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The Owl House

The Owl House

Disney Channel 2020

An animated fantasy-comedy series that follows Luz, a self-assured teenage girl who accidentally stumbles upon a portal to a magical world where she befriends a rebellious witch, Eda, and an adorably tiny warrior, King. Despite not having magical abilities, Luz pursues her dream of becoming a witch by serving as Eda's apprentice at the Owl House and ultimately finds a new family in an unlikely setting.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The Owl House

The Owl House - S2E8

#1 - Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door


Season 2 - Episode 8

Hooty tries to help King, Eda and Luz with their problems, but it doesn’t go as planned.

The episode was rated from 93 votes.

The Owl House - S1E18

#2 - Agony of a Witch


Season 1 - Episode 18

On a school field trip to the mysterious Emperor’s Castle, Luz strays from the group and into danger.

The episode was rated from 111 votes.

The Owl House - S2E7

#3 - Eda's Requiem


Season 2 - Episode 7

A special witch from Eda’s past enlists her in a rebellion against the Emperor.

The episode was rated from 73 votes.

The Owl House - S1E16

#4 - Enchanting Grom Fright


Season 1 - Episode 16

Luz experiences Grom, Hexside’s version of Prom, and it’s not what she expects.

The episode was rated from 126 votes.

The Owl House - S2E5

#5 - Through the Looking Glass Ruins


Season 2 - Episode 5

Gus tries to impress a group of cool kids from Glandus High, while Luz and Amity journey into the most dangerous section of the library.

The episode was rated from 89 votes.

The Owl House - S2E6
#6 - Hunting Palismen
Season 2 - Episode 6

It’s Palisman Pairing Day at Hexside, but Luz doesn’t match with a Palisman of her own and soon finds herself on an unexpected journey with a foe.

The episode was rated from 77 votes.
The Owl House - S1E19
#7 - Young Blood, Old Souls
Season 1 - Episode 19

Luz’s skills as a witch are put to the test when she attempts the impossible.

The episode was rated from 107 votes.
The Owl House - S2E3
#8 - Echoes of the Past
Season 2 - Episode 3

King's delusions of grandeur lead Luz, Lilith, and Hooty to a dangerous new island.

The episode was rated from 78 votes.
The Owl House - S2E9
#9 - Eclipse Lake
Season 2 - Episode 9

When Luz gets sick with the Common Mold, it's up to Amity to find an important ingredient for the portal door - but Amity's not the only one on its trail.

The episode was rated from 79 votes.
The Owl House - S2E4
#10 - Keeping Up A-fear-ances
Season 2 - Episode 4

Eda gets an unwelcome visit from a family member who puts a strain on everyone in the Owl House.

The episode was rated from 78 votes.

Last updated: nov 30, 2021



Why there are LGBT relations in a children's cartoon?


This show is just adorable in many ways, for sure it's one of the best things to let your kids watch Also I think the plot may be an allegory of parents kicking out a kid from home because of their sexuality. It makes the show even more important for queer youth, it sends a message that they never gonna be alone


A really fun, mostly light-hearted show that wears its influences on its sleeves. Amazing characters, actually funny jokes, a story I want to see more of, and superb animation at certain points. Pacing is a bit of a mess in the first season, but hopefully this improves with time. Edit: So almost halfway through season 2, the pacing has certainly improved much more than I expected it to. Characters have continued to improve, story is progressing very well, and have I mentioned HOW FUNNY this show is?


The Owl House is a story about a young human girl named Luz who accidentally wanders into a magical world known as The Boiling Isles, when she's actually supposed to be at summer camp. There she meets Eda the Owl Lady, an incredibly powerful witch, and her demon friend King, who own the portal that took her from earth in the first place. When Luz decides that she wants to stay and make the most of her summer away from home, Eda agrees to become her mentor and teach her magic. As her time on The Boiling Isles progresses, she meets and befriends two witches, Willow and Gus, sort of starts a rivalry with another witch, Amity, and learns that Eda's wild, covenless magic is the reason for why the Emperor's Coven is so determined to track the Owl Lady down. This show is really incredible. I am genuinely surprised, not only by the quality of the story and plot, but by the interesting characters, unique and diverse world, and incredible mystery elements. I am almost surprised by how great the show is, considering it is coming from Disney, which is notorious for stunting the creative freedoms of it's writers and animators, but the recent trend of really great animation has me optimistic for the future. And while that's all well and good, for this show in particular, there is a lot to look forward to as well. For one thing, I am excited to see more of the characters, I genuinely like all of the characters that are intended to be likeable in this series, especially the core three of Luz, Eda, and King, and their interactions are just so wonderful and adorable. I also find the plot to be incredibly interesting, even though on certain occasions the plot seems to be stalling in order to meet an episode quota, however, a major criticism that I have of the story is the fact that it doesn't really have much to do with Luz at all, and considering she's the protagonist, the plot should be more wrapped up in her adventures. Aside from that, the animation is just incredible and the visuals never cease to amaze me with how beautiful and creative they are. Obviously my synopsis was brief and spoiler free, so a lot of the most interesting things about the show are missing. For one thing, I didn't mention Hexside, the school for witches, mostly because it didn't really have much bearing on the overarching plot. Sure, it was definitely fun to watch Luz's antics within the school, but you'd think that with a whole sub-plot being centered around that school and the people in it, it would have a lot more screen time than it actually got. [spoiler]It was especially disappointing after Luz finally got admitted that we barely got to see anything about her new studies, or even her progress in magic when she's in class learning all day. The show runners treated the school as a sort of set dressing that could explain certain plot points instead of it being like... a school.[/spoiler] Aside from the school, there was also Luz's relationship with the other witches, specifically Amity, who started out as the stereotypical mean girl character, but she did grow on me as the show went on. [spoiler]I especially loved how awkward Amity was with Luz after she realized that she had a crush on her, and even before then, and how oblivious Luz was to it all. Fortunately, they managed to make Amity's turn around seem very natural and realistic, as it became clear that her bitchy attitude was really just her trying to cope with the stress that everyone put on her.[/spoiler] We also learn more about Eda's backstory [spoiler]and find out that she's been cursed to turn into an owl-like beast that can't use magic[/spoiler], which I frankly did not see coming and it explains why her laid-back, casual attitude always seemed so phony to me. But my favorite part of the series was the ending, so spoilers from here on out: [spoiler]The rivalry between Eda and her sister, Lilith, was genuinely the most realistic depiction of siblings that I think I've ever seen in a series before. It was just so interesting to watch Lilith grow more and more frustrated over the course of the series, while Eda just seemed to be taking it as a joke, all of which amounted to Lilith taking the extreme measure of kidnapping Luz in order to draw Eda in and capture her. And because of Eda's curse and how it is beginning to worsen as she uses her magic, this is what puts her over the edge, turning her fully into the owl beast and stripping her of her magic, but the twist reveal that it was Lilith who put the curse of Eda was just... heartbreaking. They later try to redeem Lilith, when she finds out that the Emperor is going to execute Eda instead of curing her, but her petty and erratic rivalry with her sister throughout the show just soured me on that idea. I don't mind her having a redemption arc later on, but unfortunately I don't think she's earned it yet. However, the ending, where she split the curse between the both of them was a good start, and now with Luz having to be the one to teach them magic, I'm excited to see the role reversal in the upcoming season.[/spoiler] The Owl House has recently become one of my favorite shows, though that's not to say it's without its flaws. In spite of everything that it does wrong, though, I find the story to be so compelling, the characters to be so fun, and the world to be so interesting, that I simply don't care enough to let any of those criticisms hinder my enjoyment of this show.


Very interesting premise, done in a very bland and uncreative way. Every episode features tired story beats and high school cliché plots that have been done a million times, before. Doesn't even come close to Gravity Falls.

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