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Samantha Stephens is a seemingly normal suburban housewife who also happens to be a genuine witch, with all the requisite magical powers. Her husband Darrin insists that Samantha keep her witchcraft under wraps, but situations invariably require her to indulge her powers while keeping her bothersome mother Endora at bay.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Bewitched

Bewitched - S2E31

#1 - Follow That Witch (part 2) (Season 2 - Episode 31)

Charlie Leach really has something over Sam's head. Charlie wants Sam to give him and his wife Charmaine an expensive apartment with an expensive car to boot. Darrin finds out about how Barkley started this whole mess and decides to cancel the Robbins account. At Robbin's office, while Darrin is telling Robbins and Barkley where to go, Samantha uses her magic to expose Barkley and gets him fired. One down, and one more to go when Samantha goes to Leach's apartment and destroys everything with her magic. When Leach finds out, Samantha twitches him to Mexico. Leach vows that he will be back....

The episode was rated 8.59 from 41 votes.

Bewitched - S4E22

#2 - A Prince of a Guy (Season 4 - Episode 22)

Tabitha brings out Prince Charming and Helen, Darrin's cousin, falls for him. Her fiance, Ralph, doesn't like this arrangement one bit, but Larry likes it and thinks that the prince will be perfect for TV commercials. To sway the prince away from Helen, Samantha pops in Sleeping Beauty.

The episode was rated 8.44 from 25 votes.

Bewitched - S2E30

#3 - Follow That Witch (part 1) (Season 2 - Episode 30)

Darrin is sure to get the Robbins Baby Food account, but Mr. Robbins wants his home life checked out. His assistant, George Barkley, wants to check out a little bit more of Darrin's life so he hires sneaky, sly Charlie Leach to spy on him. Samantha uses her magic one day and Abner's sister, Harriet Kravitz (who conveniently takes care of the house while Gladys is away), catches her and tells Charlie all about it. He doesn't believe it at first, but he catches Sam using her powers. He tells Samantha either she tells him what he wants to jknow or he will tell the entire world that she is a witch.....

The episode was rated 8.42 from 33 votes.

Bewitched - S2E32

#4 - A Bum Raps (Season 2 - Episode 32)

Two ex-actors are robbing the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Darrin is expecing a visit from his Uncle Albert and Samantha welcomes Horace, one of the crooks, thinking that he is the said uncle. But eventually, the real Uncle Albert arrives and is told that the Stephens had moved. Horace's masquerade doesn't last long when Sam catches him stealing Harriet's watch. Sam finds out that Horace is an imposter and really gets him and the other crook good when they steal their stuff.

The episode was rated 8.39 from 33 votes.

Bewitched - S2E23

#5 - Double Tate (Season 2 - Episode 23)

Darrin unknowingly gets three wishes from Endora. He blows the first two on fast elevators and bikini-clad girls, and he wishes that he was Larry for a day. He gets his wish and a whole lot of misunderstanding begins between Louise and the real Larry!

The episode was rated 8.33 from 36 votes.

Bewitched - S3E33

#6 - There's Gold in Them Thar Pills (Season 3 - Episode 33)

Darrin has a bad cold and Dr. Bombay treats him with some pills. Of course, these pills have a horrendous side effect- it makes his voice higher!

The episode was rated 8.33 from 42 votes.

Bewitched - S5E25

#7 - Samantha's Power Failure (Season 5 - Episode 25)

The Witches Council takes away Samantha's powers when she refuses to break up with Darrin. Uncle Arthur and Serena help out Samantha and, as a result, loses their powers as well. After a hellacious day in the mortal working world, Serena and Uncle Arthur decide that they are better off with their powers. Samantha goes to the Witches Council and tells them they are in the wrong for their ignorance. Then Samantha, Serena, and Uncle Arthur get their powers back.

The episode was rated 8.28 from 32 votes.

Bewitched - S2E37

#8 - The Girl with the Golden Nose (Season 2 - Episode 37)

Darrin is refused a new account in McMann and Tate, but the next day, Larry gives Darrin the account. Darrin thinks that Samantha used magic to sway Larry's decision and tries to do everything to back out of it. Even the client, Mr. Waterhouse, likes Darrin's attitude and ability. Darrin feels that Samantha is behind all that has happened to him. To teach Darrin a lesson, Samantha uses magic to turn their house into an expensive mansion with servants to boot. Darrin tells Sam that he wants to earn things his own way, which is exactly what he has been doing all along.

The episode was rated 8.23 from 47 votes.

Bewitched - S2E36

#9 - What Every Young Man Should Know (Season 2 - Episode 36)

What would have happened if Darrin knew that Samantha was a witch before he married her? This is the question that Endora helps them answer when she sends them back in time to see what life would be like.

The episode was rated 8.23 from 43 votes.

Bewitched - S2E6

#10 - Take Two Aspirin and Half a Pint of Porpoise Milk (Season 2 - Episode 6)

As a result from a black Peruvian rose, Samantha starts getting sick and loses her powers. She ends up getting green spots all over her face and needs a remedy with a rare ingredient, an ostrich feather. Just when you think that getting the ostrich feather was all they needed, it turns out that they also need the petals of the dreaded rose to make Samantha fell better again.

The episode was rated 8.20 from 54 votes.

Bewitched - S1E31
#11 - That Was My Wife
Season 1 - Episode 31

Darrin and Samantha try to spice up their marriage by reserving a suite at a fancy hotel. She arrives in a brunette wig and hugs Darrin, not knowing that they are being watched by Larry! Samantha later forgets a book and pops home to get it. Larry sees her at home and this causes a great misunderstanding. Louise tries to help out the supposedly doomed marriage that Larry thinks that she was at the hotel with Darrin. After Darrin gets punched in the eye by Larry, the misunderstanding is cleared up when Darrin explains how Samantha got home and back to the hotel: She knew a short cut.

The episode was rated from 56 votes.
Bewitched - S3E7
#12 - Twitch or Treat
Season 3 - Episode 7

Endora throws a Halloween party and continues to bicker with Uncle Arthur about the house across the street.

The episode was rated from 43 votes.
Bewitched - S2E5
#13 - The Joker Is a Card
Season 2 - Episode 5

Need some amusement in your life? Call Uncle Arthur, or, in this case, don't call him. Uncle Arthur arrives playing practical jokes on Darrin and Endora while Samantha is trying to get these two antagonists to make up once and for all. After many hits and misses, Darrin needs Uncle Arthur's help in getting Endora back. This is the famous "Yagazuzie Zim" episode.

The episode was rated from 65 votes.
Bewitched - S3E29
#14 - It's Wishcraft
Season 3 - Episode 29

Darrin's parents visit and Samantha must work overtime to keep them from finding out about their granddaughter's special talents.

The episode was rated from 39 votes.
Bewitched - S4E15
#15 - I Get Your Nanny, You Get My Goat
Season 4 - Episode 15

Samantha hires an English maid named Elspeth, much to the dismay of her previous owner, Montdrake. He is so mad that he does horrible things to Darrin to get her back.

The episode was rated from 28 votes.
Bewitched - S4E13
#16 - Solid Gold Mother-in-Law
Season 4 - Episode 13

Samantha insists that Endora zap away the new pony for Tabitha before Darrin gets home. Endora tells her not to worry, the pony IS Darrin. Once changed back, Darrin orders Endora out of the house. At the office, Endora sends a "live" framed photo of her that Darrin cannot escape her ever changing expression. A client named Mr. Gregson wants to meet Darrin's mother-in-law, who must be a special woman for Darrin to keep her photo on his desk. The dinner goes well, particularly since Endora has become the queen of charm. After witnessing a tiff between the Tates over Larry's mother-in-law, Gregson suggests that Darrin should open his own ad firm. Larry doesn't like this one bit and refuses to speak to Darrin. It's up to Samantha to set things right between Larry and Darrin.

The episode was rated from 36 votes.
Bewitched - S2E38
#17 - Prodigy
Season 2 - Episode 38

In the final black and white episode, Samantha and Darrin meet Gladys' violinist brother Louis. Because of an embarrassing moment when he was a child (His pants fell down while playing), Louis is scarred for life and refuses to pick up another violin. Samantha wants him to play again, but he refuses when she signs him up to do a show for the hospital. He tries anything and everything to keep from playing a violin, even trying to leave town. Samantha shows him that everyone gets embarrassed at some part in their lives, but that doesn't mean that he should stop living and doing what he likes to do. Louis does a great job and ends up on TV. History does repeat itself when his pants fall down while playing the violin again!

The episode was rated from 38 votes.
Bewitched - S2E7
#18 - Trick or Treat
Season 2 - Episode 7

In the second Halloween episode of the series, Endora turns Darrin into a werewolf when he refuses to let Samantha go to a witches Halloween ceremony. The worse part of it is, Darrin has to entertain a new client for McMann and Tate! Samantha tells Endora that she is acting like the witches stereotype, and Endora removes the spell.

The episode was rated from 58 votes.
Bewitched - S2E8
#19 - The Very Informal Dress
Season 2 - Episode 8

Samantha and Darrin need some new formal wear for a dinner party that Larry is throwing for a new client, Charles Barrows. And who supplies the beautiful clothes for them to wear? Aunt Clara, the witch with the missing links. Everything goes well, until the clothes start disappearing off the backs of the Stephens. Also, Darrin gets in trouble not only for parking in front of a fire hydrant (Aunt Clara moved the hydrant earlier, but when the clothes started wearing off, the hydrant went back to the original place), but for a charge of indecent exposure!

The episode was rated from 53 votes.
Bewitched - S2E33
#20 - Divided He Falls
Season 2 - Episode 33

A vacation that the Stephens were supposed to take is scrapped when Darrin has to work. Endora takes it upon herself to separate Darrin into two different personalities: his work side and his fun and spontaneous side. While the working Darrin is concentrating on his job, the fun Darrin is concentrating on partying until he drops. Of course, all of this takes a toll when the Working Darrin bores Larry and his new client and Samantha acts as mother instead of wife to Darrin, the party animal. Samantha wants Endora to put the Darrins back together again, but ends up doing it herself.

The episode was rated from 27 votes.

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In my opnion the serie its really nice! It's creative! It's my favorite since my childhood! But it's pretty nice until the moment that the James was interpreted by Dick York after the James lost the fan! start to repeat the stories! Elizabeth is wonderful! So this serie it's fantastic just with a detail.


If anyone slates this show, they are truly insane!!


I grew up watching this show along with many others, this was my Favorite, now that I'm in my 50's, I can see the excellent writing and the actors, I loved them all, I hate the 2nd Darrin, he was a jerk character, E. Montgomery, just awesome, Loved Endora, Serena played by Montgomery, Dr. Bombay, Paul lynde was so funny, just great, an awesome show, I also loved I dream of Jeannie as a kid, but it's not quite as watchable as an Adult now.


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