The New Celebrity Apprentice

10 Worst Episodes of The New Celebrity Apprentice

The ultimate sixteen-week job interview where eighteen Americans compete in a series of rigorous business tasks, many of which include prominent Fortune 500 companies and require street smarts and intelligence to conquer, in order to show the boss that they are the best candidate for his companies. In each episode, the losing team is sent to the boardroom where they are judged on their performance in the task. One person is fired and sent home.

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 06, 2023.

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The New Celebrity Apprentice - S13E2

#10 - Just as Simple as Making Soup (Season 13 - Episode 2)

The teams jet to Universal Orlando Resort in Florida to produce an interactive 3-D photo experience, but an indecisive project manager and a tyrannical leader mar the mission.

The episode was rated 6.83 from 12 votes.

The New Celebrity Apprentice - S12E3

#9 - How Much Is That Celebrity In The Window? (Season 12 - Episode 3)


The players have to produce themed living Lord and Taylor display windows featuring Ivanka trumps fashion line. The boys don't quite get women's fashion like the girls do.

The episode was rated 6.80 from 10 votes.

The New Celebrity Apprentice - S14E2

#8 - Nobody Out Thinks Donald Trump (Season 14 - Episode 2)

In the first hour, Mr. Trump asks the teams to write, produce and direct a commercial for Neat. While one Project Manager struggles with an insubordinate team member, the other is fed up with a celebrity's anxiety. In the boardroom, one person tries to outsmart Mr. Trump, leading to an interesting result. Boardroom Advisors: Donald Trump Jr. and George Ross. In the second hour, the teams are tasked with producing a presentation and tasting menu to feature Luvo's frozen food products. One Project Manager accuses a team member of zoning out, and a celebrity pushes the boundaries of good taste during the team's presentation. The losing team faces Donald Trump in the Boardroom, and another celebrity is sent home.

The episode was rated 6.70 from 20 votes.

The New Celebrity Apprentice - S12E10

#7 - Winning by a Nose (Season 12 - Episode 10)


The celebrities must fashion an in-store display and create a slogan for a new fragrance. Business snafus unfold when two project managers spar and one team frets about an indecisive leader.

The episode was rated 6.69 from 13 votes.

The New Celebrity Apprentice - S1E1

#6 - Meet the Billionaire (Season 1 - Episode 1)

The contestants are split into two teams, one team of 8 men and another team of 8 women. The two teams are then given their first challenge - sell lemonade on the streets of New York with a budget of $250. The team that makes the most profit wins.

The episode was rated 6.59 from 17 votes.

The New Celebrity Apprentice - S13E6

#5 - How Do You Spell Melania (Season 13 - Episode 6)


The celebrities must create a product display and advertorial campaign to highlight the new "Melania" skin care line. Taking a giant risk, one Project Manager stops Boardroom Advisor Eric Trump from visiting with their team, while the other team is forced to pull the weight for a lackluster team leader. In the Boardroom, everything boils down to one critical error, and a celebrity pays the price for it.

The episode was rated 6.52 from 25 votes.

The New Celebrity Apprentice - S14E7

#4 - Universal Wizards (Season 14 - Episode 7)

The finalists travel to Orlando to complete their biggest task--selling resort vacation packages; six fired celebrities return to help.

The episode was rated 6.33 from 15 votes.

The New Celebrity Apprentice - S14E4

#3 - I Wish I Had a Project Manager (Season 14 - Episode 4)


The teams are on their best behavior when Joan Rivers and Ivanka Trump serve as Boardroom Advisors for the first task. Each team must build an Ivanka Trump-Nordstrom shoe boutique inside a Media Truck and throw an outdoor marketing event to launch the new Ivanka Trump "Power Up" Campaign. The gloves come off in this boardroom, and Mr. Trump knocks another Celebrity out of the competition. In the second hour, the teams create a viral video to promote the Chock full o'Nuts new single serve coffee cups. Two teammates have an all-out cat fight on the streets of New York City, and in the Boardroom, the tension mounts until Mr. Trump sends another Celebrity packing.

The episode was rated 6.31 from 13 votes.

The New Celebrity Apprentice - S14E1

#2 - May the Gods of Good Pies Be With Us! (Season 14 - Episode 1)

Donald Trump is back for a brand new season of "The Celebrity Apprentice." This is the seventh installment of "The Celebrity Apprentice" and the 14th season of "The Apprentice" series. The celebrities create and sell pies for charity; members of the women's team complain about their project manager.

The episode was rated 6.23 from 31 votes.

The New Celebrity Apprentice - S12E2

#1 - Getting Medieval (Season 12 - Episode 2)


The teams produce and perform a medieval-theme show for an audience, yet an insubordinate contestant and a serious injury mar the task.

The episode was rated 5.00 from 10 votes.

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