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Big Mouth

Big Mouth

MBC 2022

A lawyer, caught up in a murder case, becomes a notorious and genius con artist overnight, in order to fight against a huge conspiracy and survive.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

The 10 Best Episodes of Big Mouth

Big Mouth - S1E1

#1 - Episode 1 (Season 1 - Episode 1)

Chang-ho, who has no money and is about to lose his wife, receives a call from the mayor of Gucheon.

The episode was rated 8.64 from 11 votes.


Last updated: oct 02, 2022



MORAL OF THE STORY: [spoiler]Do NOT enter a location when you see people wearing PPEs. (If you are a nurse, you should know this already.)[/spoiler] I applaud the screenwriter for not shying away from [spoiler]killing a major character[/spoiler]. There are very few screenwriters who are brave enough to do it, often screenwriters choose the "[spoiler]they happily lived ever after[/spoiler]" route. [spoiler]However, as the intro to this post hinted, I do not approve the sudden stupidity of a major character just to get that character terminally ill. Go Mi Ho was a nurse. She is intelligent and full of wisdom. Where did her intelligence AND WISDOM go in the cave sinkhole episode? Then after that episode, Mi Ho became intelligent and full of wisdom again.[/spoiler] [spoiler]In that one episode, she suddenly acted a hero when it was never part of her character, and after that episode, she never acted a hero either. She is intelligent AND WISE. She took calculated risks. She was no hero, before or after. But in that one episode, she acted a dumb hero which led to her getting exposed to deadly radiation.[/spoiler] Sure. There are people who would have done the same as she did but that is a rare thing most especially when the people escaping a disaster are wearing PPEs, [spoiler]and you happen to know as well as corrupt and evil the operator of that cave. All for what? For that character she saved to only die WITHOUT contributing anything to the plot after he was saved.[/spoiler] [spoiler]That episode. Go Mi Ho suddenly throwing her intelligence and wisdom out the window was only meant to get her terminally ill. No more, no less. It was very weak. They could've have used a contaminated bottled water or fish planted by Choi Do Ha, or some other method other than letting her do something out of her character.[/spoiler] People rarely do something like what she did unless they have a very, very, very strong conviction [spoiler]which Go Mi Ho did not possess. She took calculated risks for her husband, that was the entire driving force behind her. Her saving people begins and ends with her working as a nurse, outside of it she didn't do anything.[/spoiler] Again, good job on not being afraid [spoiler]of killing a major character. But very bad job on how to get that character terminally ill.[/spoiler] From 10 stars, it's down to 8 stars.


If you fly too close to the sun… This show started of amazing with a lot of twists and turns. The same can be said about the quality, where it turned and took a dumpster dive in the last episode and left me unsatisfied and annoyed. [spoiler]I don’t mind them killing of a main character if it suits the plot. But this felt as if it was done just for the sake of the twist. Also if you want a revenge drama that does revenge, this is not it. The last ditch effort in the last 5 minutes seems like a desperate attempt to forcefully finish the story… how can you stuff 2-3 episodes worth of story into a 3 minute epilogue that is supposed to serve as an ending.[/spoiler] Soared high like a 10 for most of the show and left with one of the worst endings I’ve watched, so averages out to a 7.


who rates shows before its even released ? and the cast story reading :facepalm:


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