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The White Queen

The White Queen

BBC One 2013

The White Queen is a stunningly rich tale of love and loss, seduction and deception, betrayal and murder, vibrantly woven through the stories of three different yet equally driven women, in their quest for power as they manipulate behind the scenes of history – Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville.The year is 1464 and England has been at war for nine years battling over who is the rightful King of England – it is a war between two sides of the same family, The House of York and The House of Lancaster.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The White Queen

The White Queen - S1E10

#1 - The Final Battle


Season 1 - Episode 10

Princess Elizabeth's engagement to Henry Tudor threatens to divide court loyalties. Richard knows he can no longer avoid the battle which will decide his fate as king. Margaret Beaufort does not know whose side her husband will support, and she fears for her son. As the final battle for the crown draws near, Elizabeth continues her plot to put her daughter on the throne regardless of the battle's outcome.

The episode was rated from 520 votes.

The White Queen - S1E8

#2 - Long Live the King


Season 1 - Episode 8

After years of peace, an untimely death once again engulfs Elizabeth in a fight for the throne. Trapped in sanctuary and threatened by those closest to her, Elizabeth is forced into an alliance with Margaret Beaufort. Suspicion and doubt poison the court, turning friends into enemies and family members into murderers.

The episode was rated from 536 votes.

The White Queen - S1E7

#3 - Poison and Malmsey Wine


Season 1 - Episode 7

George's anger at losing the Warwick inheritance and his failure to capture the crown resurfaces, with horrific consequences. As the court divides, George openly accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft and Edward of murder. This is treason, and Edward must condemn his own brother to death. Elizabeth finally has revenge on those who killed her father, but it does not bring her comfort.

The episode was rated from 564 votes.

The White Queen - S1E4

#4 - The Bad Queen


Season 1 - Episode 4

Exiled in France, Warwick still plots to control the crown. His youngest daughter Anne is used to make an unexpected alliance, giving him command of a huge army. When Warwick lands in England, Edward must decide whether to fight or run. Terrified, Elizabeth escapes to sanctuary, not knowing whether her husband is alive or dead. She gives birth to a longed-for son, but fears for both their lives as Warwick enters London.

The episode was rated from 617 votes.

The White Queen - S1E2

#5 - The Price of Power


Season 1 - Episode 2

After Elizabeth's coronation, an extravagant display designed to silence critics of their marriage, Edward needs a son to secure his reign. Soon tensions at court escalate into outright war, and Edward must fight those closest to him to retain his crown. Elizabeth faces devastating loss as the full force of Warwick's hatred and power is revealed.

The episode was rated from 723 votes.

The White Queen - S1E5

#6 - War at First Hand


Season 1 - Episode 5

House Lancaster is restored to the throne, with Warwick in control, but rumors that Edward is returning with an army unsettle the court. Anne sails from France with Margaret of Anjou, uncertain whether they will reach Warwick in time. Divided families face each other across the battlefield. Can Elizabeth's witchcraft save her husband, or will Warwick triumph? As many fall in the battle, everyone's fortunes change forever.

The episode was rated from 604 votes.

The White Queen - S1E6

#7 - Love and Death


Season 1 - Episode 6

The crown is secure, but there is no peace at court. Elizabeth suffers more emotional turmoil as she loses those closest to her. Margaret Beaufort plans a political marriage to bring her son Henry home from exile—but has she met her match in Lord Stanley? Anne's marriage made her a traitor, so she is handed into George's care. His motives for keeping her away from court are questioned by Richard, who fears for Anne's safety.

The episode was rated from 592 votes.

The White Queen - S1E3

#8 - The Storm


Season 1 - Episode 3

Desperate to further her son's claim to the throne, Margaret Beaufort joins Warwick's rebellion against Edward. The rebellion fails, and the traitors must run for their lives. Jasper Tudor escapes into exile, while Warwick and George sail for France. Elizabeth and her mother turn to witchcraft to stop them, but it is Isabel who is punished.

The episode was rated from 662 votes.

The White Queen - S1E9

#9 - The Princes in the Tower


Season 1 - Episode 9

The future of the princes in the Tower is in Richard's hands: they are a threat not only to Richard's reign but to Margaret Beaufort's hopes of seeing her son Henry Tudor on the throne. As Margaret plots the boys' removal, Anne is tormented by fears that she has unwittingly sealed the princes' fates. Elizabeth, in sanctuary, is horrified to realize she has made a pact with her enemies and turns to witchcraft to punish the guilty.

The episode was rated from 540 votes.

The White Queen - S1E1

#10 - In Love with the King


Season 1 - Episode 1

After meeting beautiful widow Elizabeth Woodville, young King Edward IV must choose between love and loyalty. Will a country divided by war and a court divided by jealousy be destroyed by a woman many consider a witch?

The episode was rated from 942 votes.

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Weak .. I got bored at the middle of it ,,


I like to watch period shows and I don't look for airtight historical accuracy in them. I leave that to NG or Discovery. As long as the producers don't claim accuracy I'm fine. What I like to see are historical sets, costumes and good drama. In short: entertainment. And that I got. Didn't like all the witchcraft stuff and you really don't see a lot of the bloody stuff. Battles looked rather small. I'll say this though: if only half of the events are true (forgive me for not knowing English history to the T) with all those betrayals, switching sides, backstabbing, marriage and re-marriage you wonder how they were ever able to built such an empire. No one really does something for the good of the country. They all have ulterior motives and personal agendas. Doesn't seem to have been many honest men or women around. But that's what makes good drama I'd say.


Fairly engaging despite being a flawed production. Were the battles in The War of the Roses really decided between armies of only a hundred or so men, and a handful of horses? This was my one disconnect. The fighting was all stilted. However the acting was quite good. And despite it not being 100% faithful to the historic telling, it did a pretty good job. Don't be deterred, it was well done.


Great show.A shame it didn't last longer.


Sure, this show is set in the late 1400's and everyone should be walking around with crooked and rotting teeth, living in filth, and diseased ridden instead of this bright and cheerful look at history. Sure, I caught the handicapped ramp that was next to the stairs leading into the castle. Sure, I noticed the steel railing bolted to the brick. But when I turn off that part of my brain then I love the show. LOVE IT.


I have this thing which is that I love watching historical fiction but historical inaccuracy bothers me A LOT. So yeah watch me bitching about how x thing didn't happen or happened differently, but still keep watching nonetheless. It's a contradiction that I've come to accept, and it's the reason why I enjoyed a lot The White Queen, even though it is not very accurate. This mini series it's fast paced and very entertaining . It's all drama, politics, a bit of war (with battles that DEFINETLY could have been better directed and choreographed) and tons of stuff that probably (and surely) didn't happen. Not perfect, nor a favorite of mine (to be honest I wasn't very hooked at the end), but if you like historical fiction for it's drama, setting and pretty dresses, then I think you might enjoy this one as I did (bitching about inaccuracy and all). Lastly, I don't wanna sound like a history nerd, but if you liked the show and were left with curiosity, please consider checking out what actually happened, 'cause ultimately I don't mind historical changes if the final product it's enjoyable but I find worrisome that some people may end up taking a piece of fiction as actual facts.


Not exactly the most historically accurate mini-series out there, but it is based on historical fiction. Regardless, it is very watchable and entertaining. Even if some plot points aren't accurate, I still learned quite a bit about this time period. Only criticism: the main characters weren't aged enough from the beginning to the end. This spans almost 20 years and in the last episode, most characters still around from episode 1 still looked the same. This is just a minor aspect, however, that did not take away my enjoyment of the show.


@zantoto Watched it a couple months ago, and already cant remember anything about it :)


boring ....actors are all robots, no expression, they have no passion, i doubt they ever watched dailies while filming, it gets a little better towards thr end, but not worth watching, they also tried to put too much storyline in the show, but it failed, watch instead the tudors (2007), rome (2005) or War and Peace (2016)



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