7 Days

10 Worst Episodes of 7 Days

"Ever wish you could live your last week all over again? Well, my name's Frank B. Parker, and I do it all the time. I work for a secret government project experimenting in time travel. When things really get screwed up, I'm the guinea pig they send back to take care of it. The catch is, I can only go back 7 days."

Written by Sophie and last updated on mar 28, 2022.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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7 Days - S2E20

#10 - Witch Way to the Prom (Season 2 - Episode 20)

Parker Backsteps to prevent three high school girls from accidentally blowing up a hotel, but it turns out to be a bit more involved then that.

The episode was rated 7.31 from 13 votes.

7 Days - S2E2

#9 - Pinball Wizard (Season 2 - Episode 2)


Teens playing video games are actually being used to pilot missiles.

The episode was rated 7.30 from 20 votes.

7 Days - S1E13

#8 - Last Breath (Season 1 - Episode 13)

When a Russian spy submarine gets trapped on an ice shelf off the coast of Alaska, its nuclear fuel is released into the atmosphere, causing widespread devastation. Parker must link up underwater with the submarine before it happens again.

The episode was rated 7.30 from 27 votes.

7 Days - S2E21

#7 - Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood (Season 2 - Episode 21)


When a reverend fighting against drug deals in Donovan's old neighborhood gets killed, Donovan's sister is killed as well. Donovan investigates and is arrested for killing one of the men responsible, and Frank engineers a Backstep to go back and save his friend.

The episode was rated 7.27 from 11 votes.

7 Days - S1E20

#6 - Walter (Season 1 - Episode 20)

Parker balks when ordered to kill an autistic savant, Walter, whose code-breaking skills are put to use by enemy spies to kill 20 CIA agents.

The episode was rated 7.26 from 23 votes.

7 Days - S3E3

#5 - Rhino (Season 3 - Episode 3)


Parker teams with an old friend, a Navy SEAL, to prevent the assassination of the new president of Columbia at a White House state dinner.

The episode was rated 7.15 from 13 votes.

7 Days - S1E14

#4 - Parkergeist (Season 1 - Episode 14)

After a sabotaged Backstep, Parker seems to be killed. Now a disembodied Parker must somehow convince Olga he's not dead.

The episode was rated 7.11 from 27 votes.

7 Days - S1E17

#3 - A Dish Best Served Cold (Season 1 - Episode 17)


A former Backstep pilot, thought to be dead, seeks revenge by trying to sabotage the Sphere.

The episode was rated 6.95 from 22 votes.

7 Days - S1E7

#2 - Doppleganger (2) (Season 1 - Episode 7)

Good-Frank tries to make his way to Backstep to stop Starker from initiating his military coup and taking over the U.S. government (with the aid of Parker's evil duplicate) while the U.S. and China are on the brink of nuclear war.

The episode was rated 6.93 from 28 votes.

7 Days - S2E14

#1 - Deja Vu All Over Again (Season 2 - Episode 14)


Parker must save Talmadge, who is captured by commandos who intend to torture and kill him for information on Operation Backstep. But when he fails, only his newfound ability to loop time lets him complete the mission.

The episode was rated 6.67 from 15 votes.

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