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10 Best Episodes of Doctor Who

Are you a fan of time travel, thrilling adventures, and saving the universe from imminent destruction? Then you're in for a treat with the long-running TV show, Doctor Who. This beloved series has captured the hearts of millions since its revival in 2005, taking viewers on a wild ride through time and space. With its unique premise and captivating storytelling, Doctor Who has become a cult classic and a must-watch for any sci-fi enthusiast.

At the center of Doctor Who is the enigmatic character known simply as the Doctor. This Time Lord, portrayed by a talented cast of actors, is a 900-year-old alien with two hearts and an insatiable desire to explore the cosmos. Armed with a trusty time-traveling spaceship called the TARDIS, the Doctor embarks on thrilling adventures across different planets and time periods. Whether it's battling sinister creatures, solving complex mysteries, or righting the wrongs of the universe, the Doctor's mission is to save lives and protect the fabric of reality itself.

Since its inception, Doctor Who has garnered a dedicated fan base, known as Whovians, who eagerly await each new episode. With a whopping 15 seasons under its belt, the show has amassed an impressive catalog of episodes that span a wide range of genres and themes. From heart-pounding action to heartwarming character moments, Doctor Who offers something for everyone. So, grab your sonic screwdriver and get ready to dive into the best episodes this iconic series has to offer.

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Doctor Who - S5E1

#15 - The Eleventh Hour (Season 5 - Episode 1)

In the episode "The Eleventh Hour" of Doctor Who, we see the Doctor facing danger right after his regeneration. With the TARDIS wrecked and his sonic screwdriver destroyed, the new Doctor has only 20 minutes to save the entire world. Luckily, he has the help of Amy Pond, a new companion who brings a fresh energy to the show. Fans have praised Matt Smith's portrayal of the Doctor, saying he brings a level of excitement never seen before. And while Rose may always hold the title of the best-ever companion, Amelia (Amy) Pond has quickly become a fan favorite, with amazing chemistry with the Doctor. This season promises thrilling adventures in time and space, with the mystery of a crack in the fabric of reality to be unraveled.

The first episode of the new season has left viewers in awe, instantly making the new Doctor and companion their favorites. The dynamic between them is said to be great, and fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming adventures. One intriguing moment in the episode is when Amy asks the Doctor about tomorrow, and he dismisses it as nothing. However, the closing shot reveals a wedding dress, leaving fans curious about what's to come. With such excitement and anticipation, it's clear that this season of Doctor Who is off to a fantastic start.

While opinions may vary, many viewers have expressed their preference for Amy over previous companions like Rose and Donna. However, Martha still holds a special place in the hearts of some fans. Regardless, the introduction of Amy Pond has been met with enthusiasm, and her character has quickly risen to the top of the favorites list. With the strong chemistry between Amy and the Doctor, this season promises to deliver memorable moments and keep fans hooked on the adventures in time and space.

Overall, "The Eleventh Hour" sets the stage for an exciting season of Doctor Who, with a new Doctor and companion taking center stage. Fans are thrilled with the energy Matt Smith brings to the role and have quickly fallen in love with Amy Pond. As the mystery of the crack in reality unfolds, viewers can't wait to see what's in store for the Doctor and his companion. With such positive feedback from fans, it's clear that this episode has left a lasting impression and set the bar high for the rest of the season.

The episode was rated 8.59 from 1507 votes.

Doctor Who - S1E13

#14 - The Parting of the Ways (2) (Season 1 - Episode 13)


In the thrilling Doctor Who episode "The Parting of the Ways," the fate of the Universe hangs in the balance as the Dalek fleet begins their invasion of Earth. The Doctor is faced with an impossible decision: sacrifice all of humanity to save the rest of the universe from the Daleks. Meanwhile, he knows he must send Rose home, but can he bear to do it? This action-packed season finale is filled with heart-stopping moments, emotional performances, and mind-blowing special effects. It's no wonder that it is considered one of the best Doctor Who episodes of all time.

The episode is divided into two distinctive halves. The first half cleverly places the characters within fictionalized versions of popular reality TV shows, adding a unique twist to the story. The second half ramps up the tension and stakes as the Daleks become an unstoppable force. The emotional impact of the scenes, the complex relationships between the characters, and the thrilling interactions between the Doctor and the Daleks make this episode truly unforgettable.

One of the highlights of "The Parting of the Ways" is the stellar performances from the entire cast. Christopher Eccleston delivers a powerhouse emotional performance as the Doctor, while Billie Piper brings depth and determination to her role as Rose. The supporting characters, such as Lynda with a Y, played by Jo Joyner, add another layer of intrigue and likability to the story.

With its epic music, stunning production design, and gripping storytelling, "The Parting of the Ways" is a must-watch episode for Doctor Who fans. It sets the bar high for modern era season finales, combining exhilarating action with a deeply emotional finale. Don't miss out on this thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The episode was rated 8.61 from 1507 votes.

Doctor Who - S4E11

#13 - Turn Left (Season 4 - Episode 11)

In the Doctor Who episode "Turn Left," Donna finds herself at a carnival on the Chino-planet of Shan Shen. Little does she know, her life is about to take a drastic turn. After having her fortune read, Donna's past is carefully examined, revealing the importance of her role in preventing darkness from engulfing the entire universe. With the Doctor missing, Donna teams up with Rose, a traveler from a parallel universe, to face this daunting task.

Fans of the show have hailed "Turn Left" as an epic episode, filled with gripping moments and unexpected twists. Russell T. Davies, the mastermind behind the series, showcases his creative brilliance in this installment. Catherine Tate delivers her best performance as Donna, and Bernard Cribbins shines alongside her. The haunting line, "The stars are going out," sends chills down viewers' spines, serving as a stark reminder that things can always get worse.

While some viewers may find Donna's character annoying, others appreciate her significant role in this episode. "Turn Left" not only highlights the importance of the Doctor but also showcases the return of Rose, a beloved companion loved by many. This episode serves as a powerful reminder of just how instrumental the Doctor is in protecting Earth and all other worlds in the cosmos. With its terrifying and exhilarating storyline, "Turn Left" is a must-watch for Doctor Who fans craving an unforgettable adventure.

The episode was rated 8.64 from 1166 votes.

Doctor Who - S4E8

#12 - Silence in the Library (1) (Season 4 - Episode 8)


In the Doctor Who episode "Silence in the Library," the Doctor and Donna find themselves in a terrifying situation in the distant future. As they explore an abandoned library, they encounter the disembodied mind of a young girl, an archaeological team led by a woman from the Doctor's future, and shadowy creatures that feed on flesh. It's a spine-chilling adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

This episode has been hailed as one of the most terrifying in the Doctor Who series. With comments like "Donna Noble has left the library. Donna Noble has been saved" and "Hey, who turned off the light?" it's clear that the suspense and fear factor are off the charts. Fans have praised the introduction of River Song, a complex and iconic character who has become a fan favorite over the past decade. The episode's expertly crafted tension, gut-wrenching moments, and brilliant storytelling by writer Steven Moffat make it a must-watch for Doctor Who enthusiasts.

With a 9/10 rating and comments like "phenomenal" and "brilliant," it's clear that "Silence in the Library" is a standout episode. Moffat's ability to create memorable standalone episodes shines through, with the introduction of characters like Miss Evangelista and the terrifying villain. From start to finish, this episode delivers a thrilling and captivating experience that will leave you in awe of Moffat's genius. Don't miss out on this iconic installment in the Doctor Who series.

The episode was rated 8.66 from 1267 votes.

Doctor Who - S5E12

#11 - The Pandorica Opens (1) (Season 5 - Episode 12)

In this thrilling episode of Doctor Who, titled "The Pandorica Opens," the Doctor's friends come together to deliver a dire warning. The Pandorica, a legendary artifact rumored to contain the most feared being in the entire cosmos, is opening. The anticipation builds as we wonder what lies within and whether the Doctor can prevent the impending catastrophe. With a rating of 10/10 and hailed as an epic installment, this episode continues to captivate audiences even today.

Fans rave about the outstanding performance of Matt Smith as the Doctor, describing his portrayal as flawless. The writing in this episode is lauded for its ability to seamlessly tie together the entire season, showcasing the quality and creativity of the show. The anticipation reaches its peak as the Doctor flexes his incredible powers, leaving viewers with chill bumps. This penultimate episode sets the stage for a season finale that promises to go out with a big bang, leaving us eagerly awaiting what comes next. And as the comment suggests, "Enemies: Yes. All of them," we can only imagine the thrilling encounters that await the Doctor in this exhilarating installment.

"The Pandorica Opens" holds a special place in the hearts of many, including the commenter who declares it as their favorite episode from their younger years. Its timeless appeal and ability to capture the imagination make it a standout installment in the Doctor Who franchise. So grab your sonic screwdriver and get ready for an adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you craving more. Silence will fall, but the excitement surrounding this episode certainly won't.

The episode was rated 8.68 from 1245 votes.

Doctor Who - S7E5

#10 - The Angels Take Manhattan (Season 7 - Episode 5)


In the emotional episode "The Angels Take Manhattan" of Doctor Who, the Doctor finds himself in a heart-breaking farewell to his beloved companions, Amy and Rory. As the streets of Manhattan become a dangerous race against time, the city's statues mysteriously come to life, posing a threat to Rory's life. With the clock ticking, the Doctor and Amy must join forces to locate Rory before it's too late. But they won't face this challenge alone, as an unexpected old friend steps in to guide the way.

This episode is a rollercoaster of emotions, especially for fans who have a soft spot for the weeping angels. These stone-like creatures have always been a fan favorite, and this episode showcases them at their very best, delivering thrills and chills that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But be warned, tears may be shed while watching this heartbreaking farewell.

Even for those who accidentally stumbled upon spoilers, the impact of Amy's death still hits hard. Viewers who had a heads-up about the outcome were still not prepared for the emotional toll it takes. It's a moment that hurts the soul and reminds us why Doctor Who has such a dedicated fan base. So, grab some tissues and get ready to experience a truly unforgettable episode of Doctor Who.

The episode was rated 8.72 from 1443 votes.

Doctor Who - S4E12

#9 - The Stolen Earth (1) (Season 4 - Episode 12)

In "The Stolen Earth" episode of Doctor Who, the Earth has mysteriously disappeared and Donna and the Doctor are on a mission to find it before the Daleks destroy everything. Their journey takes them to the Shadow Proclamation and the Medusa Cascade, but time is running out. Meanwhile, a group of ex-companions, including Captain Jack, Sarah-Jane, Martha Jones, and Rose, team up to contact the Doctor and take down the Daleks. This epic episode brings together beloved characters from the Doctor Who universe and ends with multiple cliffhangers that leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Fans of Doctor Who have hailed "The Stolen Earth" as a monumental event in the show's history. This first part of a culmination of Russell T. Davies' work is described as big, loud, and bombastic, with a sprawling, galaxy-wide scale where the heroes ultimately lose. It's compared to the excitement and epicness of Infinity War, only better. The reunion of characters at the end is a standout moment, leaving viewers with chills and a sense of something truly special. Russell T. Davies is praised as the best showrunner the show has ever had, with his genius and mastery evident in this episode.

While the episode receives high praise, there are also moments that provoke laughter and discussion among fans. One such moment is when Harriet Jones calmly presents her ID to the invading Daleks, creating a humorous contrast. Additionally, there are fans who find themselves cheering for the Daleks, feeling pumped whenever they appear. However, some viewers express a desire for a different soundtrack, finding the current one to be less appealing. Overall, "The Stolen Earth" is a standout episode that combines thrilling storytelling, beloved characters, and a sense of epicness that has left a lasting impression on Doctor Who fans.

The episode was rated 8.74 from 1191 votes.

Doctor Who - S2E13

#8 - Doomsday (2) (Season 2 - Episode 13)


In the epic Doctor Who episode "Doomsday," the Cybermen and the Daleks clash in a battle that puts humanity in the middle. As the tension rises, the Tenth Doctor faces an impossible choice: saving the world could mean losing his companion, Rose Tyler, forever. This heart-wrenching episode has left fans devastated, especially with the unspoken love between the Doctor and Rose.

Fans express their deep emotions, sharing their sadness and disappointment at the missed opportunity for the Doctor to declare his love for Rose. The ending of this episode continues to haunt viewers, even years after its initial release. It's a testament to the impact of this storyline that viewers still find themselves moved to tears upon rewatching it.

Amidst the emotional turmoil, fans also appreciate the humorous banter between the Daleks and Cybermen. The Daleks and Cybermen's witty exchanges provide a much-needed respite from the intense drama. And while some fans are unsure about Catherine Tate's character, they are eager to see how the series progresses. Overall, "Doomsday" leaves a lasting impression on viewers, making it a must-watch episode for any Doctor Who fan.

The episode was rated 8.79 from 1321 votes.

Doctor Who - S6E7

#7 - A Good Man Goes to War (1) (Season 6 - Episode 7)

Amy Pond, the Doctor's companion, has been taken captive, and now the Doctor is determined to gather an army to rescue her. In this thrilling episode of Doctor Who, aptly titled "A Good Man Goes to War," the stakes have never been higher. As the Doctor and Rory embark on a race across galaxies, they call in favors and invoke long-held promises, unaware that their enemies are preparing a treacherous trap.

Meanwhile, imprisoned in Stormcage, River Song realizes that the fateful day has arrived. The Battle of Demons Run is about to commence, marking the Doctor's darkest hour. With sacrifices on both sides, River Song knows that it's time to reveal her closely guarded secret to the Doctor. This episode promises to be an emotional rollercoaster, filled with action, suspense, and unexpected twists.

Fans of Doctor Who will be left on the edge of their seats as they witness one of the most bad ass moments of Rory's character arc. This episode is sure to have viewers cheering for his bravery. And if that wasn't enough, the ending of "A Good Man Goes to War" will leave audiences in awe. Get ready for a thrilling and fantastic episode that will keep you wanting more.

The episode was rated 8.80 from 1276 votes.

Doctor Who - S7E13

#6 - The Name of the Doctor (Season 7 - Episode 13)


In "The Name of the Doctor," the Doctor finds himself on a thrilling quest to save his kidnapped friends. Someone is cunningly luring his companions, forcing him to confront a forbidden place in the vast expanse of time and space. As the tension builds, the Doctor must face the ultimate challenge - a place he should never tread.

This episode of Doctor Who is a rollercoaster of emotions, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. However, avid fans have noted that the viewing experience was somewhat affected by the episode order on Amazon Prime Video. The inclusion of the Christmas special after the season finale left viewers confused about certain plot points. To fully grasp the events that unfold in "The Name of the Doctor," it is recommended to watch the Christmas special beforehand.

Despite this minor hiccup in the episode order, "The Name of the Doctor" remains a standout installment in the Doctor Who series. The gripping storyline and the Doctor's relentless pursuit to rescue his friends make for a truly captivating viewing experience. Prepare to be enthralled as the Doctor uncovers the secrets of a place he was never meant to visit.

The episode was rated 8.81 from 1627 votes.

Doctor Who - S4E9

#5 - Forest of the Dead (2) (Season 4 - Episode 9)

In the chilling episode "Forest of the Dead," the Doctor faces his fears head-on as the shadows grow stronger. But he's not alone in this battle - he forms an unexpected alliance with the enigmatic River Song. This surprising twist brings an instant chemistry between David Tennant's Doctor and Alex Kingston's River Song, making the story even more believable and captivating. As the episode unfolds, the scare factor rivals that of the fan-favorite "Blink," keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with the question, "Hey, who turned out the lights?"

The conclusion of this two-part adventure is nothing short of superb. It hits all the right beats and even manages to make us care deeply about the side characters, despite only meeting them briefly. This episode showcases one of David Tennant's finest performances as the Doctor, as he navigates the darkness and the mysteries that surround River Song. The stakes are high, and the emotional impact is undeniable. With a rating of 9/10, this episode is a must-watch for any Doctor Who fan.

The introduction of River Song's character early on in the series is a pleasant surprise, and fans are left eagerly anticipating her future encounters with the Doctor. The episode takes unexpected turns, leaving viewers both happy and disappointed. Some fans were thrilled at the possibility of Donna Noble's departure, while others were delighted by the idea of her finding happiness. However, the episode's ending leaves us wanting more, as we realize that Donna is still part of the Doctor's journey. This episode may be a bit weird, but it's undeniably captivating and sets the stage for even greater adventures to come.

The episode was rated 8.86 from 1260 votes.

Doctor Who - S4E13

#4 - Journey's End (2) (Season 4 - Episode 13)


In the epic episode "Journey's End (2)" of the hit show Doctor Who, the Earth is under attack by an unstoppable empire led by one of the Doctor's greatest foes. To aid him in this final battle, the Time Lord is joined by his closest allies and companions. However, as the stakes rise, one of them will have to pay a heavy price.

Fans and critics alike have hailed this episode as a masterpiece, with a perfect song choice adding to the already amazing experience. Russell T Davies, the show's creator, brings Part 1 of his era to a close with a bang. The episode's grand scale and emotional moments make it one of the best crossovers in television history.

While some have found "Journey's End (2)" to be a comedown compared to previous episodes, it still manages to deliver on its ambitious ideas and resolve the massive cliffhanger in true RTD fashion. The departure of Donna, one of the companions, is particularly emotional, and the reunion between Sarah Jane and Davros is long overdue. Murray Gold's musical composition, especially the Song of Freedom, reaches its peak here, adding another layer of excellence to the episode.

Even those who weren't initially fans of Doctor Who have been won over by this episode. The crossover and return of previous companions make it a standout, and the emotional impact is undeniable. With the conclusion of this era, fans are eagerly anticipating the next phase of this iconic British show. Doctor Who will surely continue to captivate audiences for years to come.

The episode was rated 8.87 from 1288 votes.

Doctor Who - S5E13

#3 - The Big Bang (2) (Season 5 - Episode 13)

In the epic season finale of Doctor Who, titled "The Big Bang (2)", the Doctor finds himself in a dire situation. He has disappeared, the Tardis has been destroyed, and the entire universe is on the verge of collapsing. But amidst this chaos, there is a glimmer of hope in the form of a little girl who still believes in the power of stars.

Fans have described this episode as nothing short of sensational, with comments like "10/10 All Gold" and "Absolutely Outstanding." Matt Smith's performance as the Doctor is said to be off the charts, taking the show to a whole new level. The writing of this two-part season finale is hailed as phenomenal, tying together all the little hints and clues from the season in an insane and genius way.

The last 20 minutes of the episode brought tears to many fans' eyes, as they witnessed one of the most ambitious feats the Doctor has ever undertaken. The anticipation for the reboot in season 6 is palpable, as everything is set to change. Get ready for a mind-blowing Christmas special, because Doctor Who will return!

The episode was rated 8.89 from 1308 votes.

Doctor Who - S5E10

#2 - Vincent and the Doctor (Season 5 - Episode 10)


In the Doctor Who episode "Vincent and the Doctor," the picturesque fields of Provence hold a dark secret. Only the eyes of a melancholic painter can perceive the terror lurking within. Amy Pond finds herself standing shoulder to shoulder with the legendary Vincent van Gogh in a battle against a deadly alien threat. This time, saving the world requires a touch of ginger. But even the Doctor may find it challenging to rescue Vincent from his inner demons. Will the Doctor's intervention be enough to save the tormented artist?

Fans of the show have hailed "Vincent and the Doctor" as one of the standout episodes in the modern Doctor Who era. Many viewers were particularly moved by the final scene, which takes place in the Musee D'Orsay. It's a scene that tugs at the heartstrings, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who watches it. The episode is often praised for its brilliance and is regarded as one of the best in the series.

"Vincent and the Doctor" is a remarkable installment that stands on its own. It expertly weaves a clever monster story that goes beyond the realms of black and white. The episode introduces a captivating one-off character while also touching upon the sensitive topic of mental health. With its heartbreaking ending and thought-provoking themes, this episode is a true gem for Doctor Who fans and newcomers alike.

The episode was rated 8.94 from 1432 votes.

Doctor Who - S3E10

#1 - Blink (Season 3 - Episode 10)

In the Doctor Who episode "Blink," the Doctor is lost in time, leaving only himself to stop the Weeping Angels. This episode has been hailed as one of the best in the series, and for good reason. Forget the Daleks, because the Weeping Angels are the real deal when it comes to scary. And the writing? Absolutely incredible. It's episodes like these that solidify Doctor Who's cult status.

What makes "Blink" even more impressive is that the main cast plays only a small part. The main character, Sally Sparrow, portrayed by the talented Carrey Mulligan, takes center stage. Mulligan's performance was spot-on, and it's hard to imagine anyone else in the role. Fans even wished she had become the Doctor's companion for the season. This episode showcases the brilliant writing of Steven Moffat, who some consider this to be his best work.

Not only is "Blink" clever, but it's also the most clever episode up until this point in the series. It's a fan favorite and often cited as one of the best episodes of New Who. Sally Sparrow's character, portrayed by the gorgeous Carey Mulligan, leaves a lasting impression. It's a shame she turned down the offer to continue as the Doctor's companion, as fans wanted to see more of their dynamic. Despite the existential crisis it may induce, "Blink" is a comfort watch for many fans and exemplifies why they love the series so much. It's safe to say that this episode is a must-watch for any Doctor Who enthusiast.

The episode was rated 9.20 from 1685 votes.

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