Family Matters

10 Worst Episodes of Family Matters

A long-running dramedy centering on the Winslow family, a middle-class African American family living in Chicago, and their pesky next-door neighbor, ultra-nerd Steve Urkel. A spin-off of Perfect Strangers.

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 04, 2023.

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Family Matters - S1E1

#10 - The Mama Who Came to Dinner (Season 1 - Episode 1)

Mother Winslow moves in and immediately begins to usurp Carl's authority. Eddie wants to go out with his friends, but he has a strict curfew that complicates things with Carl.

The episode was rated 7.42 from 300 votes.

Family Matters - S5E20

#9 - Opposites Attract (Season 5 - Episode 20)


Urkel develops hiccups after being robbed.

The episode was rated 7.36 from 22 votes.

Family Matters - S8E22

#8 - Pound Foolish (Season 8 - Episode 22)

Donna Summer reprises her role as Urkel's Aunt Oona from Altoona, who has put on weight but anticipates taking it off in her nephew's new-fangled fat-compression chamber.

The episode was rated 7.35 from 17 votes.

Family Matters - S5E6

#7 - Best Friends (Season 5 - Episode 6)


Harriette tries to fit in with Laura's friends but gets the cold shoulder from Laura. And Waldo's not so hot as Eddie's new hire at Mighty Weenie.

The episode was rated 7.30 from 37 votes.

Family Matters - S9E11

#6 - Deck the Malls (Season 9 - Episode 11)

Steve gets all wrapped up in the Christmas spirit when he takes a job as a gift-wrapper, but the new gig leaves him little time to spend with Myra; Carl plays Santa at the mall and appoints Laura to be his elf; a disappointed Richie learns that his mom won't be with him for the holidays.

The episode was rated 7.28 from 36 votes.

Family Matters - S9E16

#5 - Whose Man Is It Anyway? (Season 9 - Episode 16)


Cousin Myrtle dukes it out in the boxing ring with Greta to win Eddie for her own. Meanwhile, 3J longs to find his birth mother.

The episode was rated 7.26 from 19 votes.

Family Matters - S8E19

#4 - What Do You Know? (Season 8 - Episode 19)

Eddie's plan misfires when he transforms into Urkel to compete on a game show.

The episode was rated 7.11 from 27 votes.

Family Matters - S3E22

#3 - The Urkel Who Came to Dinner (Season 3 - Episode 22)


Urkel's stay at the Winslows brings chaos when he swallows a fish that Carl was "fish-sitting," urges Richie to fight a preschool bully and drives away Laura's study mate.

The episode was rated 6.95 from 37 votes.

Family Matters - S8E24

#2 - A Pirate's Life for Me (Season 8 - Episode 24)

Steve's time machine sends him and Carl back to a pirate ship.

The episode was rated 6.70 from 10 votes.

Family Matters - S9E7

#1 - Stevil II: This Time He's Not Alone (Season 9 - Episode 7)


Stevil, the mischievous ventriloquist dummy, is back to haunt Urkel on Halloween, but now he's brought along a nightmarish sidekick, Carlsbad. Together Stevil and Carlsbad attempt to take over the souls of Urkel and Carl - wreaking havoc on the whole Winslow household.

The episode was rated 6.62 from 13 votes.

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