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The CW 2012

Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Arrow

Arrow - S8E9

#1 - Green Arrow & The Canaries


Season 8 - Episode 9

It’s the year 2040 in Star City and Mia Queen has everything she could have ever wanted. However, when Laurel and Dinah suddenly show up in her life again, things take a shocking turn and her perfect world is upended. Laurel and Dinah are tracking a kidnapping victim with direct ties to Mia and they need her help. Knowing it will change everything, Mia can’t help but be a hero and she, Laurel and Dinah suit up once again to save the city.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Arrow from 1010 votes.

Arrow - S7E18

#2 - Lost Canary


Season 7 - Episode 18

After being accused of murder and having her criminal past exposed, Laurel goes full Black Siren and teams up with an old criminal acquaintance, Shadow Thief, to go on a crime spree around Star City. While Dinah aims to bring Laurel in, Felicity refuses to give up on her friend and tries everything to get through to her, even summoning Sara Lance for help. However, Laurel rebuffs all her efforts, forcing the former friends to face off against each other.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Arrow from 1336 votes.

Arrow - S7E19

#3 - Spartan


Season 7 - Episode 19

After the Ninth Circle delivers a major setback for Team Arrow, Diggle reluctantly reaches out to a Four-Star General of the Defense Intelligence Agency for help, despite unresolved tension from their past. Meanwhile, Oliver discovers a piece of information that he believes will turn Emiko against the Ninth Circle. Alena returns with an interesting proposal for Felicity.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Arrow from 1322 votes.

Arrow - S4E16

#4 - Broken Hearts


Season 4 - Episode 16

A heartbroken Cupid returns to Star City with one goal — to destroy anyone in love. The team learns she’s killing couples on their wedding day so Oliver and Felicity decide to pose as bait.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Arrow from 4266 votes.

Arrow - S7E21

#5 - Living Proof


Season 7 - Episode 21

Oliver finds himself in a precarious position. SCPD shows up with a warrant for Felicity.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Arrow from 1271 votes.

Arrow - S7E10

#6 - My Name is Emiko Queen


Season 7 - Episode 10

Oliver is ready to get back to work with the SCPD and to focus on his marriage with Felicity. However, when Dinah tasks Oliver with tracking the new Green Arrow things take a surprising turn. Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla must answer to ARGUS about Diaz.

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of Arrow from 1539 votes.

Arrow - S7E15

#7 - Training Day


Season 7 - Episode 15

Team Arrow attempts to work with the Star City Police Department but much to Oliver's frustration, things don't go as planned. Meanwhile, Dinah gets some life-changing news.

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of Arrow from 1378 votes.

Arrow - S7E14

#8 - Brothers & Sisters


Season 7 - Episode 14

After months of covertly pursuing Dante, Diggle and Lyla finally have a solid lead on the elusive terrorist, so they deploy the ARGUS Ghost Initiative to apprehend him. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to bond with Emiko.

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of Arrow from 1375 votes.

Arrow - S6E17

#9 - Brothers in Arms


Season 6 - Episode 17

Oliver and Diggle face their biggest challenge yet. Curtis is disappointed to find out his new boyfriend has a firm anti-vigilante stance.

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of Arrow from 2181 votes.

Arrow - S7E20

#10 - Confessions


Season 7 - Episode 20

When they learn of an upcoming attack on the city, Team Arrow calls Roy Harper to help them stop the Ninth Circle. However, things go awry and there is massive collateral damage. As Captain of the SCPD, Dinah investigates what happened.

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of Arrow from 1320 votes.

Arrow - S6E16
#11 - The Thanatos Guild
Season 6 - Episode 16

Nyssa Al Ghul returns to Star City to warn Thea that a group of renegade League of Assassins members are planning to attack her. This group, led by Athena, is intent on finding a mysterious box that Malcolm left behind and will stop at nothing to get it. Nyssa helps Oliver come to a life-changing realization.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Arrow from 2218 votes.

Arrow - S7E16
#12 - Star City 2040
Season 7 - Episode 16

Mia and William venture into the Glades on a dangerous mission. There they run into Dinah, Roy and Zoe who deliver some devastating news. The flash forwards share highlights from Mia's childhood with Felicity.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Arrow from 1397 votes.

Arrow - S7E11
#13 - Past Sins
Season 7 - Episode 11

The past comes back to haunt both Oliver and Laurel. Curtis is upset when he discovers that Diggle and Lyla have restarted The Ghost Initiative with Diaz, China White, Kane Wolfman and Carrie Cutter.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Arrow from 1508 votes.

Arrow - S6E14
#14 - Collision Course
Season 6 - Episode 14

Oliver, Diggle and Felicity disagree with Dinah, Curtis and Rene on how to handle Black Siren. The two teams face off and a fight ensues.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Arrow from 2336 votes.

Arrow - S7E12
#15 - Emerald Archer
Season 7 - Episode 12

As a camera crew follows Oliver and team around to talk about their past as vigilantes and what the Green Arrow means to Star City, Oliver must also deal with William's return from boarding school as well as a new threat to the city.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Arrow from 1485 votes.

Arrow - S7E17
#16 - Inheritance
Season 7 - Episode 17

Laurel learns about some damaging information that affects Emiko. Always looking to protect his sister, Oliver invites Laurel to help investigate, which makes Felicity happy as her friend is now working with the team. However, when things go awry, Felicity is forced to make a choice between the team and Laurel.

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of Arrow from 1343 votes.

Arrow - S6E10
#17 - Divided
Season 6 - Episode 10

Despite losing half his team, Oliver remains confident that he, Felicity and Diggle can stop Cayden James and Black Siren. However, when he discovers one of Cayden’s secrets, he decides to team up with an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Dinah spends time with Vince.

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of Arrow from 2508 votes.

Arrow - S8E2
#18 - Welcome to Hong Kong
Season 8 - Episode 2

Oliver, John, Laurel and Tatsu seek out an important person within The Monitor’s plan. Connor has a heart to heart with his brother.

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of Arrow from 1189 votes.

Arrow - S6E4
#19 - Reversal
Season 6 - Episode 4

Just as Oliver starts to get things in order, Black Siren launches another attack on the citizens of Star City.

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of Arrow from 3074 votes.

Arrow - S6E19
#20 - The Dragon
Season 6 - Episode 19

Looking to expand his empire, Diaz and Laurel meet with The Quadrant, a coalition of mafia families who run national organized crime. Meanwhile, after Oliver’s recent decision, Felicity and Curtis double their efforts on building Helix Dynamics.

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of Arrow from 2126 votes.

Last updated: apr 22, 2021



Loved it in the beginning. Being on the CW I was ready to insta-hate it, but was surprised ep after ep that I was entertained. No, the acting is far from superb, but the storyline is actually pretty interesting. It's definitely gotten worse though. The first season I was really into. Marathoned it. The second was okay; one episode--where they introduce Barry--was really super corny & cliche. This current [third] season was getting pretty good but then they started this theme of introducing a new villain at the end of each ep along with a really cheesy catch phrase. Terrible. So hopefully they stop that and bring it back to goodness. Cuz that would be good.


Season 3 is the best yet


I loved the first episodes of season 1... but season 2 really got to a high level of WTF...


the first 2 seasons were great, after season 3 I gave up.


Stop watching this show so there will be budget for a better one. It's waste of time.


Batman, is that you?


Was good but now it's just going down the hill !!


needs cancelling, been going downhill fast


Sometimes it's great as fuck but then sometimes it's boring as hell. Second half of season 1 and season 2 is absolute fun. Season 3 on the other hand has some great episodes but Laurel and other drama bullshit actors are making it annoying to watch. Recommend to watch spin-off show Flash too. It's better, no annoying characters (for me at least) and better storyline and overall better show.


Such a waste this show became. Start watching this show then make a favor to yourself, stop watching it after first or second season at most.

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