The Walking Dead: World Beyond

10 Best Episodes of The Walking Dead: World Beyond - Season 1

A heroic group of teens sheltered from the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world receive a message that inspires them to leave the safety of the only home they have ever known and embark on a cross-country journey to find the one man who can possibly save the world.

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 02, 2023.

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond - S1E2

#10 - The Blaze of Gory (Season 1 - Episode 2)

The group adjusts to the reality of life beyond the walls of their community. Iris tries to take over, despite Hope's reservations. Felix and Huck follow the teenagers, while Felix is ​​forced to face unwanted memories.

The episode was rated 6.63 from 804 votes.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond - S1E1

#9 - Brave (Season 1 - Episode 1)


Iris welcomes an enigmatic ally to their community while Hope questions the visitor's motives. A message upends the sisters' worldview, forcing them to decide between the safety of their home and the uncertainty of the world beyond.

The episode was rated 6.72 from 923 votes.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond - S1E4

#8 - The Wrong End of a Telescope (Season 1 - Episode 4)

The group seeks shelter from a storm inside an abandoned school. While supplying, they imagine what life was like in high school and encounter new threats, both alive and dead.

The episode was rated 6.76 from 655 votes.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond - S1E3

#7 - The Tyger and the Lamb (Season 1 - Episode 3)


Overwhelmed by the past, group members adopt opposite strategies to deal with a huge obstacle. Pressure on the group to return home.

The episode was rated 6.78 from 701 votes.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond - S1E5

#6 - Madman Across the Water (Season 1 - Episode 5)

While the group works together to cross the Mississippi River, a plot to take the teenagers home hits an obstacle. A group member must overcome past traumas to save others from an oncoming threat.

The episode was rated 6.80 from 615 votes.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond - S1E6

#5 - Shadow Puppets (Season 1 - Episode 6)


When an unexpected newcomer reveals information that can help them reach their destination, the group makes a deal. While some are intrigued by the new arrival, others are suspicious.

The episode was rated 6.87 from 623 votes.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond - S1E7

#4 - Truth or Dare (Season 1 - Episode 7)

While the group is looking for something to advance their search, one of them remembers their struggles in the early days of the apocalypse. A game of truth or challenge brings emotions to the surface.

The episode was rated 7.09 from 586 votes.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond - S1E9

#3 - The Deepest Cut (Season 1 - Episode 9)


A series of setbacks causes a member of the group to reevaluate their role in the mission. Someone makes an amazing discovery. A surprising revelation casts everything in a new light.

The episode was rated 7.09 from 549 votes.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond - S1E8

#2 - The Sky Is a Graveyard (Season 1 - Episode 8)

A horrible discovery finds the group at a crossroads and leads one of them to revisit past traumas.

The episode was rated 7.17 from 597 votes.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond - S1E10

#1 - In This Life (Season 1 - Episode 10)


A divided group struggles to get together. Others turn to the greater good.

The episode was rated 7.37 from 570 votes.

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