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Amazon 2021

A limited anthology series that explores terror in America.

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The 10 Best Episodes of THEM


#1 - DAY 7: NIGHT


Season 1 - Episode 7

Henry goes for a walk. Betty visits George. Hazel visits Lucky. Henry makes a discovery.

The episode was rated from 205 votes.




Season 1 - Episode 6

Lucky does Gracie’s hair. Henry has a beer with a new friend. Ruby tries out. Betty phones a friend.

The episode was rated from 206 votes.

THEM - S1E10

#3 - DAY 10


Season 1 - Episode 10

The house on Palmer Drive.

The episode was rated from 204 votes.


#4 - DAY 9


Season 1 - Episode 8

Marty and Earl have a chat. George makes chicken dinner. Henry and the girls come home.

The episode was rated from 196 votes.


#5 - DAY 1


Season 1 - Episode 1

Welcome to Compton.

The episode was rated from 319 votes.

Season 1 - Episode 5

Helen goes to work. The Emorys leave North Carolina.

The episode was rated from 216 votes.
#7 - DAY 4
Season 1 - Episode 3

Henry surprises the girls. Lucky goes to Hazel’s. Betty makes an impression. Lucky takes the bus.

The episode was rated from 229 votes.
#8 - DAY 6
Season 1 - Episode 4

Lucky visits Helen. Henry gets good news. Ruby and Doris share a secret. Lucky meets Ella Mae.

The episode was rated from 221 votes.
Season 1 - Episode 9

Welcome to Eidolon.

The episode was rated from 208 votes.
#10 - DAY 3
Season 1 - Episode 2

Henry goes to work. Ruby goes to school. Lucky and Gracie go to the hardware store. Lucky bakes a pie.

The episode was rated from 260 votes.

Last updated: oct 22, 2021



The psycho-social horror of "Them" is wrenching, terrifying, and surreally real. It's like "Get Out" mixed with elements of "Beloved," "The Hills Have Eyes," "The Shining," "Carrie," and the opening scenes of HBO's "Watchmen." Despite the Jim Crow-era setting, we all know that the rabid hatred on display here remains part of American life (think of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, George Floyd, etc). The mythical backstory of twisted faith is … suggestive. Warning: Potentially retraumatizing scenes of terrorism, murder, torture, beatings, sexual assault, blackface, microaggressions.


up to episode 5 finding it a bit of a bore think I'm going to knock it on the head. very repetitive. white people being racist & that's about it . there is another scare element to the episodes but I just don't care to much of a drag for my interest


I love THEM for sure


Wow just finally watch the last eps. What a ride this was. I had to watch this like 2 eps at a time b4 I was ready to get the strap. :grin:. The actors did there job on this. But the timing for a picture like this just wasnt a good or it would have got a better reaction.


'Them' bites Jordan Peele's style but it's still pretty good, rather than investing in the trajectory of the story, we're thrown into a state of emotional distress.


What a ride..... With goosebumps and all...


THEM was terrifyingly perfect. Yes, as others have pointed out, it has that Jordan Peele feel written all over it, but that’s not a bad thing. Peele has absolutely created a game changer in intermixing the horror genre and social issues in a way that is profoundly provocative and this particular anthology demonstrates Peele’s influence and brilliance, in my opinion. That said, in no way does this diminish the writers’ own brilliance and creation with this series. It was an excellent call on Amazon to fund it, brilliant casting, fantastic acting. It was entertaining, it was horrifying, it was incredibly sad and yet oddly satisfying all at the same time. Lucky’s last straw, b:asterisk_symbol:tch slap was glorious, the writer’s play on (and appropriately edited) Ruby’s “I wish you would,” had me busting a gut. And it’s moments like those that made this so entertaining for me. It wasn’t just the fact is was a horror anthology (though that played a big part for me), it was how satisfyingly good all these little gems were that was written in and encompassed a family’s reaction to encounters with a social injustice that is undoubtedly a terrible blot on our country’s history; and unfortunately, yes, to a lesser but still just as damaging degree even now — hence why this series was made when it was and others that have preceded it in the past few years. In summation… It perfectly intertwined some of the most poignant, social injustices this country has ever known with a terrifyingly good spin on horror and a mythos well worth sitting through for. Bravo to the entire cast and crew of THEM. You made something that you absolutely can be proud of.


Very good series, very good photography and very good costumes. A very well run drama, and above all a very well constructed and run plot about racism. A touch of terror very well done and that mixes with racism in a very remarkable way. Good cast, this is a highly recommended series.

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