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The adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok, the greatest hero of his age. The series tells the sagas of Ragnar's band of Viking brothers and his family, as he rises to become King of the Viking tribes. As well as being a fearless warrior, Ragnar embodies the Norse traditions of devotion to the gods. Legend has it that he was a direct descendant of Odin, the god of war and warriors.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Vikings

Vikings - S6E12

#1 - TBA


Season 6 - Episode 12

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Vikings from 0 votes.

Vikings - S6E13

#2 - TBA


Season 6 - Episode 13

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Vikings from 0 votes.

Vikings - S6E14

#3 - TBA


Season 6 - Episode 14

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Vikings from 0 votes.

Vikings - S6E15

#4 - TBA


Season 6 - Episode 15

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Vikings from 0 votes.

Vikings - S6E16

#5 - TBA


Season 6 - Episode 16

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Vikings from 0 votes.

Vikings - S6E17

#6 - TBA


Season 6 - Episode 17

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of Vikings from 0 votes.

Vikings - S6E18

#7 - TBA


Season 6 - Episode 18

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of Vikings from 0 votes.

Vikings - S6E19

#8 - TBA


Season 6 - Episode 19

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of Vikings from 0 votes.

Vikings - S6E20

#9 - TBA


Season 6 - Episode 20

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of Vikings from 0 votes.

Vikings - S5E17

#10 - The Most Terrible Thing


Season 5 - Episode 17

An unexpected turn amongst the settlers leaves Floki powerless. King Alfred confronts Judith. In York, Bjorn must strike a deal with Harald. Wessex is once again threatened by a Viking force, but who will lead the Saxon army to defend the Realm?

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of Vikings from 2402 votes.

Vikings - S6E5
#11 - The Key
Season 6 - Episode 5

As Norway’s Kings and Jarls arrive at Harald’s territory for the election of the King of all Norway, Olaf is certain of the result, however it may not go as smoothly as he believes. Lagertha’s village is anxious in anticipation of another attack and she is relieved when Gunnhild arrives with re-enforcements. In Kiev, Igor and Ivar engage in subterfuge and Ivar is stunned when he encounters a ghost from his past.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Vikings from 1869 votes.

Vikings - S5E14
#12 - The Lost Moment
Season 5 - Episode 14

As the celebrations for Ivar continue in Kattegat, grief hits Iceland, and Floki must now make a fated decision. Harald's army approaches Wessex. A conspiracy grows against King Alfred in Court.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Vikings from 2564 votes.

Vikings - S6E2
#13 - The Prophet
Season 6 - Episode 2

Messengers arrive in Kattegat with news that present Bjorn with a dilemma. As Bjorn tries to do the right thing, Prince Oleg of Kiev seems untroubled by his conscience. Lagertha settles into her new peaceful life, but danger is nearby.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Vikings from 1974 votes.

Vikings - S6E1
#14 - New Beginnings
Season 6 - Episode 1

Six months after the battle of Kattegat and Bjorn is now the king. As he struggles with the responsibilities of kingship, he finds he can’t rely on his mother, who has other plans. Ivar falls into the hands of Kievan Rus and may have finally met his match. Intrigued by Ivar’s claim to be a god, Oleg decides to put him through a test.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Vikings from 2124 votes.

Vikings - S5E18
#15 - Baldur
Season 5 - Episode 18

Hvitserk is severely tested. Floki makes an amazing discovery. Freydis gives Ivar a surprise. Ubbe negotiates with the three Danish Kings that have massed their armies in Reading, but the negotiations may have a perilous outcome.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Vikings from 2446 votes.

Vikings - S1E1
#16 - Rites of Passage
Season 1 - Episode 1

In 8th century Scandinavia, Ragnar Lothbrok is a warrior and a farmer who dreams of finding riches by bucking the tradition of raiding to the east. Ragnar has been working in secret on a project that will turn the Viking world on its head. But first Ragnar must convince the leader of his community, the powerful Earl Haraldson, who is none too happy to share in the renown that this journey could bring to Ragnar if it's successful.

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of Vikings from 8077 votes.

Vikings - S5E13
#17 - A New God
Season 5 - Episode 13

Heahmund must try to convince King Alfred that his actions are in defense of the Crown. Ubbe and Torvi strengthen the position of the Vikings but not all in the Viking camp support their strategy. Another settler disappears in Iceland.

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of Vikings from 2664 votes.

Vikings - S6E3
#18 - Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs
Season 6 - Episode 3

Lagertha is visited by women from nearby villages and they feast together happily, however the community is shattered by shocking events. In Kiev, Oleg continues to be friendly to Ivar who is aware of the threat he poses not only to himself, but also to the young heir of the throne. Bjorn has answered the call and comes to the aid of an old enemy, but all is not right as disaster looms for his forces.

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of Vikings from 1920 votes.

Vikings - S6E9
#19 - Resurrection
Season 6 - Episode 9

Ubbe and Torvi meet a mysterious wanderer in Iceland. Bjorn is forced to reconsider who his enemies are when Erik returns from a scouting mission with some worrying information. Ivar is reunited with someone close to him.

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of Vikings from 1764 votes.

Vikings - S6E8
#20 - Valhalla Can Wait
Season 6 - Episode 8

Bjorn faces a difficult decision. In search of new lands and old friends, Ubbe and Torvi leave Kattegat. Oleg’s plans for the invasion of Scandinavia are taking shape. King Harald is baffled by the origin of a mysterious raiding party.

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of Vikings from 1823 votes.

Last updated: mar 04, 2021



I'm so in love with this series! I love viking history and mythology and this show was great in represent all this. I really hope that gets more seasons!


great series, vikings were look at before but never to this depth if you like or are curious for vikings watch it!


I've always thought there was never enough good Viking movies/shows.. talk about a great piece of history. I don't anyone could have explained -how to be Ragnar- Travis just does it and it's brilliant and funny. His expressions alone can entertain me more then anything. Very well put together, acted, scripted, and (though a bit askew) good history in it. Thanks to all for making me appreciate the people who make this show. They have done it. I'm there with them and I love it. I love to spread the Viking world of Ragnar.. and I have. Your welcome.


Started off well and was good for the first 2 season... getting very tedious and stupid by season 3... can't believe I'm still watching it in season 5 cause I'm not even interested in the characters or the 'plot' anymore.


I loved S1 and S2 and then it took a long time to get through season 3 and I knew Ragnar was dead for me... as sad as it sounds I think this would have worked much better as a mini series instead of stretching it out and rehash the same things over and over. Maybe I come back one day for Season 4.... but then again, I rather keep Ragnar from S1 and 2 than having to face mediocrity.


I finally watched the whole series (so far) and this is my comment for all seasons and episodes: who writes these [spoiler]shit [/spoiler]? I liked the history and mythology, until they started twisting it. I like the battles and the music that goes along. No comments there. The actors? Come on. Hand-picked for their muscles and their looks. Barely believable. With some exception I won't bother mentioning. All in all I enjoy watching the show. What I don't enjoy are the endless scenes of supposed poetic beauty, the pretentious anachronisms, the jumps in story-telling, the twisted timeline, the foretold deaths, the prophecies, the inner turmoils, the silly characterization.... It's poor. It has been all along and no-one seems to know how to fix it. The biggest burden of the show must be its success. They did stupid things from day one, but people still accepted and followed the show, and instead of using that chance to get better story-telling, they kept re-iterating their teenager targeting plots, as if they were masterpieces. Nothing was new or original in Season 4. It seems they said all that was to be said, in Seasons 1-3 and then got renewed and went back to the previous seasons trying desperately to dig the stories to bring to life: [spoiler]the same siege, the same brotherly betrayal, Floki's clinging to the past, more betrayals, Harbard, Lagertha's mishaps, child-births and christian woes .. [/spoiler] Nothing original. And they wasted a whole lot of time in utter nonsense, then rushed things in the last episode, then decided to prepare for the next season with what was probably improvisation from Mr.Fimmel [spoiler] as I can imagine anyone writing his speech in paper and getting it approved as a final scene [/spoiler]. All the great scenery and costumes and hairdos and boats... all wasted in the hands of obviously young, overconfident and ignorant writers. If money and ratings is all that counts, then maybe they've succeeded. But if the final product and its filming legacy counts for anything, then they have failed and they did tremendously. When you can write a summary of an episode in 10 words or less, that's a hollow episode, visually appealing maybe, but not at all profound. My guess for next Season? Whichever actor/actress is favorite of the viewers and willing to keep the same salary will miraculously be alive. The rest, will be written off in one sentence or less. There will be cameos for the reunion-junkies. [spoiler]Then they will prepare for the Mediterranean [/spoiler]. At least 2 or 3 episodes will be wasted in Kattergat with silly plots introduced in that same season only to be resolved in the next episode. Some events will be foretold, probably in an intense drug-induced frenzy with ominous music. New characters will appear, become prominent, overshadow everything, then die tragically, or not. One good fight mid-season, one in the finale. And in-between the never-aging Ragnar will fight the same inner daemons, restate his bro-mance with the over-played [spoiler] and long dead [/spoiler] Athelstan and try to be the leader he hasn't been since Season 1. Mixed with some Wessex and Paris stories to keep the filming budget under control, we'll conclude the series with endless scenes of everyone saying goodbyes to everyone mostly through long stares and 'don't you die on me' moments... I'm so disappointed. I hate not being 16 years old, for I cannot enjoy any of that. And I really wanted to.


Cool show but it gets more and more uninteresting since Ragnar died


I only started watching this recently. And now that I've reached the beginning of S5 I have already decided to pull out. I loved the first two season, they were an easy 10 for me. The third was exceptable to watch but the forth killed the show for me. Stupid side-plots that lead nowhere were implemented just to fill the extended season. Characters were killed for no apparent reason and those killings, for the most part, did nothing for the plot - they were just gone. For me, this show lived through and from its characters. And those who are left don't interest me any more. From one episode to the next I was sying to myself "watch another, maybe it's getting better". Not happening. Still, not awful, it just doesn't interest me any longer. I've seen what I needed to see. They promised the show would be better in S5 but I for one am not buying in any longer.


Sing it with me kids!!!...ohhhhhhh...burning....and pillaging...and raping and destroying... oh drink your booze and sharper your sword, let's kill some shit before we get bored ohhhhhh burning....aaaaand pullaging... raping and destroying wooooo


Reel it back in History channel, the current storyline is not enjoyable. You killed off all of the best characters, and replaced them with younger less interesting versions.

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