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BBC One 2006

The exploits a team of people whose job is to investigate the unusual, the strange and the extraterrestrial.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Torchwood

Torchwood - S3E4

#1 - Day Four


Season 3 - Episode 4

Torchwood finally learns the truth about the events of 1965. But Britain is in danger of becoming a rogue state, and everything now pivots around John Frobisher, as the Ambassador of the 456 destroys its old allegiances and reveals its true intent.

The episode was rated from 293 votes.

Torchwood - S3E5

#2 - Day Five


Season 3 - Episode 5

Torchwood is defenceless, and Gwen Cooper stands alone, as the final sanction begins. As violence erupts and the world descends into anarchy, an ordinary council estate becomes a battleground where the future of the human race will be decided.

The episode was rated from 283 votes.

Torchwood - S4E10

#3 - The Blood Line


Season 4 - Episode 10

As the Torchwood team launch a final, desperate mission against the seemingly undefeatable Three Families, they realize it may come down to the ultimate sacrifice.

The episode was rated from 287 votes.

Torchwood - S3E2

#4 - Day Two


Season 3 - Episode 2

Torchwood are forced underground, as the government takes swift and brutal action. With members of the team being hunted down, only Lois holds the key to Torchwood's salvation - but she is helpless as her superiors make plans for the mysterious Floor 13.

The episode was rated from 277 votes.

Torchwood - S2E13

#5 - Exit Wounds


Season 2 - Episode 13

Captain John Hart returns to wreak havoc upon Jack's world, who ends up getting captured. It is up to the Torchwood team to rescue him and save the city.

The episode was rated from 245 votes.

Torchwood - S3E3
#6 - Day Three
Season 3 - Episode 3

The eyes of the world turn to Britain, as the 456 announce, 'We are here'. As a pillar of fire descends upon London, the members of Torchwood must battle to protect their own families, as the fight gets personal. But will Clem's memories destroy everything?

The episode was rated from 281 votes.
Torchwood - S4E5
#7 - The Categories of Life
Season 4 - Episode 5

Torchwood goes undercover and discovers the terrible truth behind the Miracle. The enemy is closing in, and death is about to make a shocking return.

The episode was rated from 287 votes.
Torchwood - S3E1
#8 - Day One
Season 3 - Episode 1

At 8.45am, every child in the world suddenly stops, chanting the words "we are coming" again and again. Whilst investigating, the remaining Torchwood team face greater personal and professional challenges than ever before, having to work with their numbers depleted.

The episode was rated from 299 votes.
Torchwood - S4E9
#9 - The Gathering
Season 4 - Episode 9

With the whole world in recession, a defeated Torchwood team take their last chance and make a deal with the devil.

The episode was rated from 268 votes.
Torchwood - S2E12
#10 - Fragments
Season 2 - Episode 12

As the team are knocked unconscious we find out how Jack, Toshiko, Ianto and Owen were initiated into Torchwood.

The episode was rated from 243 votes.

Last updated: may 06, 2022



This show is very unbalanced. Some episodes are utter shit, while other are very polished and well filmed. This is true both for the UK version and the new Starz + BBC version. Only exception is season 3 which was pretty intense from the beginning to the finale.


They are taking 2012 off of production but with the promise that Jack will be Back.


First Season is hit or miss. Second Season is a bit more consistent and overall pretty enjoyable. Third Season is some of the best stuff produced in the Doctor Who Universe. Fourth Season is way too long and has a very shitty ending.


the only series worth watching is s03 imho. series 1 and 2 are ok. they are a less than average "monster-of-the-week" type show. most of them are mediocre at best. the stories are rather uninteresting and the acting isnt that great. i dont even know what to say about s04. it was a train wreck. torchwood visits america during health reform directed by michael bay is perhaps the best way to describe it. s03 was pretty solid. good story, good writing, and the acting was a lot more put together. i really didnt know what to expect going into this show but the jack harkness character so intrigued me on doctor who that i wanted to see it. total let down. lemme see: a pansexual, immortal man from the future who investigates aliens. SO many places they could have gone with him. they shied away from just about every single one. after the first few episodes i was willing to watch just for the jack eyecandy and to live vicariously through his sexcapades, but those werent even interesting. capt kirk had a more varied sexual portfolio than this character who frequently mentions his openness to unique sexual experiences. barrowmans performance at most points was just absurd. he was relying on his 51st century pheromones most of the time, but they totally needed to sell that more to make it work. so idk if he as an actor only has the one trick and the writing didnt back him up. or perhaps that ws the direction they gave him and it just failed. i thought that eventually they would sink into their roles and things would flow a little better. while s03 wasnt perfect by any means, it did prove that they could do something good. if the acting/writting had started off at that level they would have had a fine damn show. the way jack was written was not strong enough to carry the show. i think i was most impressed with tosh, the actor and the character. she was the least bad. and series 04. *sigh* i think that there could be whole theses written on it and yet there are no words. it failed on so many levels. if i wanted to see crime drama taking place in america ill watch american tv. seriously. one of the draws of foreign television is the foreignness of it. oh look the crazy brits come to america and drive on the wrong side of the road. ha ha. oh look the brits have different words for things than we do. ha ha. next, the overwhelming political themes. seriously? i realize this is a show that can tackle some political issues. i thought s03 handled them ok. you knew the message was there but i didnt feel battered over the head with them. too many more things to list. was really irritating. only really watched it cos i had "come this far" might as well power through it. background noise, absolutely nothing else to watch or out of some feeling of needing to have it on your resume (kinda where i was) are the only reasons you should watch this.


Good show that made up from 3 season. WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT THIS. THERE WAS NO SEASON 4 OF THE TORCHWOOD. But seriously yanks, stay away from brit shows.


How can anyone like season 3? It's content for max. two episodes blown up to 5. Season 4 was ok, but I don't need another one like that. And why is the show marked as "This show has ended"?


IMHO this is an awesome tv show, even through beginning seems weird and a bit stupid. It's like doctor who, becomes better each season, but less interesting at the beginning.


Fantastic show that dipped with Miracle Day due to the major American involvement. Hopefully Series Five (whenever it finally arrives) fixes this problem!


It really IS just a spin off. Got a bit too many 'meh' moments. Good enough if you're in for brainless entertainment.


Episodes range from dumb to superb, but they're always interesting. Peaks in Season 3.

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