The Loud House

10 Worst Episodes of The Loud House

Welcome to the Loud House, where life can get pretty crazy. One boy, TEN girls?! Lincoln Loud wouldnโ€™t change it for the world!

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The Loud House - S3E22

#1 - Ruthless People (Season 3 - Episode 22)

When the house is infested with termites, half the family stays with Pop Pop and the others with Aunt Ruth.

The episode was rated 6.47 from 15 votes.

The Loud House - S3E26

#2 - Absent Minded (Season 3 - Episode 26)


Clyde discovers he didnโ€™t earn junior administrator job. But can he give up the perks that come along with it?

The episode was rated 6.47 from 17 votes.

The Loud House - S3E21

#3 - What Wood Lincoln Do? (Season 3 - Episode 21)

Lincoln has to complete a woodworking assignment, but has a history of failure on the topic.

The episode was rated 6.63 from 19 votes.

The Loud House - S4E20

#4 - A Mutt Above (Season 4 - Episode 20)


Spurred on by a classmate's mocking about Charles, Lana decides to train him to compete in a local dog show.

The episode was rated 6.67 from 12 votes.

The Loud House - S3E13

#5 - Teachers' Union (Season 3 - Episode 13)

To try and make gym class better, Lincoln and Clyde set Coach Pacowski and Mrs. Johnson up.

The episode was rated 6.68 from 22 votes.

The Loud House - S3E46

#6 - Racing Hearts (Season 3 - Episode 46)


When Luna and Sam embark on a scavenger hunt across Royal Woods, they discover they have vastly different styles.

The episode was rated 6.69 from 13 votes.

The Loud House - S3E39

#7 - Really Loud Music (Season 3 - Episode 39)

Hoping to win a song-writing contest, Luna contemplates whether she should go with a song thatโ€™s true to her sound or try to make something that the whole world will love.

The episode was rated 6.80 from 10 votes.

The Loud House - S3E33

#8 - Missed Connection (Season 3 - Episode 33)


Lori and Bobby worry that dating long-distance is causing them to lose their connection.

The episode was rated 6.90 from 10 votes.

The Loud House - S3E36

#9 - Jeers for Fears (Season 3 - Episode 36)

After agreeing to go to the Royal Woods House of Terror, Lincoln and Clyde have to toughen up and face their fears.

The episode was rated 6.90 from 10 votes.

The Loud House - S4E19

#10 - Can't Hardly Wait (Season 4 - Episode 19)


Lori takes a waitressing job at Dad's restaurant, but it turns out that serving is harder than she anticipated.

The episode was rated 6.91 from 11 votes.

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