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Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Bravo 2020

Capt. Glenn Shephard and his crew set sail in a luxury sailing yacht to explore the crystal-clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea. The physicality of working on a sailing yacht brings new challenges to these young, attractive and adventurous yachties who are ready to work hard and play harder.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck Sailing Yacht - S1E6

#1 - Oof! I Did It Again


Season 1 - Episode 6

Paget’s patience runs out when he’s left to pick up the slack after Parsifal crashes into the dock. A new charter of men from Long Island set sail in all of their champagne-sabering, chest-bumping glory, and the crew scrambles to meet their loud and incessant demands. Adam goes into beast mode while trying to cook for the bros, but he gets comfortable with Jenna, who wants more from their relationship. The guests cruise beach bars for chicks but end up taking a dive in the drink. Madison must decide how to handle a charter guest that crosses the line. And Parker and Madison facilitate an out-of-control yacht party.

The episode was rated from 93 votes.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht - S1E8

#2 - No Bra, No Shoes, Bad Service


Season 1 - Episode 8

Adam and Jenna can’t see eye-to-eye on where their relationship stands, and their epic fight on the flybridges is a buzzkill for the rest of the crew. Ciara tries to manage Parker, but he resents her bossiness. When the two come to blows, Captain Glenn takes notice, and calls the deck team for a meeting. Despite feeling overwhelmed with work, Madison finds time to fall harder for Parker. In the wake of their first fight, Adam and Jenna find themselves on shaky ground. Parker botches a beach stakeout, and Madison and Ciara blunder the picnic setup and suffer Jenna’s wrath.

The episode was rated from 93 votes.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht - S1E4

#3 - Baby on Board


Season 1 - Episode 4

Stews brace and dishes break as the last breakfast of charter is served on full tilt. To make matter worse, the deck team gets into choppy waters during a rough docking. Parker feels the strain of being on charter and his immaturity begins to show. On their night out, Paget continues to bond with the crew, particularly Georgia. Jenna comes down on Georgia’s laundry system and sends her away in tears. Then, Parsifal welcomes its youngest guest to date – a newborn. And baby talk permeates the yacht as Adam and Jenna’s relationship blossoms.

The episode was rated from 98 votes.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht - S1E17

#4 - Regatta Go!


Season 1 - Episode 17

On the season finale, an uncomfortable drug search on Parsifal III casts a dark cloud over the final charter and sends the crew into panic mode; the crew scrambles to pull together a sailing regatta, but still wonder if they'll get a tip.

The episode was rated from 86 votes.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht - S1E9

#5 - Parker's Big Adventure


Season 1 - Episode 9

Jenna and Adam pick up the pieces of Madison and Ciara’s botched beach picnic while Georgia steps up to surprise the guests. Jenna discovers why Madison is so exhausted all the time. Parker tries to prove himself by executing a mission for the guests, while Ciara steps aside to let him make his own mistakes. After Jenna reaches a breaking point with Madison, she talks to Glenn about how to best proceed with or without her.

The episode was rated from 85 votes.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht - S1E13
#6 - #Awkward
Season 1 - Episode 13

Jenna’s jealousy mounts as the charter guests continue to shamelessly flirt with Adam. Paget and Ciara can’t get on the same page, but Paget and Georgia are perfectly in tune. Adam makes a big romantic gesture for Jenna that backfires. And a shocking marriage proposal puts a relationship to the test.

The episode was rated from 94 votes.
#7 - Reunion
Season 1 - Episode 18

Georgia, Paget and Ciara finally clear the air about their flirtation; Ciara opens up about Georgia's betrayal; Parker reflects on his lack of experience; Jenna and Adam discuss the ups and downs of their romance; Madison and Jenna go head to head.

The episode was rated from 57 votes.
Below Deck Sailing Yacht - S1E15
#8 - You Snooze, You Lose
Season 1 - Episode 15

Jenna and Adam try to move forward in their strained relationship. When Jenna joins Adam for a nap on her break, Madison and Ciara pick up the slack in service, and Glenn takes notice. Chris gets injured handling a heavy water toy, and then Paget hurts himself as well, leaving Ciara to carry extra weight as the deck team limps toward the homestretch. After witnessing the lag in service this charter, Captain Glenn calls Jenna in for a meeting that may have lasting consequences.

The episode was rated from 86 votes.
Below Deck Sailing Yacht - S1E2
#9 - My Big Fat Bleak Wedding
Season 1 - Episode 2

The first charter of the season is underway, and Chief Stew Jenna is already feeling the pressure as she is tasked with planning an impromptu wedding for two drunk guests. First Mate Paget is trying to keep his cool and patience with his new deck team, including Ciara, his girlfriend of four years. Parker, an inexperienced deckhand, struggles to adjust to the posh world of yachting. Meanwhile, Captain Glenn attempts a risky maneuver while climbing the mast to fix a broken sail. During the first night out, two yachties have a steamy interaction that quickly makes their professional relationship personal.

The episode was rated from 99 votes.
Below Deck Sailing Yacht - S1E16
#10 - DOPE!
Season 1 - Episode 16

Captain Glenn confronts Jenna about her relationship with Adam. A doctor visits and delivers bad news that could end one crew member’s career. With drama swirling in all departments, Captain Glenn is further shocked to learn that someone may have brought illegal drugs onto the boat. A tough decision and an impending drug search threaten to bring the charter season screeching to an early end.

The episode was rated from 84 votes.

Last updated: sep 18, 2021

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