterious young girl. Who is she, and what secrets does she hold? As Eun-yu delves deeper into this unexpected encounter, she unravels a web of truths that could change everything for the survivors.

In this episode of "Sweet Home," the stakes are higher than ever as the survivors face the harsh reality of their situation underground. With supplies dwindling and the constant threat of monsters lurking in the shadows, their will to survive is put to the ultimate test. Tune in to this thrilling installment to see how the characters navigate the treacherous depths beneath their once-familiar world, and what unexpected alliances and discoveries await them.

The episode was rated 6.90 from 50 votes.

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