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In the near future a family must make difficult decisions as they balance staying together with trying to survive. They live in Los Angeles, which has been occupied by a force of outside intruders. While some people have chosen to collaborate with the authorities and benefit from the new order, others have rebelled β€” and suffer the consequences.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Colony

Colony - S2E13

#1 - Ronin


Season 2 - Episode 13

In the second season finale, the Bowman family must make an impossible choice following a revelation about the fate of the colony.

The episode was rated from 2935 votes.

Colony - S3E12

#2 - Bonzo


Season 3 - Episode 12

Will and the Outliers fight to save Kynes from Snyder's IGA army.

The episode was rated from 1471 votes.

Colony - S2E12

#3 - Seppuku


Season 2 - Episode 12

Will, Katie and Broussard grapple to gain control of the RAP gauntlet from the Red Hand. Helena gets help from Snyder in her attempt to regain control of the L.A. bloc.

The episode was rated from 3009 votes.

Colony - S2E9

#4 - Tamam Shud


Season 2 - Episode 9

Will and Katie attempt to make contact with a new arrival in the bloc; Bob has some questions for the Bowman family.

The episode was rated from 3082 votes.

Colony - S1E10

#5 - Gateway


Season 1 - Episode 10

After a high-value hostage is kidnapped by the Resistance, the Los Angeles block is placed on lockdown.

The episode was rated from 2875 votes.

Colony - S3E5
#6 - End of the Road
Season 3 - Episode 5

Will, Katie, and Snyder struggle to protect their secrets while under interrogation.

The episode was rated from 1633 votes.
Colony - S1E9
#7 - Zero Day
Season 1 - Episode 9

Will wants to remove the family from the occupation; Katie and Broussard prepare for an operation; Snyder tries to protect his office; Maddie makes a bold move.

The episode was rated from 2700 votes.
Colony - S3E13
#8 - What Goes Around
Season 3 - Episode 13

Will makes a sacrifice to protect his family. Katie races to save refugees outside the walls. Snyder struggles to control a Colony amidst the chaos of war. Bram and Gracie make a big decision. Series Finale.

The episode was rated from 1440 votes.
Colony - S3E11
#9 - Disposable Heroes
Season 3 - Episode 11

Will, Broussard, Katie, and Amy help the Outliers deal with an emergency. Snyder makes his play to take over Seattle. Kynes runs damage control.

The episode was rated from 1458 votes.
Colony - S2E8
#10 - Good Intentions
Season 2 - Episode 8

Will and Katie must save a fugitive from the occupation; at the camp, Snyder hides evidence; Broussard's cell is threatened by one of their own.

The episode was rated from 3125 votes.

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God, I still hate Lori




So, let me figure this out. I've watched Season 3 of Colony. We've reached the most important part; the actual battle. And, I learn the Series is canceled. What the actual f*ck!!


The acting is decent and I've really tried to give the show a chance, but it lacks a certain something. I also find a few of the characters completely unlikable. I'm a little disappointed as it appeared interesting in all the promos and it didn't live up to the hype.


Wow another show going into 2018 I'm watching that has been cancelled. Just when it jacked up into a another gear to drive the potential ideas that season 3 put forward. Not sure I have much left to watch. FOX canned pretty much all their comedies that weren't animated (if Bob's Burgers went I'd just give up on TV and put on puppet shows on the front lawn in my underwear until I was arrested). Nothing in the new line up of any of the networks this year is grabbing me at all. Police, police, police, FBI, Doctor, Police. Reruns it is. :(


Such a shame, I've been watching this series since the beginning, and its slowly getting more and more boring - I wish something would actually just happen. At this rate, nothing will happen and it won't get renewed for another season and we will never actually find anything out. Very disappointing.


What I find more compelling about this show is how it uses an alien invader to create a narrative and commentary about terrorism (its motivations, drives, philosophical justificaction) and counter-terrorism in the post 9-11 era, mixing elements from World War II and the 60's anti-colonial movement in Africa and Asia. Excellent show, I really hope it gets more than two seasons.


Was my favorite show, and I'm sorry it's ended. I didn't know until just now. It will have to go in the pile with Terra Nova, Space: Above and Beyond, and V as shows I LOVED but got canceled. Is there no way this show couldn't go to SciFi channel?


This show was a good/great watch. It developed slowly, taking care to flesh out characters and contexts. It was a slow burning thriller, but the threat always felt real and ominous. Even though it was SciFi it felt very grounded in the possible. The acting was solid. There was so much more of this story to be told it is a shame that the network didn't allow the showrunners to resolve the stories before the season 3 finale was declared the series finale which was a disappointment and an affront to it's audience. I give the series an 8.5 (great) out of 10, and the network a big thumbs down. [SciFi Drama]


watched 3 episodes and that was enough of this show

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