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Trial & Error

Trial & Error

NBC 2017

A bright-eyed New York lawyer takes his first big case defending an eccentric poetry professor accused of murdering his wife.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Trial & Error

Trial & Error - S1E13

#1 - The Verdict


Season 1 - Episode 13

The trial is over and the verdict is finally announced. A key piece of evidence is found that answers the question, "Who killed Margaret Henderson".

The episode was rated from 454 votes.

Trial & Error - S1E12

#2 - The Defense Rests


Season 1 - Episode 12

As Josh focuses on making his final case before closing arguments, he takes a huge gamble by putting Larry on the stand. Despite hiring the best witness coach in the South to train him, Larry's testimony leads to a shocking discovery about Larry's past that may be too difficult to overcome.

The episode was rated from 456 votes.

Trial & Error - S1E5

#3 - Right-Hand Man


Season 1 - Episode 5

A new piece of evidence emerges that leads Josh an unlikely, and dangerous, new suspect: Larry's brother-in-law, Jeremiah Jefferson Davis. Meanwhile, the case takes another turn when the search for the murder weapon leads Dwayne to find a dismembered human arm.

The episode was rated from 547 votes.

Trial & Error - S2E9

#4 - A Big Break


Season 2 - Episode 9

Josh and his team continue to find themselves at literal dead ends in their casework until they unearth game-changing evidence with the help of Jesse Ray Beaumont. Meanwhile, in court, Carol Anne tries to finish the case before she has the baby.

The episode was rated from 159 votes.

Trial & Error - S2E10

#5 - Barcelona


Season 2 - Episode 10

As Jesse Ray Beaumont's trial begins, the team struggles to keep him under control while they discover more of Lavinia's secrets. Now that the baby is born and awaiting the DA election results, Carol Anne discovers who is the baby's father.

The episode was rated from 154 votes.

Trial & Error - S1E11

#6 - Unusual Suspect


Season 1 - Episode 11

After the prosecution presents its case for 28 grueling days, Josh's defense suffers a major setback when Summer turns into a suspect. When Larry forbids Josh from putting Summer on the stand, Josh must decide how much he's willing to sacrifice to get Larry his freedom.

The episode was rated from 436 votes.

Trial & Error - S1E8

#7 - A Change in Defense


Season 1 - Episode 8

With the trial now getting national attention, Josh's boss, Mr. Mankiewicz has decided to take over the case, throwing the team into turmoil. Meanwhile, when Mankiewicz suggests Larry plead insanity, Josh and Carol Anne Keane must work together to convince Larry to stand trial.

The episode was rated from 491 votes.

Trial & Error - S2E7

#8 - A Family Affair


Season 2 - Episode 7

With Jesse Ray Beaumont's retrial looming, the team looks into Lavinia's past to gain fresh insight into the case.

The episode was rated from 155 votes.

Trial & Error - S1E6

#9 - Secrets & Lies


Season 1 - Episode 6

As Josh focuses on his new suspect, Larry insists on taking a lie-detector test to help prove his innocence, but the results drop a bombshell on the case and the family. Dwayne briefly becomes a hometown celebrity as the man who found an arm in the lake, and the team gets a surprising new benefactor.

The episode was rated from 515 votes.

Trial & Error - S1E7

#10 - The Case Gets Big


Season 1 - Episode 7

As Josh prepares for trial, his boss, Mr. Mankiewicz comes down from New York to check up on him and reveals a gigantic hole in Josh's case. Meanwhile, Larry, unsettled by his rift with his daughter and Josh's boss being in town, takes matters into his own hands, with deadly consequences.

The episode was rated from 511 votes.

Trial & Error - S1E10
#11 - A Hostile Jury
Season 1 - Episode 10

Josh tries to show the hostile jury the real Larry when they visit the crime scene inside the Henderson home before they hear the devastating testimony of Larry's former lover, Alfonzo. Meanwhile, Anne and Dwayne search for Margaret's missing cell phone.

The episode was rated from 455 votes.
Trial & Error - S1E9
#12 - Opening Statements
Season 1 - Episode 9

As the trial officially begins, Josh's strategy of painting another suspect as the murderer takes a crucial blow. Meanwhile, Anne and Dwayne investigate why Larry's former lover, Alfonzo, isn't on the prosecution's witness list.

The episode was rated from 458 votes.
Trial & Error - S1E4
#13 - An Unwelcome Distraction
Season 1 - Episode 4

When the new suspect turns up in a coma, Josh becomes sidetracked trying to solve this crime, eventually becoming a suspect himself. Meanwhile, prosecutor Carol Anne Keane presents the autopsy report, which reveals Larry's wife was struck by a blunt object, leading to a frantic search for the murder weapon.

The episode was rated from 590 votes.
Trial & Error - S2E1
#14 - The Suitcase
Season 2 - Episode 1

Josh Segal and Associates get their first case - Defending Lavinia Peck-Foster, the eccentric first lady of East Peck, who was found with her husband Edgar's corpse in a suitcase in her trunk.

The episode was rated from 222 votes.
Trial & Error - S2E4
#15 - A Hole in the Case
Season 2 - Episode 4

As the trial begins, Josh and his team experience some hiccups in proving Lavinia's innocence; Carol Anne argues to test the timeline herself, leading them to uncover a hidden passageway on Lavinia's property.

The episode was rated from 182 votes.
Trial & Error - S2E2
#16 - The Timeline
Season 2 - Episode 2

When Judge Kamiltow rules that Lavinia must stand trial for the murder of her husband, Josh and the team try to poke holes in the prosecution's timeline.

The episode was rated from 198 votes.
Trial & Error - S2E8
#17 - Bad Instincts
Season 2 - Episode 8

Josh struggles with his defense for Jesse Ray Beaumont; Dwayne enjoys his new life as a Peck.

The episode was rated from 152 votes.
Trial & Error - S2E5
#18 - A Change in the Team
Season 2 - Episode 5

Dwayne testifies on the prosecution's behalf and dismantles the timeline they established; Lavinia pressures Josh to fire Dwayne; Dwayne redeems himself when he stumbles on a big break in the case.

The episode was rated from 173 votes.
Trial & Error - S2E3
#19 - The Murder Clock
Season 2 - Episode 3

Josh's team continues to hunt for the potential murder weapon that would seal their timeline; the case takes a dramatic turn as their search leads them to two new suspects and some shocking news about Lavinia.

The episode was rated from 182 votes.
Trial & Error - S1E2
#20 - A Wrench in the Case
Season 1 - Episode 2

In trying to find an alternate theory to Larry throwing his wife through the window, Josh and his team discover another man's DNA in the bedroom, possibly leading to another suspect. Meanwhile, Josh is concerned about Larry's lack of emotion about the murder and his strange obsession with a skate wrench.

The episode was rated from 776 votes.

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Cute so far. It does have the Parks and Rec/Office mocumentary style, lighthearted comedy, and Jim-esque looks to the camera. The main character is a pretty good middle ground between Leslie Knope and Jim Halpert (the obvious foreparents to Josh, our main character). The only question is whether this has enough uniqueness to pave its own ground outside its Parks and Rec shell. So far, I love the character work here of John Lithgow and Sherri Shepherd the most! I predict that this will be a show that slumps in the middle of season one, but builds to a delightful second season. And I will keep tuning in because I'm so invested in seeing what new "beautiful" silly artwork Anne will faint at next (cat food commercial? child's chalk drawing? her own doodles?!) or if Dwayne ever visits his namesake shop Duane Reed.

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