The Bachelor

10 Worst Episodes of The Bachelor

The series revolves around a bachelor who chooses a potential wife from among 25 women. The show follows the bachelor as he goes on a series of dates with the women, some of them group dates, some one-on-one dates. On each episode women are eliminated, generally during the rose ceremony at the end of the episode, but sometimes on the dates (during what are called "elimination dates"). The process culminates towards the end of the season with a few of the women going on overnight dates, and meetings between the bachelor, the women, and their respective families. At the end of the show, the bachelor chooses one woman with whom he would like to continue a relationship. Sometimes he proposes marriage, sometimes other levels of commitment.The runner-up from the first season, Trista Rehn, later starred in The Bachelorette, a spin-off program in which the format is gender-reversed.

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The Bachelor - S26E12

#1 - Week 10 Part 2: After the Final Rose (Season 26 - Episode 12)


The episode was rated 6.28 from 29 votes.

The Bachelor - S26E9

#2 - The Women Tell All (Season 26 - Episode 9)



The episode was rated 6.32 from 22 votes.

The Bachelor - S27E11

#3 - Finale and After the Final Rose (Season 27 - Episode 11)


The episode was rated 6.35 from 26 votes.

The Bachelor - S26E10

#4 - Week 9: Fantasy Suites (Season 26 - Episode 10)



The episode was rated 6.36 from 33 votes.

The Bachelor - S25E11

#5 - Week 11 (Season 25 - Episode 11)

The two final women meet Matt's family and enjoy one last date before he hands out the final rose; a shocking last-minute development threatens to alter the course of Matt's entire journey.

The episode was rated 6.43 from 47 votes.

The Bachelor - S17E1

#6 - Week 1 (Season 17 - Episode 1)


SSpurned Dallas businessman Sean Lowe seeks a second chance at love as the matchmaking contest's Season 17 bachelor.

The episode was rated 6.43 from 14 votes.

The Bachelor - S25E9

#7 - The Women Tell All (Season 25 - Episode 9)

Fifteen women return to relive the romance and rehash the rivalries from their journeys to find love; Serena P. and Matt face each other for the first time since her emotional hometown date exit; a sneak peek at the remainder of the season.

The episode was rated 6.49 from 39 votes.

The Bachelor - S17E3

#8 - Week 3 (S17) (Season 17 - Episode 3)


Sean takes the ladies to Malibu for a game of beach volleyball, after which the winners spend the evening with him and the losers return to the mansion. Elsewhere, one of his romantic encounters has the potential to break a world record for the longest on-screen kiss. Thirteen women remain after the rose ceremony.

The episode was rated 6.50 from 12 votes.

The Bachelor - S19E3

#9 - Week 3 (Season 19 - Episode 3)

Jimmy Kimmel surprises Bachelor Chris and the 18 remaining women by taking over the show as guest host for this episode. A long-time avid fan of the franchise, he informs them that he is there to help Chris on his journey to find a wife to bring home to Arlington, Iowa. He introduces the bachelorettes to his "Amazing Jar," plans dates and winds up in a hot tub - all in the name of love.

The episode was rated 6.56 from 18 votes.

The Bachelor - S27E2

#10 - Week 2 (Season 27 - Episode 2)



The episode was rated 6.62 from 26 votes.

Last updated: feb 06, 2023

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