Boy Meets World

10 Worst Episodes of Boy Meets World

The coming of age events and everyday life-lessons of Cory Matthews, a Philadelphian who grows up from a young boy to a married man.

Written by Sophie and last updated on jan 24, 2023.

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Boy Meets World - S6E19

#10 - Bee True (Season 6 - Episode 19)

The series returns to form as Cory and Shawn unite for the last time as a "bad boy" team to help Mr. Feeny, whose hesitation in declaring his feelings for Dean Bolander looks like a fatal mistake when her ex-husband Curtis returns from an expedition bent on winning her back. Shawn and Cory trash the interloper's lab and blame in on a jealous rage by Feeny -- who then saves Dean Bolander's life for real by swatting the rare bee brought back by Curtis just before it stings his highly allergic love. She explains that she was not taken in for a moment by the boys' ruse -- just impressed that Feeny's students care about him so much. Meanwhile, Rachel challenges Jack to take her out on a real date.

The episode was rated 7.82 from 61 votes.

Boy Meets World - S2E14

#9 - I Am Not a Crook (Season 2 - Episode 14)


Cory makes a large mistake when he fires Shawn as his campaign manager while running for Class President. Shawn then decides to run himself.

The episode was rated 7.81 from 95 votes.

Boy Meets World - S5E5

#8 - The Witches of Pennbrook (Season 5 - Episode 5)

Jack is excited about his new girlfriend, but things take a bad turn when it's revealed that she's a witch, needing to sacrifice a Hunter to ensure her immortality during a Halloween party. An unsuspecting Eric goes on a date with a teenaged witch named Sabrina. Guest Hart crosses over in her role from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Meanwhile, Cory takes Topanga on her first airplane ride, flown by a not-so-bright pilot.

The episode was rated 7.79 from 81 votes.

Boy Meets World - S1E9

#7 - Class Pre-Union (Season 1 - Episode 9)


Mr. Feeny has his class predict what their lives will be like by their class reunion. When he gives Cory an incomplete, Cory gives up on his dream of being a center fielder, until his dad realizes just what he needs. Meanwhile, Morgan trades her mother's gold necklace for a plastic one and has to get it back.

The episode was rated 7.78 from 123 votes.

Boy Meets World - S5E6

#6 - No Guts, No Cory (Season 5 - Episode 6)

The time ball swallowed by Salem the Cat from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch takes everyone back to the 1940s: Cory becomes a soldier fighting on the dangerous front lines in Europe, who wants his best buddy Shawn to marry his girl Topanga if he doesn't return.

The episode was rated 7.77 from 77 votes.

Boy Meets World - S6E20

#5 - The Truth About Honesty (Season 6 - Episode 20)


When Cory and Topanga make an agreement to tell the truth about everything and everyone, their totally honest pact creates tension at Rachel and Jack's first dinner party. When the party guests play a game that forces them to also tell the truth, personal feelings are revealed that they would rather keep to themselves.

The episode was rated 7.75 from 57 votes.

Boy Meets World - S7E2

#4 - For Love and Apartments (Season 7 - Episode 2)

Since both couples-Cory and Topanga, Shawn and Angela-have split up, the girls decide to challenge the boys to a wresting match which will decide who gets to keep the apartment. Pro wrestler Mankind refs the match, which the girls win handily-and Eric vows revenge on Topanga for beating him up so easily.

The episode was rated 7.71 from 62 votes.

Boy Meets World - S5E19

#3 - Eric Hollywood (Season 5 - Episode 19)


After a surprisingly superb Shakespearean acting debut, Eric is invited to study at two prestigious theatrical institutions-but instead he opts to join the hit TV sitcom Kid Gets Acquainted with the Universe. Jack and Shawn are sick with chicken pox, and Topanga nurses them back to health despite Shawn's discomfort being around her.

The episode was rated 7.62 from 74 votes.

Boy Meets World - S3E13

#2 - New Friends and Old (Season 3 - Episode 13)

Cory and Shawn befriend Frankie out of fear, but soon realize how selfish they are being when they start using the younger students, whom will do anything for Frankie.

The episode was rated 7.62 from 84 votes.

Boy Meets World - S7E20

#1 - As Time Goes By (Season 7 - Episode 20)


A stressed-out Topanga is sucked back in time into a black and white 1940s world where she cannot remember her past. She hopes the suave owner of the Shangri-La cafe and its eccentric patrons (portrayed by the show's cast) can provide clues to her identity.

The episode was rated 7.61 from 41 votes.

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