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Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs

USA Network 2010

A young CIA operative, Annie Walker, is mysteriously summoned to headquarters for duty as a field operative. While Annie believes she's been promoted for her exceptional linguistic skills, there may be something or someone from her past that her CIA bosses are really after. Auggie Anderson is a CIA military intelligence agent who was blinded while on assignment and is Annie's guide in this world of bureaucracy, excitement and intrigue.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs - S3E8

#1 - Glass Spider


Season 3 - Episode 8

After it's discovered that Jai was investigating Simon Fischer when he was killed, bringing Simon in becomes Arthur's top priority. In the hopes of protecting Simon, Annie requests that she be allowed to bring him in herself.

The episode was rated from 318 votes.

Covert Affairs - S4E16

#2 - Trompe le Monde


Season 4 - Episode 16

Calder wonders if Joan is the only person he can trust when he returns to the United States with good news. Elsewhere, Annie and Auggie continue their work to bring Henry to justice.

The episode was rated from 414 votes.

Covert Affairs - S4E10

#3 - Levitate Me


Season 4 - Episode 10

Annie makes a desperate attempt to take down Henry. Elsewhere, Calder and Annie finally face off.

The episode was rated from 440 votes.

Covert Affairs - S3E9

#4 - Suffragette City


Season 3 - Episode 9

As the life of one the Agency’s best hangs in the balance, the team works to discover the truth after it’s revealed that one of their own might not be who they thought.

The episode was rated from 330 votes.

Covert Affairs - S4E15

#5 - There Goes My Gun


Season 4 - Episode 15

Annie, Auggie and Calder go on an unauthorized mission to Hong Kong in the hope of apprehending Henry's courier. Meanwhile, Joan and Arthur reveal a traitor who's been hiding in plain sight.

The episode was rated from 422 votes.

Covert Affairs - S2E10
#6 - World Leader Pretend
Season 2 - Episode 10

While Annie runs the extraction of a Chinese scientist named Shen Yue who is willing to defect, she runs into complications and is forced to make a difficult choice.

The episode was rated from 302 votes.
Covert Affairs - S3E3
#7 - The Last Thing You Should Do
Season 3 - Episode 3

When a situation develops while Auggie is visiting Parker in Africa, Annie, Joan and Lena have to find a way to work together to bring him back safely.

The episode was rated from 350 votes.
Covert Affairs - S2E8
#8 - Welcome to the Occupation
Season 2 - Episode 8

When a covert CIA operative and friend of Joan's gets caught up in a hostage crisis in Mexico, Annie and Joan are sent to assess the situation under the cover of being a news team. But when Arthur decides that they need additional backup, he sends Ben Mercer to assist them.

The episode was rated from 299 votes.
Covert Affairs - S2E7
#9 - Half a World Away
Season 2 - Episode 7

Auggie is aided by a flight attendant (Rebecca Mader) while on his vacation to the international jazz festival in Istanbul. His trip turns into a mission when he inadvertently records the voice of the man who injured him during the war in Afghanistan.

The episode was rated from 316 votes.
Covert Affairs - S3E16
#10 - Lady Stardust
Season 3 - Episode 16

When a fellow spy is taken hostage, Annie travels to Amsterdam to eliminate Khalid once and for all.

The episode was rated from 320 votes.

Last updated: jul 24, 2021



Best CIA show ever!


Best show on TV bring it back, please.


If I were to be torn between Auggie & Eyal? God idk..LOL I just want Eyal to appear more!


Do you know why all the episode names are Led Zeppelin songs?


Started naif in season 1. Just got on getting better every season and on this 4th it's a really cool spy series. :P


started slow and just got better ... low stress light entertainment


Annie Walker is the best. I so love her, and I want Eyal & Annie. ♥


Thanks for the advice. I've heard of that show and that it was good. I added it to my watchlist.


@dunpealhunter: I would recommend 'Alias', probably the only other spy show I have watched and thought was very good.


I like this show. A lot more than i like Chuck. In that show the CIA is a joke, in this tv show its way more believable and people actually die on occasion witch happens also in real life but not in Chuck to make it more kid-friendly. Piper Perabo plays Annie Walker, an overachieving and ambitious spy who just joined the CIA and is on the fast track of an promising career. Her work partner and best friend is the blind Auggie Anderson played by Christopher Gorham. Together they do all kinds of dangerous missions for the CIA. Outside Chuck i have not seen any spy tv shows, but i think this is probably one of the best spy tv shows out there that is still running. The tv show is filled with good action and there hasn't been a single episode so far that wasn't fun to watch. I hope this tv show has a long future, because ill keep watching it.

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