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The Rain

The Rain

Netflix 2018

After a brutal virus wipes out most of the population, two young siblings embark on a perilous search for safety. A Scandinavian thriller series.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The Rain

The Rain - S1E6

#1 - Keep Your Friends Close


Season 1 - Episode 6

Rasmus and Beatrice grow closer as they spend time alone together. The others discover a new bunker -- and a disturbing secret that lies within.

The episode was rated from 639 votes.

The Rain - S2E6

#2 - Survival of the Fittest


Season 2 - Episode 6

In the wake of their grim encounter, Martin and Patrick race back to the base. Meanwhile, a grief-stricken survivor plots revenge.

The episode was rated from 344 votes.

The Rain - S2E1

#3 - Avoid Contact


Season 2 - Episode 1

On the run from Apollon soldiers, the group follows a set of coordinates to a base where rebel scientists are working on a vaccine for the virus.

The episode was rated from 410 votes.

The Rain - S1E5

#4 - Have Faith


Season 1 - Episode 5

Lost in the woods, the group stumbles upon a mansion. The residents invite them to stay the night, and Lea bonds with one of the women.

The episode was rated from 666 votes.

The Rain - S1E7

#5 - Don't Talk to Strangers


Season 1 - Episode 7

A band of armed strangers tries to extract information from Patrick. Rasmus begins to unravel in the wake of a grim discovery.

The episode was rated from 623 votes.

The Rain - S2E2
#6 - The Truth Hurts
Season 2 - Episode 2

Martin accompanies Simone on a journey to retrieve her father's computer. At the base, Patrick stumbles upon a hidden room filled with strange devices.

The episode was rated from 375 votes.
The Rain - S1E8
#7 - Trust Your Instincts
Season 1 - Episode 8

The group arrives at Apollon headquarters, where Simone learns startling truths about the virus, her father and Rasmus.

The episode was rated from 648 votes.
The Rain - S1E2
#8 - Stay Together
Season 1 - Episode 2

After six years of isolation, Simone and Rasmus encounter other survivors. To stay alive, Simone must prove herself useful to the group.

The episode was rated from 786 votes.
The Rain - S1E4
#9 - Trust No One
Season 1 - Episode 4

Jealousy flares in Martin and Beatrice. Simone and Rasmus meet a doctor with a connection to their father. A memory haunts Jean.

The episode was rated from 695 votes.
The Rain - S2E5
#10 - Keep It Together
Season 2 - Episode 5

Plagued by frightening visions, Rasmus takes his fate into his own hands. Sarah's health worsens. Jean and Lea share a tender moment.

The episode was rated from 334 votes.

Last updated: mar 08, 2022



First episode is atrocious. Choices from characters (and plot) are stupid. After a couple of episodes it is a little bit better, but it is a bad tv show. Not decent enough to have a second season and low standard to be "by Netflix".


very enjoyable show, i would love to see a second season! the acting was decent, so kudos to each actor in portraying their character. characters that were flawed; they made as many stupid decisions as they made good ones. but honestly, i loved that this show was more character driven than action driven + the backstories really added depth to each of the characters. i started out disliking all of them and ended up caring for everyone. A+ in that aspect. the CGI was surprisingly well done and despite it only being 8 episodes, the story did not feel rushed. definitely worthy of being on netflix tyvm. also this is the first danish tv show i've truly enjoyed watching. well done denmark<3


Weak at most, acting is dreadful and the plot is unoriginal, just a zombie show without the zombies. Characters make no sense and there's no development at all. It does entertain a bit, especially because of the visuals, but I'm not sure I'll be watching season 2 (if there ever is one)


Absolutely terrible show. The characters are way too idiotic to the point you kinda wish they would die in the show. Especially Rasmus


Yet another survival show but this time a group of people are surviving a virus outbreak which is actually in the Rain. A small plot being dragged for 8 episodes and it doesnt even have a proper ending or any twists where you want to look out for a second season. Could have been better. 5/10


the first episode is rotten bad. The story is predictable and stupid. The little boy is a pain in the ass. Too bad but there has to be more in the pilot to keep me on it .


We expected way more. It somehow felt like some kind of cheap knockoff of Resident Evil. Without the evil but a similar virus. Character development didn‘t exist and the storyline seems to miss something. The bad synchronization and even worse subtitles that didn’t even match what they say made it even worde to watch. Expected more by a Netflix production.


While not without its charms, The Rain is filled with moments where you'll be wondering "why did they do that", "couldn't they have just...", "they dont seem to be very upset about that person dying", why are they so upset about this person dying" or just "why?!" Season 1 Too much off this show fails to make sense or is just plain convenient, even from the very start, when dad is speeding along the motorway and turns to speak to his painfully annoying son - the daughter and mum were somehow failing to get him to put his seat belt on. This error of judgement sees dad have a near miss with a truck, the truck in turn tries to swerve but topples onto it's side neatly blocking the road. Dad decides that the family will go on foot and by the magic of editing they seem to make very good time which makes it seem like it was probably better than driving anyway. Throughout the show people who have been living in the zone for years and are very aware of the dangers, dont seem to have developed any good strategies for preserving their safety - beyond very basic plans such as getting to cover before it rains, the rain that never seems to catch them by surprise as rain often does in real life. apparently these people have all become experts at reading weather patterns and can move around with confidence that not even a drop of the deadly rain will land on them. Perhaps this shared expertise in meteorology is so advanced and obvious that they don't even need to acknowledge it. Nobody has every heard of checking someone's vital signs, as they all posses that special film expertise of being able to confidently asses someone's vitals just by looking at them for a moment.... Don't pass out or you might be assumed dead and left behind. Most of the characters spend a good portion of the series being quite annoying, Beatrice being the only one whose character seems more interesting, or at the very least more consistentantly likable and as such the only character I felt any genuine concern for. I actually think some of the reviews are too harsh on the acting, while it's sometimes patchy I think the poor script is to blame. Season 2 I was considering whether it was worthwhile putting myself through another seasons of this show and read the other reviews here. The general feeling seemed to be that season 2 was a big improvement so I decided to give it a bit more time. Season 2 was in fact much better even if not without moments of season 1's silliness - one of my favourites was when someone thinks they have been locked in a room. It's been well established that it has keypad entry but they try and open the door with the handle and freak out thinking their suspicions are confirmed. Of course the door wouldn't have opened with the code anyway so when they do eventually punch the code in they find that it has been jamed shut. Lea and Jean thoroughly irritate me through both seasons and I find their dysfunction is much harder to watch than other characters... Why are the plants dying, I'm So depressed... then, wow you fixed the plants... then I want to destroy all the plants... blah blah blah. While better than season 1, 2 does devolve into a bit of a weepy soap opera at times. Most of the rain in season 2 seems to be from all the blubbering. If they make a season 3 I'll probably keep watching as it felt like it was just becoming good at the very end.


No charisma, no actors, no plot. I dropped in the middle of the 3rd episode. Massive loss of time.


After the awfully terrible first season I almost gave up on this show. The second season is such a MASSIVE improvement!

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