Detective Conan

10 Best Episodes of Detective Conan

The cases of a detective whose physical age was chemically reversed to that of a prepubescent boy and he must hide his true mental development.

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 08, 2023.

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Detective Conan - S22E22

#15 - The Jet-Black Mystery Train (Tunnel) (Season 22 - Episode 22)

Conan and Sera involve in investigation and in destination Nagoya station Jirokichi Suzuki and his team waiting for Mystery train to arrive where in meantime more visitors appear to be aboard train, Haibara's feeling ultimately afraid after someone passed in front of her eyes

The episode was rated 8.89 from 18 votes.

Detective Conan - S9E12

#14 - The Mysterious Passenger (Part Two) (Season 9 - Episode 12)


With Jodieโ€™s help, Conan is able to prevent the busjacking, but the bombs canโ€™t be stopped. After the bus is evacuated, Conan realizes there is still someone on the bus: Haibara!

The episode was rated 8.90 from 29 votes.

Detective Conan - S9E11

#13 - The Mysterious Passenger (Part One) (Season 9 - Episode 11)

The Detective Boys run into Jodie-sensei and Araide-sensei on a bus. Haiabara senses a member of the Black Organization on the bus when it is hijacked.

The episode was rated 8.92 from 24 votes.

Detective Conan - S19E15

#12 - The Black Time Limit Drawing Near (Season 19 - Episode 15)


The Detective Boys run into a strange man named Kyozo Daita who invites them to a cake shop after stopping a thief for him. While talking with him, Conan notices the man is acting strangely. The next day, Kogoro receives an anonymous request to investigate a case involving red shirts with long sleeves. The mysterious caller requests to meet them on the third floor of a department store. At the store, the three then run into a man who explains he has been strapped with bombs. The man explains he was knocked unconscious in the bathroom and found himself like that. He explains the bomber told him that if anyone leaves the floor or calls the police, the bomber will detonate the bombs in the building. He discloses the bomber's demands, to find the sender of thirteen red shirts.

The episode was rated 8.93 from 15 votes.

Detective Conan - S17E10

#11 - Clash of Red and Black (Testament) (Season 17 - Episode 10)

Rena wakes up and knocks out FBI agent Camel, which stops the chase. Once freed, she reunites with the other members. Chianti prepares to kill Camel, but the vehicle explodes. Onlookers appear, causing the BO gang to flee. Later, Andre is alive and Jodie and James learns that the Akai and Conan intended to unite Rena Mizunashi with the other members all along, and explain their plan. It's revealed that Rena is a CIA agent who was undercover as a BO member. She was forced to kill her father after she made a mistake that would've revealed her secret.

The episode was rated 8.93 from 15 votes.

Detective Conan - S25E51

#10 - Memories From Sakura Class (Shinichi BOY) (Season 25 - Episode 51)


13 years ago, Shinichi and Ran met at kindergarten. Shinichi tells Yusaku and Yukiko about the suspicious behavior of Efune, a teacher who favors Ran. The next day, Efune takes the children to the park far away from the kindergarten. Yusaku goes to check on the children while dressed in disguise and witnesses the driver of a parked van taking photos of the children and smiling. Later, Yusaku learns Efune's wife is staying at the hospital next to the park and begins to realize Efune's plot...

The episode was rated 8.94 from 16 votes.

Detective Conan - S11E19

#9 - Trembling Metropolitan Police Headquarters 12 Million Hostages (Season 11 - Episode 19)

The death of Satou's last partner haunts her when she is put up against the same bomber. The bomber likes to place bombs around the city. Some bombs will display the location of an even bigger bomb if left for the last three seconds, this resulted in the death of Satou's partner in the past. After following clues placed by the bomber, Takagi and Conan are trapped in an elevator, where they await the bomb's clue to the location of an even bigger bomb. Conan disarms the bomb before the last second as he has already figured out the last part of the code. He stops the bomber and he is captured.

The episode was rated 8.94 from 34 votes.

Detective Conan - S8E26

#8 - The Gathering of the Detectives! Kudo Shinichi vs Kaito Kid! (Season 8 - Episode 26)


Kaitou Kid reminisces over the time he was almost caught by Shinichi Kudo. A detective meeting as been called by an unknown person using Kaitou Kidโ€™s name. As the detectives become stranded in the mansion, one is murdered.

The episode was rated 8.96 from 28 votes.

Detective Conan - S17E7

#7 - Clash of Red and Black (Awakening) (Season 17 - Episode 7)

Rikumichi Kusuda, the fake patient who the FBI is spying on, sneaks into the nurse's office and takes pictures of the list patients. He is caught by a nurse and the FBI deploy. Rikumichi unravels the bandages around his neck to reveal he has C-4 explosives and makes a getaway in a car. Akai follows him with Conan who was hiding in the back, but the chase is cut short when Rikumichi shoots himself. Conan broke Rikumichi's cell phone prior to the escape, but it's too late, the Black Organization already knows where Rena lies. Back in Rena's room, Eisuke walks in demanding her to wake up and tell him where his sister is. Just as Eisuke is about to stab her with scissors, Rena grabs his hand.

The episode was rated 9.00 from 16 votes.

Detective Conan - S5E23

#6 - A University Professor and the Girl Who Came From the Black Organization (Season 5 - Episode 23)


A new student named Ai Haibara comes to Conan's class and at that same day, a boy's brother was kidnapped. The brother asking the Detective Boys for help, decide to help find his brother...only it leads to something with something quite interesting.

The episode was rated 9.09 from 32 votes.

Detective Conan - S17E14

#5 - Clash of Red and Black (Killed in the Line of Duty) (Season 17 - Episode 14)

Shuichi goes to meet up with Kir. It turns out to be a trap. As told, Kir follows Gin's instructions and eliminates their only threat to the Black Organization. The FBI is eventually informed, and Takagi confirms the death. The news hits Jodie the hardest who has flashbacks of her partner. While driving by her motorcycle, Vermouth notices a distraught Jodie and says to herself that only one Silver-bullet is needed, not two. Later, Jodie returns a fake cell phone in place of Conan's real cell phone who notices the switch, but does not say anything.

The episode was rated 9.26 from 19 votes.

Detective Conan - S24E20

#4 - A Scarlet Return (Season 24 - Episode 20)


Amuro visits Okiya at his home and begins explaining how one corpse was swapped out for another. The suspected corpse, Shuichi Akai, was shot in the head and burned along with his car at Raiha Pass. However, Amuro believes Akai switched his own body out for Kusuda's and is in fact still alive. Amuro explains Akai's trick step by step to Okiya. Meanwhile, Jodie was thinking the same thing as Amuro. Amuro reasons the body swap was planned not by Akai but by Conan. Amuro then asks Okiya to remove his mask. He is certain Okiya is Akai, but..

The episode was rated 9.39 from 23 votes.

Detective Conan - S22E24

#3 - The Jet-Black Mystery Train (Destination) (Season 22 - Episode 24)

All the lines of truth will be crossed in Mystery train, Bourbon identity finally revealed, Conan unable to do anything ! Secret of Scar Akai revealed ! What could be worst than drama explosion that will change whole storyline !!

The episode was rated 9.43 from 23 votes.

Detective Conan - S12E30

#2 - Head-to-Head Match With Black Organization, Two Mysteries Night of the Full Moon (Season 12 - Episode 30)


Mystery One: Kogoro is invited to an ""off"" Halloween party on a cruise ship. by Vermouth. The guests have to dress as monsters. Ran not wanting to go, Sonoko takes her place instead. Meanwhile Shin'ichi is also invited. But he knows by the reaction of Ai that she is from the Black Organization. How can he go to the party and not reveal his true form? This case twists when a famous movie director is murdered. Mystery Two: Jodie has been having an interesting memory flashback, about a murder. But while Ai still has a cold, Dr. Araide is coming over to take her to a hospital. Though before he arrives, Jodie takes Ai in her car to meet him there instead. Though when Dr. Araide cuts them off on the road, some interesting questions are answered. The cases are intertwined somehow and this night might answer some questions in this two hour special.

The episode was rated 9.58 from 38 votes.

Detective Conan - S24E21

#1 - A Scarlet Truth (Season 24 - Episode 21)

Akai suddenly appears in the back seat of Jodie's car and fires at the secret police's vehicles. The bullet strikes a tire, and the FBI agents successfully shake off the secret police. Meanwhile, at the Kudo family home Amuro's subordinates inform him Akai shot out a tire, causing their cars to crash. Later, Jodie's car returns to the crash site. Akai takes a cell phone from the secret police and begins speaking to Amuro (Bourbon). He tells him it was a mistake to let Conan know he had the nickname Zero. Akai knew who Amuro truly was...

The episode was rated 9.63 from 24 votes.

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