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10 Worst Episodes of Dance Moms

Dance Moms is a reality TV show that has been airing on Lifetime since 2011. Set in Pittsburgh, it follows the Abby Lee Dance Company's Junior Elite Competition Team of young girls aged 11–14 years old as they travel week-to-week to various dance competitions. With 9 seasons of the show, there have been some episodes that viewers have considered some of the worst. Here we will rank the worst episodes of Dance Moms and discuss why they are not fan favorites.

When ranking the worst episodes of Dance Moms, there are certain criteria to consider. These criteria will include how the episode was received by viewers, how bad the episode was in terms of storyline and how it affected the show as a whole.

So, let's take a look back at the worst episodes of Dance Moms and rank them from bad to worse.

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 13, 2023.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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Dance Moms - S6E26

#10 - Mommy Meltdown (Season 6 - Episode 26)

Abby tasks the minis with their first lyrical routine to honor her mother on Mother's Day; the elites are tested when their mothers make a decision that leaves them without a group dance for the competition; the mothers give Abby an ultimatum.

The episode was rated 7.04 from 100 votes.

Dance Moms - S4E15

#9 - Lights! Camera! Dance! (Season 4 - Episode 15)


The episode "Lights! Camera! Dance!" from the show Dance Moms is an emotional and intense one. Melissa takes control during Mackenzie's music video shoot, and the power quickly goes to her head. The Abby Lee Dance Company is under immense pressure to continue their winning streak of 13 consecutive wins. All the dances in this episode are dedicated to Abby's ailing mother, adding a special and emotional tone to the show.

The stakes are raised and all the dancers feel the pressure to perform. The emotions are high and the music video shoot is a huge responsibility for Mackenzie. Melissa is determined to make sure the shoot is a success, but her controlling nature can get in the way. As the episode progresses, the dancers must put aside their differences and come together to create a show-stopping performance in honor of Abby's mother.

The episode was rated 7.02 from 61 votes.

Dance Moms - S4E4

#8 - Chloe vs. Kendall: Round 2 (Season 4 - Episode 4)

Cathy's back and ready to beat Abby with a new team of boys. Abby is nervous and pushes her team, especially Chloe and Kendall, who are dancing solos head-to-head for the second time this season. With another round of open call auditions looming, every team member feels the pressure to prove to Abby that they belong at the Abby Lee Dance Company.

The episode was rated 7.01 from 76 votes.

Dance Moms - S3E25

#7 - No Room for Rotten Apples (Season 3 - Episode 25)


On this episode of Dance Moms, the pressure is on for the Candy Apple's team, and no team member's spot is secure. The team's mother, Rick, worries when her son Jalen is assigned his first contemporary solo. Meanwhile, Cathy, the studio owner, battles it out with Anthony in an attempt to regain control of her studio.

The Candy Apple's team is a strong one, and the competition is fierce. As they prepare for their upcoming competition, each team member works hard to perfect their assigned solos. However, the pressure is on for Rick, who is worried that Jalen may not be able to handle the demands of a contemporary solo. Cathy, on the other hand, is determined to gain back control of her studio. She and Anthony come to blows as she attempts to prove that she can handle the responsibility.

The episode was rated 6.97 from 29 votes.

Dance Moms - S6E5

#6 - Abby's Replaceable (Season 6 - Episode 5)

Abby locks the team out of her Los Angeles studio; Debbie Allen invites the ALDC to work with her; guest choreographer Nakul includes the minis in a difficult Bollywood routine; Kalani and Nia are pushed to their breaking point with a duet.

The episode was rated 6.96 from 133 votes.

Dance Moms - S4E11

#5 - Blame It on the New Girl (Season 4 - Episode 11)


Abby's new completion team is taking shape and another new girl and dance mom tryout. Cathy readies her team to end the Abby Lee Dance Company's winning streak. Meanwhile Abby's girls dance at a nursing home to help cheer up her ailing mother.

The episode was rated 6.93 from 67 votes.

Dance Moms - S3E32

#4 - The Dancing Dead (Season 3 - Episode 32)

In this episode of Dance Moms, Abby receives the remains of her beloved dog, Broadway Baby. This is a very emotional moment for Abby and the girls, as Broadway Baby was a significant part of their lives. At the same time, Kelly secretly meets with the mothers to discuss the future of the team, with Maddie's star continuing to fall and Nia's on the rise. It is difficult for all of the girls to process the emotional weight of the loss of Broadway Baby, but they also must consider their future in the competition.

The mothers of the team are integral in this episode, as Kelly works to discuss the future of the team and how to keep them all motivated and engaged. She works to ensure that each of the girls is getting the attention and recognition they need, even as Maddie's star is fading and Nia's is on the rise. This episode is filled with emotion and a few surprises, as the girls must come to terms with the loss of Broadway Baby and the shifting dynamics within the team.

The episode was rated 6.89 from 37 votes.

Dance Moms - S3E30

#3 - Recital Rebellion (Season 3 - Episode 30)


This week is the ALDC recital. . The girls learn a new group dance entitled "Sugar Babies". Abby also throws in a photo shoot for Dance Track magazine. Paige gets assigned to new solo, while all the other girls get an old solo. Paige admits to Abby she doesn't want a new solo.

The episode was rated 6.76 from 41 votes.

Dance Moms - S4E8

#2 - Wingman Down (Season 4 - Episode 8)

With Kelly and her daughters no longer at the studio, a lonely Christi isolates herself from the other moms. Kira and her daughter Kalani are tested for a spot on Abby's competition team. Holly worries that Nia won't be prepared for her solo due to Abby's inattentiveness.

The episode was rated 6.65 from 77 votes.

Dance Moms - S4E32

#1 - Playing Favorites (Season 4 - Episode 32)


The moms from both the Elite and Select Teams face off against Abby to hash out their grudges from this season and accuse her of blatant favoritism. Maddie takes the stage to talk about her recent success in Hollywood with the Sia video, the girls present new dances, and of course, Cathy makes an appearance to ruffle Abby's feathers.

The episode was rated 6.62 from 26 votes.

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