10 Worst Episodes of ThunderCats

The inhabitants of the planet Thundera evacuate just before it is destroyed. They were pursued by a band of mutants. All but one of their escape ships was destroyed. Only a small group of Thunderans (Thundercats) remained. With only half engine power, the group, which was led by Jaga, had to set a course for the nearest planet. Jaga commanded their ship while the other seven were in their stasis tubes. Jaga died on their journey to Third Earth and their ship crashed there. Soon they made friends with various groups in the area and they designed a fortress. Mumm-Ra the centuries-old embodiment of evil, along with the mutants that destroyed the rest of the Thunderans are a constant threat. But Lion-O, the new leader of the Thundercats, with his weapon the "Sword of Omens" will help the Thundercats to have a standing chance.

Written by Sophie and last updated on jan 14, 2023.

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ThunderCats - S1E9

#10 - The Garden of Delights (Season 1 - Episode 9)

While investigating an earthquake, Tygra stumbles across the Garden of Delights and meets a talking plant named Silky, who offers him her fruit. But it turns out that "Silky" is another of Mumm-Ra's disguises and eating the fruit seems to have affected Tygra's mind.

The episode was rated 7.40 from 62 votes.

ThunderCats - S1E19

#9 - Mongor (Season 1 - Episode 19)


Wilykit and Kat accidentally free an ancient monster that was banished to an old shrine centuries ago. The evil monster, Mongor, begins to destroy the planet, and is much stronger than the Thundercats. He captures all the elder Thundercats with his powers. Wilykit and Kat return to the shrine to find a way to destroy him. They report back to Lion-O and tell him that in order to destroy Mongor, he has to fight the monster without looking at it. Lion-O defeats the monster and all is returned to normal.

The episode was rated 7.38 from 37 votes.

ThunderCats - S1E34

#8 - Queen of 8 Legs (Season 1 - Episode 34)

Mumm-Ra finds out that the Kingdom of Webs has a new Queen, Spidera. Mumm-Ra thinks he can lure Lion-O into her lair. He transforms into a diamond fairy and casts a spell on Lion-O. Snarf follows them and gets trapped in the Kingdom of Webs. Lion-O tries to save him but ends up having to call the other Thundercats. Eventually they confront and beat Spidera.

The episode was rated 7.38 from 24 votes.

ThunderCats - S1E8

#7 - The Tower of Traps (Season 1 - Episode 8)


Wilykit and Wilykat try to stop a band of living gargoyles from robbing a Wollo but fail to do so and trail the gargoyles to a nearby Tower. Wilykat is trying force the door open when he suddenly disappears, leaving Wilykit - who was looking for another way in - close to panic. She and Lion-O (alerted by the Sword of Omens) must now brave the Tower's potentially lethal traps in order to rescue Wilykat.

The episode was rated 7.36 from 72 votes.

ThunderCats - S3E3

#6 - ThunderCubs (3) (Season 3 - Episode 3)

Mumm-Ra retrieves the Sword of Plundarr and the Thundercats arrive on New Thundera. While the Thundercats want to get the Sword and treasure, Snarf and Snarfer want to free their fellow snarfs. While the Thundercats sleep, Snarf and Snarfer sneak away, but are discovered and captured by Mumm-Ra. He disguises himself as Snarfer and he leads the Thundercats to where the treasure is located, but it can only be freed by the Sword of Omens. Once the treasure is freed, Mumm-Ra reveals himself and defeats the Thundercats with the Sword of Plundarr. Now Mumm-Ra possesses the Sword of Plundarr and the Treasure of Thundera

The episode was rated 7.36 from 25 votes.

ThunderCats - S1E18

#5 - Spitting Image (Season 1 - Episode 18)


Mumm-Ra creates device that can make Panthro clones. He embeds the spirit of Hammerhand into his clone and sets it free to destroy Third Earth. The Third Earth inhabitants blame the Thundercats for the terror because they think its the real Panthro destroying their villages and burning their crops. The real Panthro finally encounters his clone and, with the help of Lion-O, manages to destroy it. Enraged about his defeat, Hammerhand destroys Mumm-Ra's cloning device.

The episode was rated 7.34 from 38 votes.

ThunderCats - S1E10

#4 - Mandora: The Evil Chaser (Season 1 - Episode 10)

Lion-O and Snarf stumble upon a portable jail cell, and mistakenly open it up. Three of the galaxy's worst villains escape. One of them, a slick thief, manages to steal Lion-O's sword. Lion-O helps Mandora, the inter-stellar police officer that imprisoned the villains, recapture them, and return them to their cells.

The episode was rated 7.29 from 58 votes.

ThunderCats - S3E7

#3 - The Chain of Loyalty (Season 3 - Episode 7)


After looking at the Book of Omens, and seeing a picture of a necklace, Lion-O discovers that there are pictures of the Thundercats on the necklace. Jaga appears to Lion-O and tells him that he is looking at a picture of the Chain of Loyalty. Jaga tells Lion-O that if the chain gets broken, it would cause the Thundercats to turn against each other. In hearing this, Lion-O and the Thundercats (Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara, and the Thunderkittens) set off to Thundera to find the chain. Mumm-ra, eavesdropping on Lion-O through his pool at the pyramid, goes to Thundera, kidnaps and disguises himself as Snarf. When the Thundercats arrive, they split up into groups to find the chain, and Mumm-Ra goes with Lion-O and the Thunderkittens. Lion-O's group finds the chain and Mumm-Ra gets it, breaks it, and returns to his true form. For a while, the Thundercats, except Lion-O, fight against each other until Lion-O uses the sword of Omens, which magically puts the necklace back together. Mumm-ra is def

The episode was rated 7.23 from 22 votes.

ThunderCats - S4E14

#2 - Ma-Mutt's Confusion (Season 4 - Episode 14)

Mumm-Ra has a new device, the Babylonian Barbarian Boiler, that he plans to use on Cats Lair. Ma-Mutt fools around too much and Mumm-Ra banishes him from the Pyramid. Later, the Thunderkittens, Snarf, and Snarfer bring Ma-Mutt back to Cats Lair and then Mumm-Ra fires the Boiler's beam at the Lair, which causes it to start melting. Snarfer makes a communicating device (because Ma-Mutt was trying to tell them about the beam), so they can understand Ma-Mutt. Ma-Mutt starts telling them of the Boiler, but Mumm-Ra sees this and through the Cauldron's magic brings Ma-Mutt back to the Pyramid. Then the ThunderCats construct a giant Light-Shield and use it to protect the Lair, but Mumm-Ra just boosts the power on the Boiler, destroying the Shield. Lion-O uses the Cat Signal to push back the beam, which causes the Boiler to explode, and the Signal restores Cats Lair. Mumm-Ra, who was lonely without Ma-Mutt, welcomes his dog back to the pyramid

The episode was rated 7.22 from 18 votes.

ThunderCats - S1E25

#1 - Snarf Takes Up the Challenge (Season 1 - Episode 25)


Nearly all the Thundercats have been captured by the Mutants and imprisoned in Mumm-Ra's Pyramid, forcing Snarf to use his own talents to free them.

The episode was rated 7.17 from 29 votes.

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