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The Following

The Following

FOX 2013

Notorious serial killer Joe Carroll, after being found guilty of murdering 14 female students on the Virginia college campus where he taught literature, escapes from death row. The FBI calls former agent Ryan Hardy to consult on the case, as he was the one responsible for Carroll’s capture in 2003. Ryan, working closely with an FBI team, including Mike Weston and FBI Specialist Debra Parker, piece together the ever-growing web of murders orchestrated by the devious Carroll.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The Following

The Following - S1E1

#1 - Pilot


Season 1 - Episode 1

Former FBI agent Ryan Hardy is drawn out of retirement when serial killer Joe Carroll escapes from prison; the investigation reveals that Carroll has a cult following.

The episode was rated from 1784 votes.

The Following - S1E13

#2 - Havenport


Season 1 - Episode 13

When Roderick's role as sheriff is called into question, he makes a shocking decision that impacts Joey; Ryan tries to gain the trust of one of Joe's followers.

The episode was rated from 1191 votes.

The Following - S2E9

#3 - Unmasked


Season 2 - Episode 9

New information leads Max, Ryan and Weston closer to uncovering the mole within the FBI; Joe and Micah launch a plan that sends a message to Ryan and the world.

The episode was rated from 1156 votes.

The Following - S1E15

#4 - The Final Chapter


Season 1 - Episode 15

Ryan tries to stop Joe Carroll from achieving his goal; Joe guides Claire to a special location.

The episode was rated from 1210 votes.

The Following - S1E2

#5 - Chapter Two


Season 1 - Episode 2

Ryan, Agent Weston and FBI Specialist Debra Parker investigate the history of Carroll's psyche; Emma, Jacob and Paul hold Claire's son while they plan for their next move.

The episode was rated from 1439 votes.

The Following - S1E14
#6 - The End Is Near
Season 1 - Episode 14

Weston, Parker and Ryan plan to storm the mansion, but Joe has already orchestrated his escape; followers create a diversion at the town evacuation center, causing panic and leading to the abduction of an FBI official.

The episode was rated from 1169 votes.
The Following - S2E6
#7 - Fly Away
Season 2 - Episode 6

Ryan and Max turn to the FBI for back-up on their plan; Joe's relationship enters uncharted territory; Luke ends up in a troubling situation.

The episode was rated from 1145 votes.
The Following - S2E14
#8 - Silence
Season 2 - Episode 14

Many lives are threatened as Joe enacts his final plan; Claire's decision puts her in treacherous territory; Mark and Luke must decide what to do next.

The episode was rated from 1121 votes.
The Following - S2E7
#9 - Sacrifice
Season 2 - Episode 7

Ryan and the FBI's search for Lily Gray is redirected when Max is faced with a new threat; Joe, Mandy and Emma realize everything isn't what it seems at their new hideout.

The episode was rated from 1142 votes.
The Following - S1E5
#10 - The Siege
Season 1 - Episode 5

As Hardy and the team make their next move, panic spreads at the followers' hideout; Carroll seeks out a lawyer from his past.

The episode was rated from 1172 votes.

Last updated: sep 26, 2021



Can't believe I watched this all the way to the end. Terrible show, even the Baconator couldn't drag this thing above mediocre. Fine actors I suppose, but absolutely terrible writing and plot.


I can't believe that this garbage was continued to season 2 , and now seems like season 3. I couldn't care less about the characters, maybe because they are so flat. The plot makes no sense half of the time , and the other half it's plain ridiculous and predictable.


Okay, here's the thing with THE FOLLOWING: It's like a really bad politician. It promised and it didn't deliver. And then it stood there and pretended that's what it promised all along. It didn't care about persons of colour, or female characters that didn't fit into the Mother-Slut-Bitch-Virgin pattern. Any character other than white-skinny-female*/white-male was gladly sacrificed for the greater good. And when I say the greater good, I mean man-pain. THE FOLLOWING promised us/me a suspenseful show about a manipulative, neurotic, obsessive sociopath. Symbolism, creepy romance, some really intelligent and unexpected plot twists. That's what I expected when I saw the pilot. That's what a lot of people I talked to expected. But THE FOLLOWING didn't deliver. It tried too hard to sell some idea of villainy and heroism, which didn't work out at all, that even when reviews popped up, they just tried harder instead of adjusting. Because THE FOLLOWING is a real bad politician. Let's compare thee to a summer's day, THE FOLLOWING. You could have been the story of Abigail Hobbs' father, minus the cannibalism, plus an obsession with Poe and well, also a cult, but every single episode of NBC HANNIBAL surpassed you. You could have had a diverse cast, but even my sister's theatre class in Elementary school features more different people than you do. Quite honestly, I'm not sure why some people are surprised that a LOT of people think you suck. No, seriously. When a show introduces a concept like this, with characters like Carrol or his followers, it should follow through. Not try and sell some weird idea of villainy and heroism that doesn't make any sense whatsoever anyway. (Yep, a guy who spends years on a masterplan surely didn't consider adding some, you know, plan Bs and Cs, and stuff.) And I know the show used (very unsubtle) foreshadowing*², meaning that one could argue Carrol was always just a crazy person with some luck and education. But that's not excuse, because it just seemed like convenient writing to support the even more convenient bull of a plot that they created. Overall, this season was a huge let down. Just thinking about it sends me into a fit of rage, because, heck, even if the pilot had already made it obvious how messed up this would end up being, the show still was a pretentious, mediocre-at-best idiocity. * And yep, since the show might have passed the Bechdel test, which is a super big cause for celebration, it's obviously totally ridiculous and unfounded to criticise the writing of the female characters. Same with POCs, or LGBTAQ*s. *² I mean, how could you not know when the entire writing seems to laugh in the faces of any of the reviewers who criticised mentioned foreshadowing?


Loved this! really well made and great plot. Gutted there isn't a season 4!!


I absolutely love the show and maybe they can bring it back under another name…since “Ryan Hardy” is still alive. Was very sad when I heard this show was cancelled.


Loved the Ryan/Joe dynamic, but the show lost a little something after season one. Still, I'm sad to see it go... gonna miss my weekly dose of Shawn Ashmore!


We really loved this show and were very disappointed when it was cancelled. We honestly believed it would have a spin off the way it ended.. boo


I hadn´t planned watching this. A friend recommended it and lend me his BluRays. Well, I made it up to the E07 that´s all I could bear. Good acting, the atmosphere is right, but very bad scripts. Every episode is basically a repetition of the one before. FBI is stupid and the big mastermind outsmarts them all. And this all works only because every now and than one of the good guys turns bad. So predictable and also so unbelievable. I will not spent my time going through this any longer.


I love this show... but dammit!! Fox just officially cancelled it now. Ugh...


A captivating show with unlimited suspense and quality story telling.

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