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The 100

The 100

The CW 2014

100 years in the future, when the Earth has been abandoned due to radioactivity, the last surviving humans live on an ark orbiting the planet — but the ark won't last forever. So the repressive regime picks 100 expendable juvenile delinquents to send down to Earth to see if the planet is still habitable.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The 100

The 100 - S5E13

#1 - Damocles (2)


Season 5 - Episode 13

In part two of the fifth season finale, Clarke and her friends must risk everything to fight one last battle for survival, only to glimpse an even darker threat to the last living valley on Earth.

The episode was rated from 2637 votes.

The 100 - S1E13

#2 - We Are Grounders (2)


Season 1 - Episode 13

Clarke pleads with Bellamy to do the right thing as conflict on the ground comes to a head. Bellamy forces Octavia to make a difficult decision. Raven and Jasper work against time and Finn makes a bold move. Meanwhile, the situation on the Ark comes to a stunning conclusion.

The episode was rated from 4200 votes.

The 100 - S4E13

#3 - Praimfaya


Season 4 - Episode 13

It's a race against the end of the world as Praimfaya arrives forcing our heroes to make impossible decisions to ensure their survival.

The episode was rated from 5135 votes.

The 100 - S2E16

#4 - Blood Must Have Blood (2)


Season 2 - Episode 16

The journey to the City of Light continues, and Jaha makes a move that shocks Murphy. Clarke receives help from an unexpected source, a visitor surprises Octavia, and Lincoln gets his revenge. Meanwhile, at Mount Weather, Cage moves forward with his mission and Bellamy and the group struggle to break free.

The episode was rated from 4333 votes.

The 100 - S3E16

#5 - Perverse Instantiation (2)


Season 3 - Episode 16

Our heroes begin to face the reality of their tragic situation. Everyone prepares for a final showdown.

The episode was rated from 5588 votes.

The 100 - S2E8

#6 - Spacewalker


Season 2 - Episode 8

Clarke returns to Camp Jaha with devastating news. Finn struggles with the aftermath of his actions. Abby gathers information from an unlikely source and prepares for a fight. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal Finn and Raven’s relationship on the Ark.

The episode was rated from 3945 votes.

The 100 - S5E3

#7 - Sleeping Giants


Season 5 - Episode 3

Bellamy leads the charge investigating a potential way home. Meanwhile, Clarke and Madi deal with the new, uncertain threat to their home.

The episode was rated from 3146 votes.

The 100 - S4E10

#8 - Die All, Die Merrily


Season 4 - Episode 10

Octavia fights in the final battle for her people's survival, but not everyone is willing to play fair.

The episode was rated from 5144 votes.

The 100 - S3E15

#9 - Perverse Instantiation (1)


Season 3 - Episode 15

Clarke finds hope in the most unlikely place. Alie’s master plan comes together.

The episode was rated from 5331 votes.

The 100 - S3E7

#10 - Thirteen


Season 3 - Episode 7

Lexa tries to maintain peace and order within the clans. Clarke uncovers a strange and game-changing truth. A flashback takes us into the darker chapter of humanity’s past.

The episode was rated from 4875 votes.

The 100 - S2E7
#11 - Long Into an Abyss
Season 2 - Episode 7

As Abby and Jaha each try to establish their authority, Clarke comes up with a plan to stop the Grounders' attack. At Mount Weather, Jasper, Monty, Miller and Harper plan their escape, as Dr. Tsing and Cage conduct deadly experiments.

The episode was rated from 3945 votes.
The 100 - S2E14
#12 - Bodyguard of Lies
Season 2 - Episode 14

While preparing for battle, Clarke and Lexa have a heated discussion. Desperate for help, Raven has Wick summoned to the engineering room. Jaha and Murphy encounter a perilous roadblock. Meanwhile, at Mount Weather, Bellamy is in a race against time.

The episode was rated from 3626 votes.
The 100 - S2E15
#13 - Blood Must Have Blood (1)
Season 2 - Episode 15

Clarke and Lexa prepare for battle, while Raven and Wick experience a major setback. Meanwhile, Octavia and Lincoln are each forced to make a difficult decision. At Mount Weather, Jasper and Maya witness a horrible act, Bellamy follows through on a promise and Cage goes public with powerful information.

The episode was rated from 3778 votes.
The 100 - S2E11
#14 - Coup de Grâce
Season 2 - Episode 11

Bellamy and Lincoln’s attempt to sneak into Mount Weather has brutal consequences. Abby fights to stay in control as Clarke steps up in her new leadership role. Meanwhile, with Monty and Harper still missing, a desperate Jasper confronts President Wallace and demands answers.

The episode was rated from 3457 votes.
The 100 - S4E12
#15 - The Chosen
Season 4 - Episode 12

Jaha and Kane disagree over how to handle their grim reality. Meanwhile, Clarke leads a group to save a friend.

The episode was rated from 4935 votes.
The 100 - S2E2
#16 - Inclement Weather
Season 2 - Episode 2

A suspicious Clarke confronts President Dante Wallace and demands answers. Kane interrogates one of The 100, and Abby performs emergency surgery. Meanwhile, Octavia resorts to violence to find Lincoln.

The episode was rated from 4272 votes.
The 100 - S3E9
#17 - Stealing Fire
Season 3 - Episode 9

Clarke discovers a shocking truth. Octavia is forced to make a decision that could have devastating consequences. Kane and Abby share a moment.

The episode was rated from 5334 votes.
The 100 - S2E5
#18 - Human Trials
Season 2 - Episode 5

Kane leads a mission to make peace with the Grounders. Meanwhile, Jasper agrees to participate in a risky experiment, Lincoln enters a world of pain and President Dante Wallace issues a warning. Finally, Finn’s search for Clarke takes a violent turn.

The episode was rated from 4055 votes.
The 100 - S1E12
#19 - We Are Grounders (1)
Season 1 - Episode 12

Clarke and Finn escape one dangerous situation only to find themselves faced with a new enemy. Bellamy makes a heroic move to save Jasper. Raven faces a new danger, and Murphy finally gets his revenge. Meanwhile, those remaining on the Ark are coming to terms with the inevitable.

The episode was rated from 4122 votes.
The 100 - S2E13
#20 - Resurrection
Season 2 - Episode 13

Clarke begins to question Lexa’s leadership decisions. Abby struggles to help an injured Kane. Indra continues to push Octavia. Meanwhile, at Mount Weather, Jasper steps up into the role of leader, and Cage throws Maya into a life threatening situation.

The episode was rated from 3489 votes.

Last updated: jul 04, 2022



Starts off pretty bad then all of a sudden you've been awake for 20 hours and binge watched the entire thing. Persevere through those initial few bad episodes and you're in for a right treat.


better and better, is in my top 3 the best tv show!


In the opening scenes the viewer is expected to believe a couple things right off the bat; first being that after surviving 100 years following the apocalypse on a space station, beauty care product synthesization has been perfected, and there is apparently plenty of electricity for blow dryers and curling irons -- not to mention lots of water for hair washing and conditioning. On the other side of the scale: overuse of medical supplies is punishable by death. Take scene 1 for example: teen aged girl, blond highlights & dark roots, lots of mascara and eye shadow -- and she's in space-station-prison. Dressed in teen-Gap spacewear, she must have traded her exercise time for peroxide and hair foil, because after 100 years, there's plenty of that stuff onboard. No shortage of hair product -- plenty of gel and mousse for all the men and women of the 100 year old space station. And speaking of the men, apparently there's an abundance of shaving stuff as well, making it possible to maintain a shave-every-day standard in space. Amazingly, even the young men sent to earth who are struggling through a radiated danger-filled jungle just to find the food locker manage to remain cleanshaven. Similarly, all the girls keep perfectly arranged hair, and manage to change their eyeshadow colors in that same jungle. Clever way to convey the passage of time, change eyeshadow colors. All this without carrying a single supply box, bag, or container of any sort off the ship they landed in. The genre of SciFi should be offended, but then again, it's CW ;-)


When I first started watching I tought this was going to be one of CW's crap and cliché teen shows with love triangles and annoying storylines. But then I continued watching even though the first episodes were bad and I gotta say I'm happy that I gave it a try, unexpected things happened and the show only got better and better. This is one of the few CW's shows that's worth watching.


The show starts in a post-apocalyptic setting, with 100 teens being used as guinea pigs to see if the Earth is habitable, while the rest barely cling to life in the Arc, a collection of merged space stations. You have to give this show more than the first two episodes before you make a final judgment. Episode three has an event that demonstrates that it's not a fluffy teen show. Although the 100 kids just party, fuck, and quarrel in their initial time on Earth, starting episode four they turn their attention to sensible survival things like food and defenses. If you still don't like the show by episode five, it's probably not for you. If I offended you with one bad word in the previous paragraph, then this show is not for you. Also, it's not a show for young teens or older prudish viewers. In this show, a ~33 year old scores easily with a ~16 year old girl. One teen girl has been with three guys by the end of season two. There is a bit of lesbian teen girl action. Teens are murdered by teens. Making immoral decisions to survive is a constant theme. The character development is quite noticeable. Some "evil" characters become good. Some "good" characters become evil. It's appropriate, given the difficult circumstances they face. Over time, cartoony one-dimensional characters morph into complex interesting people. Many commenters point out the beautiful female cast members. The star, Eliza Taylor (Clarke), reminds me of Reese Witherspoon in appearance. She's gorgeous and yet eclipsed by the beauty of costar Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia), who rightfully gets the lion's share of drooling from the teen boys in the show. Then there is Paige Turco, who plays Clarke's mother. She's 49 years of total hotness, and she's also a very experienced and skilled actress. Holy cow, 49. Lindsey Morgan (Raven) looks her age (24 years old), and I think she's supposed to be 18 on the show, so she takes me out of the immersion a bit. Of course, Clarke and Octavia are played by shockingly old actresses as well. On top of that, there are at least three cast members who played major characters on Battlestar Galactica. The science seems really weak, but maybe I'll change my mind as I learn more. I was skeptical of the acid fog, but then the show gave a logical explanation that satisfied me. All in all, it's a good science fiction show and not the teenybopper show that it seems to be initially.


what a crappy and annoying show


It is pretty terrible at first, the first couple of episodes are boring and just meh. However if you stick them out it gets a lot better. I liked the end of season 1 and most of season 2. But season 3... Ugh. It's starting to feel like they are just running around in circles and the story line is starting to be more than ridiculous. I'm not saying that it should be 100% realistic but... come on. Plus none of the characters are particularly likeable. They especially made Clarke increasingly unlikeable with her "god complex". And the other characters are always complaining or depressed or suicidal or unhappy... It's such a whiney show. Only watched the first 3 episodes of season 4 and I'm mentally drained. Gave it a fair chance and it disappointed me.


This show is absurd. Each episode is more preposterous than the one before it. If quality writing is important to you then skip this.


It may start out as a sci-fi apocalyptic teen drama, but it soon becomes a bloody mix of Mad max en Lost. This is best series of the year for me so far. It goes something like this: ok mwoah -------> huh?, interesting-------> wtf?! ---------> WTF!!---------->WOW! WTF!! Enjoy :-)


Brilliant! Looking back the first season wasn't my favourite but Season 2+ was amazing, has to be one of my top shows a real underdog here.

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