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Wednesday 2022


Wednesday Addams is sent to Nevermore Academy, a bizarre boarding school where she attempts to master her psychic powers, stop a monstrous killing spree of the town citizens, and solve the supernatural mystery that affected her family 25 years ago — all while navigating her new relationships.
Wednesday - Season 1
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love,love,love better renew 4 to 5 seasons


Really enjoyed the series. It's probably one of the best Netflix shows I've watched. The story was really good pretty much from the start. We were hooked trying to figure out who the monster was. I also liked that they didn't do the normal and try throwing in some CW love triangle that ruins the entire show.


This Show sucks don't waste your time. I mean seriously so pridictable that tyler was the hyde and the normal teacher was the sister of the guy Gomez supposedly killed. I mean even ray charles saw that coming.


What an absolute breath of fresh air this show is! Loved it! Jenna's performance is superb, and the way its integrated into modern society works very well. What a shame there are only 8 episodes, I could easily sit through another 8 :grin:


:heart:x7 Wow! does Ortega have some serious acting chops or was it CGI? I'd swear she did not blink a single time during the entire season. Since this is a Tim Burton production do not expect a light-hearted comedy. The first episode did feel almost like the original TV show some 60 years ago. But then it evolved into more of a 21st century teen-angst drama mystery. I'm not saying the either one is a good or a bad thing - it's just how it is. I enjoyed the show very much and am looking forward to more. How I rate: 1-3 :heart: = seriously! don't waste your time 4-6 :heart: = you may or may not enjoy this 7-8 :heart: = I expect you will like this too 9-10 :heart: = movies and TV shows I really love!


This will destroy Rob Zombie’s Munsters. If only Burton did that as well. The casting gets knocked already. Jenna Ortega sold me from the trailer. Especially when she dances like her neck is broken in one scene, perfect lol. Luis Guzman’s casting gets knocked the most. I did complain as well until I saw him next to a cartoon version of Gomez. He’s definitely not supposed to be as good looking as Raul Julia’s. Though Raul’s was fantastic due to his energy. Just disappointing that it doesn’t appear that Lurch and Fester have been cast or in it.

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