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Paramount+ 2019

Skeptical female clinical psychologist Kristen Benoist joins a priest-in-training and a blue-collar contractor as they investigate supposed miracles, demonic possessions, and other extraordinary occurrences to see if there’s a scientific explanation or if something truly supernatural is at work.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Evil

Evil - S3E4

#1 - The Demon of the Road


Season 3 - Episode 4

The team encounters a truck driver whose wife thinks he is possessed and explores the possibility of a demon haunting the highway.

The episode was rated from 107 votes.

Evil - S1E13

#2 - Book 27


Season 1 - Episode 13

David, Kristen and Ben assess whether a pregnant woman is possessed when she claims one of the twins she’s carrying is evil. Their investigation leads to a fertility clinic where they discover a connection to all of their encounters throughout the season. Also, Kristen questions one of her daughters’ capacity for evil upon realizing that she also used that fertility clinic.

The episode was rated from 1044 votes.

Evil - S1E10

#3 - 7 Swans a Singin'


Season 1 - Episode 10

Kristen, David and Ben are called to investigate an insidiously addictive Christmas song that's spreading among an increasing number of students, and the dangerous relationship between online influencers and their impressionable young followers.

The episode was rated from 1018 votes.

Evil - S3E1

#4 - The Demon of Death


Season 3 - Episode 1

David’s relationship with Kristen takes a turn when he gives into his temptation. Meanwhile, the team is tasked with exploring a machine to measure the weight of the human soul as it leaves a dying body.

The episode was rated from 387 votes.

Evil - S1E11

#5 - Room 320


Season 1 - Episode 11

After David is badly wounded, he is determined to fight off the menacing presence of death from his hospital bed.

The episode was rated from 1040 votes.

Evil - S3E3

#6 - The Demon of Sex


Season 3 - Episode 3

Sister Andrea joins the team to fix a demonically possessed marriage, and Leland and Sheryl continue their crusade for Satan.

The episode was rated from 280 votes.

Evil - S1E9

#7 - Exorcism Part 2


Season 1 - Episode 9

David is shocked to learn he is being sued for inflicting severe psychological harm on Caroline Hopkins, after he assisted in her exorcism. The accusation leads him to question his future as a priest, especially once he develops a very close connection with his defense attorney, Renée Harris.

The episode was rated from 1068 votes.

Evil - S1E4

#8 - Rose390


Season 1 - Episode 4

Kristen, Ben and David are hired to evaluate Eric, a seemingly psychopathic 9-year-old boy; Eric takes a liking to David, which leaves them hopeful they can curb his violent behavior; Kristen's daughters lie about a game their grandmother bought.

The episode was rated from 1379 votes.

Evil - S3E2

#9 - The Demon of Memes


Season 3 - Episode 2

Kristen, David, and Ben face the horrors of the internet as they investigate a Slender Man-style meme that scares teens into committing blasphemous acts in order to avoid death. Leland trains Sheryl in the fine art of online trolling.

The episode was rated from 331 votes.

Evil - S1E7

#10 - Vatican III


Season 1 - Episode 7

When Bridget confesses to murder during her exorcism, Monsignor Korecki asks Kristen, David and Ben to investigate if the details match any open cases and if the woman really is possessed by a demon.

The episode was rated from 1074 votes.

Evil - S1E6
#11 - Let x = 9
Season 1 - Episode 6

When the Catholic Church asks Kristen, David and Ben to assess the veracity of a local prophetess, Grace Ling, they are shaken when they see one of her visions come to life.

The episode was rated from 1156 votes.
Evil - S1E1
#12 - Genesis 1
Season 1 - Episode 1

Forensic psychologist Kristen Bouchard is hired by the Catholic Church to determine whether a serial killer is possessed by a demon or merely a psychopath.

The episode was rated from 1849 votes.
Evil - S1E12
#13 - Justice x 2
Season 1 - Episode 12

Leland assists convicted serial killer Orson Leroux with having his conviction overturned; Kristen is called into court to testify while her daughter, Laura, undergoes emergency heart surgery; David witnesses a woman's evil instincts firsthand.

The episode was rated from 1045 votes.
Evil - S1E8
#14 - 2 Fathers
Season 1 - Episode 8

When David recognizes one of the sigils in the Poveglia Codex from his father Leon's artwork, he and Kristen journey to a remote art commune to investigate its meaning and how it's related to David's family.

The episode was rated from 1100 votes.
Evil - S1E5
#15 - October 31
Season 1 - Episode 5

On Halloween night, Kristen and David are sent to assess an exorcism; Ben goes on his favorite show, where he debunks supernatural finds with fellow unbeliever Vanessa.

The episode was rated from 1243 votes.
Evil - S1E3
#16 - 3 Stars
Season 1 - Episode 3

After a high-strung theater producer's behavior turns from demanding to what is believed to be demonic, Kristen, David and Ben must assess the situation. Kristen discredits her nemesis, Leland Townsend, before he can ruin a 17-year-old boy's life.

The episode was rated from 1409 votes.
Evil - S1E2
#17 - 177 Minutes
Season 1 - Episode 2

Kristen, David and Ben investigate a supposed miracle when a teenage girl comes back to life after being declared dead for almost two hours; Kristen meets with her former boss and runs into Leland Townsend.

The episode was rated from 1595 votes.

Last updated: jul 04, 2022



Not a christian like bible nancy down there :point_down_tone1:but a good opening episode for the show. Watched 1st episode and curious to see how the series goes. Hopefully not another “premier great, remainder crap” series. Good actors and good premise. Hoping it develops well.


Not religious, but this show is truly sinister. I haven't seen the kinds of things that happen in this show since The Exorcist. [spoiler] Speaking of which, nice touch with the doctor arriving at the home of the exorcism, nice spin on an iconic image of cinema.[/spoiler]


George scared the shit out of me !


I'm conflicted about this series. It has good production value, fine actors giving good performances and a premise that will pique curiousities. But, I'm also a Christian who believes in evil, manifested. I also believe that we shouldn't play with things malignant. Evil is not to be trifled with, and, I believe the best way to steal its power is to starve it to death. So, my conflict: Watch this well done series? Or, walk away from my curiousity. For production value, alone, I give this series a 7 (good) out of 10. But, does that mean I would encourage people to watch it? [Supernatural Drama]


Like the idea of the show and have enjoyed the first few episodes. They do seem to go out of their way to include the daughters all squawking at once at least a few times per episode. I really hope that slows down a bit. I can barely stand it at this level, if it gets worse, this show will be off the list! Are they being annoying on purpose?


Decent, and has potential, but ... the cliche that all young girls only communicate in screams and yells is obnoxious and WAY overplayed in this series. That fact alone puts me on the fence about whether or not I'll be able to see it thru to the end... It hurts my head.


It had a rocky start, but it does get better as it goes on. It has some dark humour, which I actually like. It’s trying to be serious and silly at the same time. It wasn’t working for me at the beginning, but it’s definitely grown on me. Earlier episodes were cheesy too, but again that settles as you get in to the program. It’s actually far better than I expected. Has a strong supernatural premise and religion, but it’s kind of tongue in cheek. Really didn’t think I would like this, but glad I kept watching. Looking forward to the next season.


When it started, it felt a little slow. That much is abundantly clear, now that I've watched it all. Now, don't come to a quick conclusion. It started slow, yes, but even then, it was still pretty damn enjoyable. Based on the first few episodes alone, this show is certainly a gem. Take it all in, in its entirety, even more so. As the show began establishing and developing itself, creating a foothold and maintaining it, it truly started becoming something quite spectacular. Everything is emitted with a different light, now, all due to watching every episode. The show was something special from the beginning, you could almost feel it. For me, that sense of it being special was amplified upon watching the final episode. What I found to be less engaging than other parts, throughout the show, became more meaningful and good. I almost feel baffled at myself for not being engaged in certain moments, rating an episode or two lower than my general, average rating. This is a show of a particular level one would never expect to be on CBS. That's how good it is. I am so looking forward to the second season. And I hope there will be more to come after it. As far as everyone else goes, I don't see how the overall consensus of the general audience wouldn't be liking it. But I guess even with a show like this, genuinely good, all around, there will be some who don't like it, so have at it.


Started well but seems to of faded a bit now, stories seem a little weak of late. It's one of those shows that has great potential, hoping it picks up, still watching and curious but needs more bite.


The show is brilliant because the leads are smoking hot and want to bone like stray dogs but can't because of reasons. That tension, which I will call "the Pound-Town Struggle" for lack of any better word, is truly innovative in the world of primetime drama and elevates Evil amongst its peers.


season 2 starts filming November 2020


Even though I love it on its own, I do think that the cloud of overlapping chattering voices that is Kristen's four daughters is the best thing about this show.


Decent storyline with interesting characters and plot. It seems to be edited in a style that you normally don't see in a TV show, but that might just be me. Worth checking out.


The first season of this show was particularly scary! It got me tripping...


There are demons and other supernatural beings, sure, but I don't think this show was titled for that. The real and true EVIL is represented by those four girls chaotically shrieking every time they get even a second of screen time.

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