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The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince

Netflix 2018

An extraordinary discovery inspires two human princes and an elven assassin to team up on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince - S3E9

#1 - The Final Battle


Season 3 - Episode 9

Determined to save the Dragon Prince at any cost, the friends brace for a fiery showdown with Viren -- who still has a few surprises up his sleeve.

The episode was rated from 253 votes.

The Dragon Prince - S2E9

#2 - Breathe


Season 2 - Episode 9

After using his gift to help Claudia, Ezran makes an important decision about the quest. Callum wakes up with a new understanding of primal magic.

The episode was rated from 262 votes.

The Dragon Prince - S3E7

#3 - Hearts of Cinder


Season 3 - Episode 7

As Team Zym begins the steep climb up to the Dragon Queen's lair, Viren and Aaravos play a nasty trick on the Sunfire elves.

The episode was rated from 221 votes.

The Dragon Prince - S1E9

#4 - Wonderstorm


Season 1 - Episode 9

Ezran, Callum and Rayla each put their special talents to use as they make their way up the mountain in a desperate bid to save the egg.

The episode was rated from 324 votes.

The Dragon Prince - S3E8

#5 - Dragonguard


Season 3 - Episode 8

With Viren's glowing army closing in on the Storm Spire, Rayla, Callum and friends must decide whether to flee to safety or stay and fight.

The episode was rated from 230 votes.

The Dragon Prince - S2E8
#6 - The Book of Destiny
Season 2 - Episode 8

Callum pays a price for dabbling in dark magic. Claudia searches desperately for a way to help Soren, and Ezran makes a heartbreaking discovery.

The episode was rated from 256 votes.
The Dragon Prince - S3E5
#7 - Heroes and Masterminds
Season 3 - Episode 5

Rayla and Callum race across the desert to find Nyx. As Katolis prepares for war, Ezran gets help from an unlikely source.

The episode was rated from 224 votes.
The Dragon Prince - S2E7
#8 - Fire and Fury
Season 2 - Episode 7

When Soren picks a fight with a dragon, chaos breaks out -- and Rayla faces a difficult decision. A defeated Viren returns to the figure in the mirror.

The episode was rated from 255 votes.
The Dragon Prince - S3E1
#9 - Sol Regem
Season 3 - Episode 1

To cross into Xadia, Rayla and Callum must find a way past a fearsome dragon who was blinded in a battle with a human.

The episode was rated from 233 votes.
The Dragon Prince - S2E6
#10 - Heart of a Titan
Season 2 - Episode 6

The attack on the Magma Titan has devastating consequences for two kingdoms. In his letter, Harrow shares a lie, a secret and a wish for the princes.

The episode was rated from 257 votes.

Last updated: nov 28, 2021



Kids are into anime, and Airbender, so we checked this out one evening. Entire family enjoyed it, including mom & dad. Creative, well done, great dialogue, cool characters. Surprised us all, and can't wait for the next season.


Great animation. The art isn't perfect, but it works. Glimpsed a mixture of Lord of the Rings and Avatar the Last Airbender; though not as good as either. I wasn't emotionally invested as I had hoped to be. Hopefully this will change in season 2.


Was really enjoyable to watch. You could tell the writers took a lot if inspiration from different places. Was sad when it was over because I wanted the story to continue. I think my biggest hang up was Rylas voice acting, the fake Irish accent was a little much. Other than that, cant wait till next season.


I am not into this kind of animation and because of it I was never really drawn towards the characters. Felt like there is a gap between what the characters are saying and their body language on the screen. I wish it looked more traditional hand drawn type animation like Avatar or Korra or the recent one Hilda - so much more expressive, fluid and detail. I guess it costs more or it is difficult to produce that kind of animation. If you are tired of elves this one's not for you. This is no where near as good as Avatar: The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra. I don't understand the high praise this show is getting. Edit: After watching season 3 ending, I have some hope for this show.


I liked the concept of the show and the story it tells–but when it comes down to the details, there were many things that it could've done better. The fact that many of the couples in this show are homosexual is an encouraging move which, I assume, was a decision made by Netflix—those couples felt out of place in the show to some degree though, I'd even say it felt forced. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't challenge the common believe that heterosexual couples are the norm, in fact I do encourage that! It's just that the way legacy works in this fantasy universe sticks to the traditional system and there are no efforts made to explain who is the heir to a throne if its current king/queen is married to a person of the same gender. This and other things threw me off about that. What are your opinions on that? In terms of script, there were many references to modern real-life which also made me feel less immersed in the world they are trying to build. That, and the fact that [spoiler]many of the six 'primal sources' of magic[/spoiler] don't seem to have any relevance at all in the world; up to the current season, you can only see [spoiler]people utilize the powers of the sky and of the moon in their spells (and, of course, those of dark magic, which is the 7th kind of magic though)[/spoiler], correct me if I'm wrong. Also, why the f*** doesn't anybody [spoiler]teach Callum any new spells? Perhaps I'm still hung up on the way you could see Aang grow and become stronger in The Last Airbender over the seasons, but it gets really boring to see Callum do the same spells over and over again and also getting rejected by all the potentially interesting people they meet[/spoiler]. Additionally, there were many plot-holes in the show, that sometimes were far too obvious. You'll notice them when you see them, so I won't go into more detail here. On the positive note, though, it was really easy to fall in love with almost all of the main characters and even for the _evil_ characters, it wasn't impossible to understand their reasoning and all of them have good intentions at heart even if they deny the existence of a better approach. Many of the characters a subject to change, which is also something that's great to see and one of the aspects that kept me watching the show for all of its current seasons. The story, so far, and overlooking all of its flaws, has been one of love, peace and unity, and, let's be honest, that's the kind of story that's easiest to enjoy.


Paula Burrows used Alyssa Diaz's voice as Rayla.


I don't get all the praise this show has been receiving. It's not bad, by any means, but it's not that great either. Could it be great in the future? Sure, but the reviews are saying it already is, _right now_, and it really isn't.


I was among the first people to see the first episode of Season 3 at New York Comic-Con :)


My family and I love this show very much. The simililarity to Avatar is noticeable, even if they do a lot different here. I find the art style charming and the characters simply likeable. We all can't wait for the third season to finally begin.


2 great writers and a cool premise, I cant wait


Not sure why all the hype. It’s really not that wonderful show. Maybe for kids. The characters are very weak & the writing is choppy. No where at the scale of Avatar nor Legend of Korra. I ended up watching this in fast forward mode because I didn’t care for half the characters. I would say this is good background noise, just don’t except something exceptional like Avatar. This at most 3 or 4 rating.

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