Cutthroat Kitchen

10 Best Episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen - Season 2

Just how far is a chef willing to go to win a cooking competition? Cutthroat Kitchen hands four chefs each $25,000 and the opportunity to spend that money on helping themselves or sabotaging their competitors. Ingredients will be thieved, utensils destroyed and valuable time on the clock lost when the chefs compete to cook delicious dishes while also having to outplot the competition. With Alton Brown as the devilish provocateur, nothing is out of bounds when money changes hands and we see just how far chefs will go to ensure they have the winning dish.

Written by Sophie and last updated on oct 04, 2022.

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Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E1

#13 - Wham, Clam, Thank You, Ma'am (Season 2 - Episode 1)

Things steam up when a chef is forced to cook an entire meal with a household iron. Then, a chef's clams casino gets supersized when they're forced to use geoduck. Things finally cool down in the kitchen, except for one chef who becomes extremely shaken up, when making an ice cream sundae.

The episode was rated 7.51 from 43 votes.

Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E8

#12 - A Crepe-y Situation (Season 2 - Episode 8)


One chef has their arms full when they're forced to do all of their ingredient shopping without the use of a basket. Then, someone needs to think fast when they have to start their huevos rancheros over from scratch. And one chef attempts not to get bent out of shape even though their crepe pan is.

The episode was rated 7.53 from 40 votes.

Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E4

#11 - The Yolk's on You (Season 2 - Episode 4)

Giada De Laurentiis guest judges this episode of Cutthroat Kitchen and is welcomed with a sweet version of a deviled egg. Then, one chef must avoid being canned when they have to create chicken and waffles with a whole canned chicken. Finally, we see if one chef can create a delicious dessert after their sugar is replaced with sugar cane.

The episode was rated 7.62 from 52 votes.

Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E7

#10 - A Penny for Your Chocolates (Season 2 - Episode 7)


A chef is turned into a potato artist when they are forced to mold French fries out of a vat of mashed potatoes. Then it's time to go camping when a chef must build a fire to cook a kebab plate. Finally, one chef takes more than their fare share of turns, while searching for chocolate for their chocolate chip cookies.

The episode was rated 7.67 from 39 votes.

Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E5

#9 - Cutthroat Kiddy Kitchen (Season 2 - Episode 5)

It's a tough dilemma when one chef forces another to choose between cooking with canned chicken or forfeit half their cooking time. Then, two chefs battle the cutthroat kitchen ball and chain when they are forced to share knives and tools. And in a climatic culmination, one chef has big problems with a tiny kitchen.

The episode was rated 7.68 from 44 votes.

Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E9

#8 - Melts in Your Pot, Not in Your Hand (Season 2 - Episode 9)


Two chefs must get creative when they're handed peelings or skinless potatoes to make potato skins. Then one chef goes island style when they must harvest all their water from coconuts to make pad Thai. Finally, a surprise party in the kitchen sends one chef searching for the right gift to complete their cake.

The episode was rated 7.70 from 33 votes.

Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E3

#7 - Shrimp or Get Off the Pot Sticker (Season 2 - Episode 3)

One chef gets put in a sticky situation when their pot sticker wrappers are doused in honey. Then, two chefs get up close and personal when they are forced to share ingredients to create their best peanut butter and jelly. And in a climatic conclusion, it's fresh versus frozen when a chef must harvest their shrimp from a block of ice.

The episode was rated 7.71 from 45 votes.

Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E13

#6 - Pressed or Steamed (Season 2 - Episode 13)


Cutthroat Kitchen takes things to the extreme when one chef loses everything but a roll of tin foil and heat while cooking a dish. Then, Alton auctions off his compost bucket forcing one chef to make a quiche out of the food bits that are normally thrown out. Finally, a clothes steamer and iron are the only sources of heat for a chef cooking mussels.

The episode was rated 7.74 from 35 votes.

Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E6

#5 - Soupsy Daisy (Season 2 - Episode 6)

One chef must get to work when they are handed a 500 watt work light as their only heat source to cook a quesadilla. Then it's careful cooking when someone is forced to cook chicken soup on a cookie sheet. And finally, Alton's bait bucket becomes one chef's main supply for a fish fry.

The episode was rated 7.75 from 36 votes.

Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E12

#4 - It's Not Delivery, It's Old Delivery (Season 2 - Episode 12)


Breakfast becomes the most important meal of the day when three chefs must find new uses for common breakfast appliances. Then, a chef must decide to go sweet or savory with their calzone when their entire stash of cheese is swapped out for tiramisu. In the final challenge, a chef is forced to downsize when they have to cook their fajitas on a mini skillet.

The episode was rated 7.76 from 29 votes.

Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E11

#3 - Gluttons for Punishment (Season 2 - Episode 11)

Four chefs return to Cutthroat Kitchen for more punishment and a second chance to outsmart and outcook their competition. Things start off with a blend when a chef gets to pulverize one competitor's hot dogs in a food processor. Then one chef goes back to science class when they're forced to cook pasta carbonara with a chemistry set. And finally it's anything but a day at the fair when a chef is handed a cotton candy machine to use as sugar for their brownies.

The episode was rated 7.77 from 26 votes.

Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E2

#2 - Duck, Duck, Gnocchi (Season 2 - Episode 2)


Things get messy when one chef is forced to wear a potato masher on their hand while making gnocchi. Then, one chef is turned into a handy man when they're given broken cooking utensils and a roll of duct tape. And finally, there's more than meets the eye when one chef's ice cream toppings are swapped out for some unusual imposters.

The episode was rated 7.85 from 53 votes.

Cutthroat Kitchen - S2E10

#1 - Foul Play (Season 2 - Episode 10)

Two chefs learn the true meaning of improvising when they're forced to switch dishes and sabotages in the middle of a challenge. Then, someone has to get innovative when they are given a loaf of sliced bread to use as a bread bowl for clam chowder. Finally, a chef is taken back to their childhood when they must harvest breading from chicken nuggets for their chicken fried steak.

The episode was rated 8.03 from 30 votes.

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