10 Worst Episodes of Dallas

The world's first mega-soap, and one of the most popular ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. Famous for one of the best cliffhangers in TV history, as the world asked "Who shot J.R.?" A slow-burner to begin with, Dallas hit its stride in the 2nd season, with long storylines and expert character development. Dallas ruled the airwaves in the 1980's.

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Dallas - S14E2

#1 - Charade (Season 14 - Episode 2)

With April still in harms way, Bobby is forced to acquiesce to the kidnapper's demands. Still stuck in the asylum, J.R. faces off with a dangeous foe. James loses more than his shirt in a high stakes poker game. While Cliff seems to be going up in the world, Liz finds herself in deadly danger. Cally finds J.R.s letter and makes a decision. Bobby gets a shock at the police station.

The episode was rated 6.85 from 13 votes.

Dallas - S14E22

#2 - Conundrum (1) (Season 14 - Episode 22)


In this two-part episode, J.R. is on the brink of despair, holding a gun to his own head, when he's visited by an other-worldly type named Adam. He takes a mystical journey in the "It's a Wonderful Life" slant and finds out what the lives of those around him would have been like had there never been a J.R. Ewing. What he sees is a world where Gary Ewing is a successful lawyer, Cliff Barnes is vice-president of the United States, Cally Harper is a battered wife, Bobby Ewing is a wandering loser, Sue Ellen Shepard is a thriving actress, and the other Ewing son is named Jason -- and is a weasley little user and jerk. Finally, the two-parter -- and the series -- ends with a gunshot.

The episode was rated 6.92 from 13 votes.

Dallas - S14E15

#3 - Win Some, Lose Some (Season 14 - Episode 15)

J.R. purchases an oil company from Liz Adams and extracts revenge on LeeAnn De La Vega. James learns the oil business form the master himself. Cliff is appointed Energy Czar, but spilts with Liz when he finds out J.R. bought her company. Michelle's attempts to seduce J.R. prove unsuccessful. Jory is kidnapped and Bobby must choose between saving her or bringing Hillary Taylor to justice.

The episode was rated 7.07 from 14 votes.

Dallas - S11E15

#4 - It's Me Again (Season 11 - Episode 15)


Lisa apologizes to Cliff. J.R. demands an "act of faith" from Kimberly before he leaves Sue Ellen. Lisa socializes with Cliff, asks him information about business,and relays it on to J.R. Bobby decides to stop visiting Lucas for Christopher's sake. Pearce withdraws from Sue Ellen's account. J.R. makes a promise to John Ross to get Ewing Oil back. April learns that Pearce may be connected to the mob. J.R. uses the information from Lisa against Cliff. Ray throws Randy out and alienates Charlie. Clayton meets Ellis, the girl from the painting. Wilson Cryder wants to buy Barnes/Wentworth out.

The episode was rated 7.09 from 11 votes.

Dallas - S9E19

#5 - Shadow Games (Season 9 - Episode 19)

J.R. takes advantage of Pam being away from Ewing Oil. In Colombia, Matt Cantrell nervously awaits the package from J.R. Jenna spends more and more time at Bobby's grave. J.R. warns Grace and Angelica to play fair. Miss Ellie is happy seeing Donna with the disabled children. J.R. confronts Clayton who learns of Ellie's step to help him out of his financial problem. Donna tells Ellie about the lost baby abnormality. J.R. meets Dr. Jerry Kenderson. Clayton and Miss Ellie get his problem out in the open. J.R. questions Sue Ellie about Jerry Kenderson. At the auction for Graison Research, Nicholas arrives with startling news from Athens.

The episode was rated 7.13 from 16 votes.

Dallas - S12E26

#6 - Reel Life (Season 12 - Episode 26)


After their return to Dallas, April and Bobby try to keep their European romance going. Cliff goes to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and gets duped by Afton's former husband Harrison Van Buren. Sue Ellen agrees to move to England with Don Lockwood but John Ross stays in Dallas. Weststar employees give Carter McKay a big welcome upon his return from Vienna. April gets scary, crank calls and Bobby decides to take her to Southfork. Bobby suspects that Tommy Mckay is making trouble again and he confronts Carter about it. Sue Ellen tells Cally that she'll have to fight for her identity in her marriage. Miss Ellie gets a birthday card addressed to Jock with a mysterious key inside. Sue Ellen gives J.R. a taste of what her ultimate revenge on him could be like-- a movie that will make J.R. "the laughing stock of Texas."

The episode was rated 7.13 from 15 votes.

Dallas - S14E4

#7 - Terminus (Season 14 - Episode 4)

J.R. calls on Cally to find out where James is. Bobby is furious with Jordan and has to play along with the game. Sly teams up with James to get even. J.R. returns to an empty Southfork and finds out that Sue Ellen has married Don Lockwood, and that Duke Carlisle took James at the poker game. Liz meets with McKay and bumps into Johnny Dancer. Sheila's plan nears its conclusion as the OPEC delegates arrive, but suddenly, there is gunfire....

The episode was rated 7.18 from 11 votes.

Dallas - S10E9

#8 - Bells Are Ringing (Season 10 - Episode 9)


Ray's shocking announcement about Jenna's pregnancy with Bobby's baby temporarily suspends the wedding and forces Miss Ellie to announce a slight delay as Bobby and Pam discuss what to do next. Bobby and Pam eventually remarry, despite J.R.'s attempts to manoeuvre the situation in his favor. After the wedding, Miss Ellie feels sorry for Pam while J.R. feels sorry for Jenna. Pam and Bobby wonder how he will manage to stay away from Jenna's baby. Jenna refuses to talk to Bobby. J.R. runs into Sue Ellen at Valentine's Lingerie. Jack has a fight with April and Cliff . J.R. learns about April's divorce settlement. The newlyweds celebrate their marriage with Clayton and Miss Ellie. Jack turns down J.R.'s offer to buy his 10 percent of Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen tells Parmalee to stay from John Ross. Parmalee surprises Sue Ellie with knowledge of details from the life of the Ewings from years ago. Bobby asks J.R.

The episode was rated 7.20 from 15 votes.

Dallas - S13E7

#9 - Fathers and Other Strangers (Season 13 - Episode 7)

Vanessa says that she came looking for James, and J.R. and Cally make her feel welcome. James dates Sly Lovegren but she plays hard to get. Bobby and April have another fight with Cliff and Michelle. J.R. and Vanessa reminisce about old times. Miss Ellie and Clayton meet Sarah Ewing and her Jewish family whom Jock saved during World War ll. Bobby takes James around the refineries. Tension between J.R. and Cliff rises and J.R. wants to buy Cliff out. Sarah Ewing gives Ellie a letter from Jock to his son, written 45 years ago. McKay is told that his tanker is in serious trouble. At the Oil Barons, everybody at the table is completely stunned, most of all J.R., as James makes his shocking revelation.

The episode was rated 7.21 from 14 votes.

Dallas - S11E10

#10 - Bedtime Stories (Season 11 - Episode 10)


Ray and Jenna announce their marriage to the Ewings. April asks Nicholas Pearce about his past. J.R. has a confrontation with Pearce about Sue Ellen . Bobby tells Lisa to stop seeing him and Christopher. Bobby has an unexpected encounter with an old friend, Tammy. Things get back to normal between Sue Ellen and Pearce. Lisa follows Bobby and Christopher. Bobby is not interested in joining forces with J.R. to fight Weststar. Lisa turns out to be Jeff Faraday's sister. Cliff learns that Dandy is in jail. J.R. gets a tempting offer from Kimberly Cryder.

The episode was rated 7.25 from 12 votes.

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