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The world's first mega-soap, and one of the most popular ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. Famous for one of the best cliffhangers in TV history, as the world asked "Who shot J.R.?" A slow-burner to begin with, Dallas hit its stride in the 2nd season, with long storylines and expert character development. Dallas ruled the airwaves in the 1980's.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Dallas

Dallas - S9E31

#1 - Blast from the Past


Season 9 - Episode 31

Angelica offers J.R. a deal. Sue Ellen worries over J.R.'s safety in his dealings with Angelica, a woman who's wanted for murder. Jack pulls out of the horse venture despite Clayton and Ray's disappointmeant. Tony calls Ray "dad" for the first time. J.R. sends Sue Ellen flowers and buys her a ring. Mark and Pam get married. J.R. tries to outmanoeuvre Angelica but tragedy strikes as Angelica plants bombs at Ewing Oil and in Jack's car. Meanwhile, Pam get a shock in the shower.

The episode was rated #1 Best episode of Dallas from 14 votes.

Dallas - S8E30

#2 - Swan Song


Season 8 - Episode 30

Sue Ellen gets drunk at the Ewing victory party. Donna tells Ray about her pregnancy. J.R. reassures Mandy Winger that the problem with Sue Ellen will be resolved. Jenna can't wait to get married and Bobby is confused about who he should marry. Sue Ellen assures Clayton and Miss Ellie that she stopped drinking. Mitch and Lucy remarry. Cliff considers an annulment of his marriage to Jamie. Dusty reappears. Pam tells Bobby he has to marry Jenna. J.R. asks Sue Ellen to agree to end their marriage. Bobby proposes to Pam. Jamie surprises Cliff during their conversation about annulment. Then as Bobby leaves Pams house, a car drives straight towards Pamela, Bobby pushes Pam out of the way and the car hits him. The crashes and the driver is revealed to be Katherine Wentoworth who is dead. Bobby is rushed to hospital where he dies of massive internal injuries.

The episode was rated #2 Best episode of Dallas from 24 votes.

Dallas - S12E10

#3 - The Sting


Season 12 - Episode 10

After Miss Ellie's decision to sell Section 40 to McKay. Wendell decides to sell most of his Weststar stock to make the purchase. McKay pressures Wendell to have his son Tommy released from prison. Ray leaves Southfork and goes back to Europe. Bobby tells Tracey that problems with her dad are separate from their relationship. The sheriff from Haleyville shows up at Ewing Oil and warns J.R. Sue Ellen tells Wendell off when he proposes to her. April and Lucy uncover Casey's con game. McKay gets a phone call from Tommy. J.R. wants to be oil partners with April. Tammy questions Cliff about Jamie. McKay makes up with Tracey as they anticipate Tommy's return. Kimberly Cryder tells McKay that she's got controlling interest in Weststar. Cally shows up at Southfork and announces she's J.R.'s wife.

The episode was rated #3 Best episode of Dallas from 16 votes.

Dallas - S7E29

#4 - Hush, Hush, Sweet Jessie


Season 7 - Episode 29

The Ewing family learns of Mark Graison's death. Bobby and Jenna hold off their announcement. Jenna fears that Mark's death may bring Bobby and Pam together. Pam gets a letter from Mark which reveals the real cause of the plane crash. A phone call from Dusty raises the tensions between Clayton and Jessica. Clayton tells Ray and Donna the truth about Dusty and Jessica's diary. Pam and Bobby talk about their years together and the divorce. Pam learns about the letter which Katherine wrote and which led to Pam and Bobby's divorce. Pam has a showdown with Katherine. Miss Ellie and Jessica disappear and the Ewings fear Ellie is in serious trouble.

The episode was rated #4 Best episode of Dallas from 21 votes.

Dallas - S3E25

#5 - A House Divided


Season 3 - Episode 25

The cartel members and J.R.'s banker are financially ruined after the nationalization of the Asian fields. Seth Stone, one of the cartel members, kills himself. J.R. moves to drive Kristin and Alan Beam out of town and he wants to put Sue Ellen back into the sanitarium. Pam and Bobby leave Dallas when Bobby learns that J.R. shut down an oil field to stop Cliff from having his portion of revenge based on an agreement between Digger and Jock which Cliff has found among Digger's papers. An unknown visitor calls on J.R. late at the office...

The episode was rated #5 Best episode of Dallas from 33 votes.

Dallas - S11E7

#6 - Last Tango in Dallas


Season 11 - Episode 7

Bobby meets Lisa Alden. Jenna and Ray get romantically involved. Nicholas Pearce wants April's business. Dandy talks Cliff into looking for oil. Pam leaves Bobby her power of attorney for her Wentworth Industries stock. Bobby goes on a date with Lisa. Ray comes to the Oil Barons Ball with Jenna. J.R. meets Nicholas Pearce. Ray proposes to Jenna. Clayton's heart condition causes more problems.

The episode was rated #6 Best episode of Dallas from 10 votes.

Dallas - S13E15

#7 - Unchain My Heart


Season 13 - Episode 15

Cliff gives a television interview following the committee's decision on the tanker collision. Bobby gives April an engagement ring but then they break up over three Ewing Oil fields which April bought behind Bobby's back and then unknowingly sold to Weststar. Cliff meets public relations expert Stephanie Rogers. J.R., Cally and John Ross travel to Pride, Texas to help Miss Ellie put the town back on the oil map. Clayton remains sceptical about the new Pride venture. James and Michelle make up. Bobby warms James against doing business out of Ewing Oil offices without his knowledge. Bobby thinks he saw Pamela.

The episode was rated #7 Best episode of Dallas from 11 votes.

Dallas - S10E27

#8 - The Dark at the End of the Tunnel


Season 10 - Episode 27

Bobby, Ray, and Miss Ellie sell their Ewing Oil holdings to J.R. Pam returns her 25 percent of Barnes/Wentworth to Cliff. April enjoys her new wealth and buys a restaurant. Ray shows pictures of Margaret to Jenna and Charlie. Wendell gives the Justice Department data on Ewing Oil and B.D. Calhoun. Sue Ellen uses Mandy Winger to test J.R.'s fidelity. Cliff makes a scene at Ewing Oil. Phyllis breaks down upon hearing the news that Ewing Oil is being dissolved. Just as Miss Ellie gets her hopes up for the family's future, she gets terrible news from Washington. Clayton has a violent confrontation with J.R. and is knocked unconscious.

The episode was rated #8 Best episode of Dallas from 13 votes.

Dallas - S12E2

#9 - No Greater Love


Season 12 - Episode 2

Clayton wants to sell his refineries to Bobby. John Ross questions his mother about why she shot J.R. J.R. fires Harry McSween and moves back to Southfork to gain an advantage in his fight for permanent custody over John Ross. Tammy Miller reappears in Bobby's life. Sue Ellen buys a new house and moves in with John Ross. Miss Ellie and Clayton socialize with Carter McKay. Cliff decides to get out of the oil business. John Ross gets beaten up by kids at school because of his mother shooting J.R. Mitch comes to Southfork and asks Lucy to come back home. April tells Bobby that Cliff lied about seeing Pam. A drunk Bobby appears at Tammy's place. Mitch's job puts a strain on his marriage to Lucy. Sue Ellen decides to let John Ross live at Southfork but she vows to eventually even the score with J.R.

The episode was rated #9 Best episode of Dallas from 13 votes.

Dallas - S4E4

#10 - Who Done It?


Season 4 - Episode 4

Sue Ellen's fingerprints are identified on the gun that was used to shoot J.R. and she is arrested. Feeling abandoned by the family, her bail is posted by an unknown source and she seeks solace from Kristin. Bobby continues to find obstacles to him doing business. Dr Ellby puts Sue Ellen under hypnosis to try and remember what happened the night J.R. was shot. What she remembers solves the mystery of "Who Shot J.R."

The episode was rated #10 Best episode of Dallas from 27 votes.

Dallas - S9E6
#11 - Mothers
Season 9 - Episode 6

J.R. wants to nominate Bobby as Oilman Of The Year. Mark Graison wants to fund a medical research center. Sue Ellen's mother Patricia arrives at Southfork and meets Clayton Farlow. J.R. harshly rejects Wendell's buyout offer. Jack confronts J.R. about the burglary in his apartment. Patricia questions J.R. about his marriage to Sue Ellen . Mark acts as a go-between for Pam in her business dealings with J.R. and Wendell. Jack is interested in Jenna Wade. Sue Ellen's mother visits her at the sanitarium. Mandy Winger disappears. Patricia and Miss Ellie have a fight about J.R. and Sue Ellen. Pam makes a decision on Wendell's offer which gets J.R. depressed.

The episode was rated #1 Best episode of Dallas from 11 votes.

Dallas - S11E1
#12 - After the Fall: Ewing Rise
Season 11 - Episode 1

Pam is taken to the hospital with third-degree burns and serious injuries from the car crash. J.R. embarks on building a new company-- J.R.E. Industries. Doctors tell Bobby that Pam will most probably live. Cliff feels guilty about letting Digger down regarding J.R. and Ewing Oil. Jenna nurtures her new baby boy. J.R. and Sue Ellen get close. April offers Cliff her help in coping after the loss of Ewing Oil. April meets Wilson Cryer, Jeremy Wendell's executive assistant. Bobby must face Christopher and explain about Pam. J.R. consoles Bobby.

The episode was rated #2 Best episode of Dallas from 11 votes.

Dallas - S10E11
#13 - Proof Positive
Season 10 - Episode 11

Clayton moves out on Miss Ellie. Sue Ellen shows her "Valentine Lingerie" business to Pamela. J.R. confronts his mother about Clayton staying at a hotel. Jenna tells Charlie that she will not abort the baby.Jenna and Charlie get along fine again. Miss Ellie tells Ray that she's got to resolve the Parmalee problem. April plots to profit from ex-husband Jack. Mandy is offered a Hollywood contract. Ray invites Clayton to move into his house. The Environmental Protection Agency wants to shut down Cliff's 340 field. Pam shocks Jenna with an offer concerning Jenna's baby. Parmalee takes a lie-detector test and J.R. and Bobby are shocked by the results. J.R. tells Mandy that she will never be his wife. Jamie thinks she's got the solution to Cliff's environmental problem. Parmalee theatens to sell Ewing Oil to Jeremy Wendell.

The episode was rated #3 Best episode of Dallas from 11 votes.

Dallas - S13E8
#14 - Black Tide
Season 13 - Episode 8

Vanessa reassures J.R. that James is really his son. James' appearence puts a strain on Cally and J.R.'s marriage. Cally accuses Vanessa of plotting to take J.R. away from her. A tanker collision involving Ewing Oil and Weststar puts the two companies on opposite sides again, as a black tide of oil is heading toward the Texas coast. Tension rises between J.R. and Bobby when Bobby finds out about the Ewing tanker. Cliff leaves Ewing Oil, takes McKay's side, and forms a committee to investigate the tanker disaster. Michelle threatens J.R. because in her view, he didn't keep his word after she got Cliff out of Ewing Oil. Vanessa unsuccessfully tries to talk James into going to Europe with her. Vanessa leaves for Europe and James moves into Southfork.

The episode was rated #4 Best episode of Dallas from 14 votes.

Dallas - S14E21
#15 - The Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire
Season 14 - Episode 21

Michelle is arrested for Hillary Taylor's murder. Cliff and J.R. jockey to take control of Ewing Oil. Jory heads back to Malilbu after her mother's funeral. Carter McKay and Dusty Farlow give J.R. a little payback. With Southfork feeling lonely and forever changed, J.R. drinks himself to oblivion and contemplates life...

The episode was rated #5 Best episode of Dallas from 14 votes.

Dallas - S3E22
#16 - Jock's Trial (1)
Season 3 - Episode 22

Cliff is put in charge of the investigation into the possible murder on Southfork and pursues the Ewings. Miss Ellie continues to fight the park development. Digger's back, and drinking again - he's found unconscious at Cliff's. Sue Ellen turns to Bobby as she becomes further embroiled in J.R.s plan. Then she hears some devastating news.

The episode was rated #6 Best episode of Dallas from 21 votes.

Dallas - S7E4
#17 - My Brother's Keeper
Season 7 - Episode 4

J.R. encourages Bobby to take a break from Ewing business, considering the divorce he's going through. Sue Ellen is happy to see John Ross having fun at the camp, and chats with Peter Richards. J.R. sabotages the Canadian drilling operation. Donna meets up with a former legal acquaintance. Ray and Aunt Lil wonder how to keep Mickey from getting depressed. Afton, Cliff and Mark take Pamela for a night out but Bobby and J.R. are there, with company. Mickey tells Lucy she shouldn't come to the hospital so often. Ray continues to feel guilty over what happened to Mickey. Afton is still very suspicious of Katherine's intentions. She thinks Katherine is after Bobby. Mickey tells Ray that he's rather die than live on a life-support system. Katherine discourages Bobby from going to the court hearing, where Pamela and Bobby are officially get divorced.

The episode was rated #7 Best episode of Dallas from 21 votes.

Dallas - S7E30
#18 - End Game
Season 7 - Episode 30

Tension rises at the Ewing residence as the search for Miss Ellie and Jessica continues. Clayton and J.R. have a fight over Clayton's mentally unstable sister. Bobby confronts J.R. over his plotting with Jessica to stop the wedding. Cliff seeks Jordan Lee's help in getting another crew for his offshore drilling. Ellie is rescued from Jessica's clutches. Sue Ellen feels sorry for Pamela after Mark's death. Clayton and Ellie decide not to postpone the wedding, despite the recent events. Clayton tries to figure out Jessica's mental state and her motive for kidnapping Ellie. Pam learns that Jenna Wade and Bobby will be getting married. Clayton and Miss Ellie get married. Cliff is mad to learn that Pam left Dallas without saying where she's going. Ellie and Clayton go on a cruise to the Mediterranean. Katherine makes a scene during an angry exchange with Bobby. J.R. reveals the setup on the offshore drilling to a completely stunned Cliff. Edgar Randolph reappears in Dallas vowing revenge on J.R

The episode was rated #8 Best episode of Dallas from 24 votes.

Dallas - S12E11
#19 - The Two Mrs. Ewings
Season 12 - Episode 11

Miss Ellie takes Cally around the house. John Ross questions his father about who Cally is. Cally tells J.R. she'll either be his wife or she won't let him touch her. J.R. thinks Bobby is getting too close to McKay and Tracey. J.R. wants an annulment of his marriage to Cally but Harve Smithfield gives him no hope. Cliff dates Tammy Miller. Marilee Stone is surprised that Cilff is part of Ewing Oil. Lucy gives Cally a makeover but it turns out a disaster. John Ross resents Cally. J.R. plots to use April to thwart Bobby and Cliff's deal in Louisiana. Bruce Harvey reappears and wants Sue Ellen to make more movies. Sue Ellen flies to the West Coast and gets ready to buy a film studio. In Miami, McKay and Tracey visit Tommy at the hospital. Lucy is down because Mitch is divorcing her and she's got no date for the Oil Barons' Ball, Sue Ellen meets Tracey Lawton and they talk about Bobby. J.R. disapproves of Bobby dating Tracey. Sue Ellen meets Cally and punches J.R. in the face. Carter McKay is announced as the new CEO of Weststar.

The episode was rated #9 Best episode of Dallas from 15 votes.

Dallas - S11E30
#20 - The Fat Lady Singeth
Season 11 - Episode 30

Clayton asks J.R. to turn John Ross over to Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen and Pearce search for John Ross. After Ray's affair with Connie, he and Jenna wonder how it will affect their marriage. Casey meets Lucy and they date. Jenna confides in Miss Ellie about her marital problem. J.R. gets the Ewing Oil property back from Jeremy Wendell but Bobby rebuffs his offer to work together again. Jenna decides to give Ray another chance. Jordan Lee tells Cliff that he saw Pam. Ray and Jenna leave Dallas. Pearce gets killed in a confrontation with J.R. Sue Ellen fires three shots at J.R.

The episode was rated #10 Best episode of Dallas from 13 votes.

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Dallas was a phenomenon at the time that can't be repeated or transformed in our time. The Mother-Soap. Once in a lifetime you should have watched it but skip the infamous Season 9 (if you don't know why you are either very young or completely unaware in the 80s ;-) ). I admit the quality of the show drops to the end but in general it's still a good show.


As soaps go it is one of the most iconic ones with one of the bigger than life families. It had some tremendous cliffhangers at times and engaging characters to follow. Surprise series ender that was a devilish spin on "It is a Wonderful Life" is a stand out moment on this show. Series killed itself by doing some terrible choices over the years but the worst was making one season a pointless dream. Lasted too long as well and some character arc leads out in nowhere and has no payoff or were ever seen again. The best with the show was seeing how they resolved their cliffhangers though and the opening credits.

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