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Young Justice

Young Justice

HBO Max 2010

Teenage superheroes strive to prove themselves as members of the Justice League.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Young Justice

Young Justice - S1E26

#1 - Auld Acquaintance


Season 1 - Episode 26

The Team finally learns the identity of the traitor in their midst, forcing a battle against an enemy more dangerous than any they’ve ever faced before!

The episode was rated #1 Best episode of Young Justice from 396 votes.

Young Justice - S2E20

#2 - Endgame


Season 2 - Episode 20

June 20: The council of Rimbor has finally made its decision and declares the Justice League to be guilty. Superboy and Miss Martian show up with new evidence, but are told that it is too late. Back on Earth, Aqualad and Blue and Green Beetle take on Black Beetle on board the Reach ship. Black Beetle destroys Green's scarab, but Blue destroys Black's. However, he learns that Black Beetle has set an endgame in motion. Back on Rimbor, the council reconvenes and after some persuading, agree to reassess the case, and eventually release the League. Around the world, twenty Reach devices begin to damage the Earth's magnetic field, causing various types of natural disasters. Every hero is called in to split into teams of two, each duo carrying one of twenty devices provided by Lex Luthor that will shut down the machines. They succeed, but Jamie discovers a twenty-first machine in the Arctic. Flash and Impulse arrive to find that it has already gone into "chrysalis" mode and will soon destroy Earth; the two, directed by Luthor, use their speed to create a vortex that draws off the device's energy but need a further boost in order to succeed. They are soon joined by Kid Flash, but Wally's slower speed makes him a target for stray energy discharges which apparently cause him to disintegrate. The machine is shut down and Flash tells a distraught Artemis that Wally said he loved her before vanishing. The Justice League arrive back on Earth to be greeted by the Team, who inform them of Wally's disappearance. July 4: The world is finally free of the Reach, who are set to face trial for their actions. G. Gordon Godfrey starts campaigning for Lex Luthor to replace the now-resigned Secretary General Tseng, much to Superman's dismay. Impulse honors Wally's wishes by taking on the mantle of Kid Flash, and Artemis rejoins the team as Tigress. Virgil joins the Team as Static, romance blossoms between Robin and Wonder Girl as Superboy and Miss Martian begin to patch up their own relatio

The episode was rated #2 Best episode of Young Justice from 436 votes.

Young Justice - S1E25

#3 - Usual Suspects


Season 1 - Episode 25

The Team gets a new member and a new mission – a mission that may finally expose all the Team’s secrets... and all their lies!

The episode was rated #3 Best episode of Young Justice from 385 votes.

Young Justice - S2E19

#4 - Summit


Season 2 - Episode 19

June 19: The Light call a summit with the Reach to discuss how their plans are advancing. As the tensions between the two groups begin to come to the fore, Ra's al Ghul notices the glamour charm on Tigress's neck and exposes her as Artemis, leading Deathstroke to execute both her and Kaldur. However, a hologram of Aqualad then plays which reveals to the Reach the extent of the Light's manipulations, leaving their alliance in tatters. Aqualad and Artemis suddenly rise, and as 'Deathstroke' turns out to be a disguised Miss Martian, the Team and Kid Flash make their entrance, leading to an all-out battle. In the midst of the chaos, the Reach ambassador and the Brain are captured, while Aqualad defeats Black Manta and Black Beetle mortally wounds Ra's al Ghul. However, Ubu rescues Ra's (pledging that he will be revived), Black Beetle escapes with the Reach Scientist, and Vandal Savage summons Klarion to elude the Team. In the aftermath of the battle, Nightwing insists that Aqualad take over leadership of the Team, while Savage ousts the League from the War World by defeating Black Lightning, Black Canary and Captain Marvel; then uses it to flee into space. On Earth, the League present the public with proof of the Reach's duplicity, and Black Beetle assumes control of the alien fleet, swearing to destroy the Earth now that it is of no further use to them and before the Green Lantern Corps and Guardians of the Universe arrive.

The episode was rated #4 Best episode of Young Justice from 391 votes.

Young Justice - S2E7

#5 - Depths


Season 2 - Episode 7

Artemis rejoins the team to defend a critical satellite launch. But will her first mission back also be her last?

The episode was rated #5 Best episode of Young Justice from 398 votes.

Young Justice - S1E16

#6 - Failsafe


Season 1 - Episode 16

When the Justice League is defeated during an alien invasion, the Team has to step up and fill their mentors shoes.

The episode was rated #6 Best episode of Young Justice from 412 votes.

Young Justice - S1E19

#7 - Misplaced


Season 1 - Episode 19

When every adult on the planet disappears, only the team, Zatanna, and Billy Batson are left to defeat the five most powerful sorcerers on Earth. In the end, Zatanna officialy joins the team and Zatara becomes the new Doctor Fate.

The episode was rated #7 Best episode of Young Justice from 401 votes.

Young Justice - S1E20

#8 - Coldhearted


Season 1 - Episode 20

Wally West comes oh-so-close to fulfilling his birthday wish to finally fight alongside the Justice League. Instead, a massively disappointed Kid Flash is taken off the mission and tasked with a simple delivery job. But a few deadly surprises await the birthday boy along the way.

The episode was rated #8 Best episode of Young Justice from 400 votes.

Young Justice - S1E14

#9 - Revelation


Season 1 - Episode 14

When Plant Creatures attack major cities around the world, the team is eager to join the fight alongside the Justice League. Instead, Batman assigns them a still more dangerous task - taking out the plants' masters: a secret society of super- villains: the Injustice League!

The episode was rated #9 Best episode of Young Justice from 430 votes.

Young Justice - S3E26

#10 - Nevermore


Season 3 - Episode 26

Things come full circle as the team and the Outsiders return to Markovia for a final confrontation.

The episode was rated #10 Best episode of Young Justice from 214 votes.

Young Justice - S1E12
#11 - Homefront
Season 1 - Episode 12

When Mount Justice itself is attacked, can Artemis and Robin (the two teens without super-powers) save the Team (or even themselves) from the unknown invaders?

The episode was rated #1 Best episode of Young Justice from 447 votes.

Young Justice - S2E6
#12 - Bloodlines
Season 2 - Episode 6

An intruder mysteriously appears inside Mount Justice, claiming to be a tourist from the future. But who is he really? And what is his true agenda?

The episode was rated #2 Best episode of Young Justice from 411 votes.

Young Justice - S1E9
#13 - Bereft
Season 1 - Episode 9

Young Justice discovers that they have forgotten the last six months of their lives, including each other and a final fateful mission in Bialya. The team turns to Miss Martian to recover their memories, before it is too late for Superboy.

The episode was rated #3 Best episode of Young Justice from 450 votes.

Young Justice - S2E10
#14 - Before the Dawn
Season 2 - Episode 10

On a covert mission to rescue some of its own, The Team, Blue Beetle and Miss Martian uncover shocking secrets... and devastating truths!

The episode was rated #4 Best episode of Young Justice from 362 votes.

Young Justice - S1E21
#15 - Image
Season 1 - Episode 21

A covert operation against Queen Bee in Qurac forces Miss Martian to finally face her greatest fears and her biggest secrets. But will she reveal those secrets to her friends—or allow what she's hiding to take down the entire team?

The episode was rated #5 Best episode of Young Justice from 383 votes.

Young Justice - S1E10
#16 - Targets
Season 1 - Episode 10

Red Arrow is on his own against the world's most dangerous assassins in preventing the League of Shadows from starting a war, until he is forced to make an unlikely alliance with someone even more dangerous. Aqualad fails to convince Red Arrow to ask the team for help.

The episode was rated #6 Best episode of Young Justice from 421 votes.

Young Justice - S3E24
#17 - Into the Breach
Season 3 - Episode 24

The Outsiders make a final attempt to save Halo -- and the galaxy.

The episode was rated #7 Best episode of Young Justice from 234 votes.

Young Justice - S2E17
#18 - The Hunt
Season 2 - Episode 17

May 27: Black Beetle laments the setbacks that the Reach have suffered, such as the loss of most of their fleet, while on another part of the War World, Arsenal continues to flee from the Reach's forces. May 29: Lex Luthor encourages the runaways to rescue the Team from the Reach, and provides them with a Father Box which transports them to the War World. The Reach scientist informs the ambassador of this new development, and he becomes further disgruntled when he appears on G. Gordon Godfrey's show only to be taken to task about his blatant lie concerning the Reach only having the one ship. May 30: Nightwing and Miss Martian revisit the site of the Team's abduction, where they are met by Sphere. The Father Box directs the runaways to the captive Team members, with Arsenal on their tail as well after catching sight of them. When Black Beetle attacks the runaways, Roy intervenes and manages to free Mongul in the ensuing battle. As Mongul takes on Black Beetle, all of the heroes meet up and make their escape, but not before Deathstroke uses the confusion to snatch the key to the War World. Bumblebee alerts Nightwing to Arsenal's reckless behavior in the confrontation with Blue Beetle, resulting in Nightwing kicking Roy off the Team. The runaways offer him an olive branch and they return to their hideout, where Arsenal learns that they work for Lex Luthor and manages to turn them against him upon Luthor admitting being a party to the theft of the War World key. The four youths decide to end their deal with Luthor and depart with Arsenal.

The episode was rated #8 Best episode of Young Justice from 361 votes.

Young Justice - S1E15
#19 - Humanity
Season 1 - Episode 15

The team is on the hunt for Red Tornado, determined to find out once and for all whether the robot was the mole - even if it means kidnapping new friend Zatanna and dragging her along on their quest!

The episode was rated #9 Best episode of Young Justice from 414 votes.

Young Justice - S1E24
#20 - Performance
Season 1 - Episode 24

The Team goes undercover at the Haly International Traveling Circus to locate a thief stealing weapons technology across Europe. But a thief isn’t all they find…

The episode was rated #10 Best episode of Young Justice from 382 votes.

Last updated: apr 16, 2021



This is perhaps the best DC series I've seen, animated OR live action. Going in, I'd assumed that I would be getting a "decent" or "good" show at best, but I'd assumed wrong and was pleasantly surprised to find that, despite being a project intended for younger audiences, the darker and more "mature" themes make it an enjoyable show for just about everyone. In just a few (three, to be exact) days' time, I've breezed through the entire first season. Yes, it's that good. Young Justice is an adaptation with twists and changes and combinations—and that many ingredients usually calls for a mess, but it was carefully and beautifully crafted, turning a could-be mess into a brilliant work of art. Truthfully, it has better continuity and more complexity than most other shows I watch. The characters are fascinating, dimensional, flawed in the best and most relatable ways. The storylines are intriguing, all giving leeway to equally intriguing backstory and/or character development. And, though I could have done without the writers trying to pair off every male and every female right and left since I've personally never been a big fan of forced, in-your-face romances (with the exception of one), there are so many dynamics to enjoy: friendships, families, rivalries alike. Overall, it's terrific. I could be real nitpicky and choose small, maybe meaningless things to critique, but I'd rather not, seeing as the creators of this series really do deserve a round of applause for a job well done. ETA: Now finished with season two, I am able to say with even more confidence that I am wholeheartedly in love with this show and its characters. I'm even more angered by its cancellation now, for more reasons than one: because the network didn't give the writers and producers a chance to close such an open ending and in turn left fans hanging, because their reasons for not renewing the show were outlandishly stupid, because a series with such promise was cut short. Even though it's been two years since the last episode aired, I am hoping and praying fiercely for someone, anyone, to pick this show back up. This amazing, wonderful show deserves a third season and more. ETA: THIS AMAZING, WONDERFUL SHOW IS GETTING THE THIRD SEASON IT DESERVES.


please reboot this show....it was a great concept


i am disappointed by dc on cancelling this brilliant show. This show ranks at top of my list (via Clutter for Windows Phone)


Season 1 was on the best animated show that I have watched, but season 2 was mixed bag. Young Justice has one brilliant season and another one that was pretty fair, but sometimes bad at same time. My favorite characters are Wally West, Artemis and Superboy and I was sad for Wally's death. I like Miss Martian, Aqualad and Blue Beetle, but rest of the team fell pretty flat to me. I don't like Nightwing in this animation. Overall, a good show, with some great and bad episodes. At end, I'm hyped for season 3 that is coming at last quarter of this year.


We gotta get the tracker fixed with this show, some bugs or something showing duplicate episodes


I thought this show was bad and boring when i first start watching it but i was wrong this is the one of the best animated shows created by DC


It’s taking foreeeeeveeer for s3 but it should be out this year with the new dc streaming service


Season 3 was just announced! I'm so whelmed right now!


@srgudhka it was canceled because they didnt sell enough toys. same for the green lantern corps.


@mak14790 they should continue the show, not reboot.

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