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Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire

History 2015

Competitors re-create weapons from historical periods ranging from Japanese katanas to medieval broadswords to ancient throwing blades. Each entry is judged on its artistry as well as its functionality and accuracy.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire - S8E8

#1 - The Massive Maguro Bocho


Season 8 - Episode 8

Four bladesmiths get cooking when they are tasked with forging a cleaver using only the steel from meat hooks. After two rounds of slicing and dicing, two smiths head back to their home forges to create the Maguro Bocho, a massive tuna knife.

The episode was rated from 43 votes.

Forged in Fire - S8E7

#2 - Judges' Home Forge Battle


Season 8 - Episode 7

For the first time, Judges Ben Abbott, J. Neilson and David Baker are thrown into the fire for a grueling home forge battle against each other. Given two weeks, each judge will construct a blade unlike anything they've made before, all while filming the process themselves. With bragging rights on the table, will the judges' work hold up to their own critical eyes and survive testing or will a mistake get the best of them?

The episode was rated from 42 votes.

Forged in Fire - S7E37

#3 - Summer Forging Games Part 2


Season 7 - Episode 37

In the second half of the Forged in Fire Summer Games, three smiths remain, eager to win the Damascus metal and $15,000. However, the challenges are far from over as they must forge the Greek Xiphos Sword, from start to finish, in one round. After being ranked from first to last, all three enter the final event at their home forges, where they must choose to recreate one of four historical weapons, ranging in level of difficulty and point value. Which smith will return with a weapon worthy of being crowned the first Forged in Fire Summer Games champion and walk away with $15,000?

The episode was rated from 49 votes.

Forged in Fire - S8E2

#4 - The Deadly Vajra-Mushti


Season 8 - Episode 2

Four smiths get rolling when they are tasked with making cannister Damascus from tubes. After a couple of intense rounds in the forge, two competitors head back to their home forges to recreate a deadly and unique Indian weapon: the varja-mushti. Which smith will produce a weapon worthy of the Forged in Fire title and walk away with a check for $10,000?

The episode was rated from 64 votes.

Forged in Fire - S5E34

#5 - Tournament Championship (Nodachi)


Season 5 - Episode 34

In the final round of the Invitational Tournament, our winning Farrier, Armorer, Blacksmith and Modern Metal Worker face off to forge the longest round one weapon in Forged in Fire history: the Wakizashi. The smiths race to produce a damascus blade in three hours and must rely on their expertise to bring them one step closer to victory. The tough competition leaves no room for error. After a meticulous round of tests, only two smiths remain and return to their home forges to recreate one of the largest Japanese swords, the Nodachi.

The episode was rated from 152 votes.

Forged in Fire - S8E6
#6 - Forged in Fire Christmas
Season 8 - Episode 6

The stockings are hung and the forges are aglow in a special Christmas competition where four smiths must work their way to the judges nice list by salvaging steel from Santa's sleigh to forge signature blades. After two festive rounds, only two smiths merrily return home to recreate the iconic sword carried by General George Washington during the American Revolution. Which smith will produce a weapon worthy of Santa's seal of approval and the greatest gift of all--the title of Forged in Fire Champion and $10,000?

The episode was rated from 47 votes.
Forged in Fire - S5E33
#7 - Tournament Round 4 (Modern Metalworkers) - The Flamberge Rapier
Season 5 - Episode 33

In the fourth round of the Forged in Fire Invitational Tournament, four modern metal workers must harvest materials from a metal sculpture to forge a needle point Damascus blade. Will they find allies in these alloys, or will someone experience a metal meltdown? When time’s up, an especially harsh round of testing leaves only two metal workers standing. These smiths return to their own home forges to recreate an extravagant sword from the elite classes of Renaissance Europe: the duel-ready Flamberge Rapier. Which smith will earn the spot at the metal worker’s anvil, and the chance to win $50,000 and be crowned Tournament Champion?

The episode was rated from 176 votes.
Forged in Fire - S6E2
#8 - Long Road to Redemption Part 2
Season 6 - Episode 2

In the second half of the Road to Redemption competition four former smiths remain, each competing for a second chance to become a Forged in Fire Champion. There’s no slowing down for these bladesmiths as they’re tasked with crafting a Jambiya, an elegant and deadly Yemeni dagger. The intricacies of the dagger prove too much for one smith, and an intense round of testing eliminates a second. For the first time ever, the two finalists must choose their weapon which they will create at their home forges. Which smith has the knowledge, skills, and craftsmanship to outlast the others, win $20,000, and earn the most elusive prize of all: redemption?

The episode was rated from 155 votes.
Forged in Fire - S5E32
#9 - Tournament Round 3 (Blacksmiths) - The Knightly Pole Axe
Season 5 - Episode 32

In Round Three of the first ever Forged in Fire Invitational Tournament, four blacksmiths must forge a signature Damascus blade using steel they must harvest from a stockpile of varied tools. In an ultimate test of their blade-making skills, these smiths persevere through missteps that chisel away at their resolve. The smiths that survive two brutal rounds of testing return to their home forges to recreate a multipurpose Medieval weapon of war – the Knightly Poleaxe. Which smith will advance to the coveted spot at the blacksmith’s anvil, and earn the chance to be crowned Tournament Champion and win the biggest Forged in Fire prize ever: $50,000?

The episode was rated from 178 votes.
Forged in Fire - S8E3
#10 - The Legendary Sword of Saladin
Season 8 - Episode 3

Four smiths are in for a twist when they are tasked with forging signature blades from either a large suspension cable or thin piano wire. After two intense rounds that come down to the wire, two return home to recreate the legendary Sword of Saladin, one of the sharpest blades in the world. Which smith's weapon will cut through the competition, leading them to victory and a check for $10,000?

The episode was rated from 59 votes.

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Think any show with will Willis is bang on " That man is areal credit ex ranger an inspiration


I LOVE this show!! Very entertaining


I really like this show.


An enjoyable show with crafting beautiful weapons. I'm glad that they made season 3 longer and hope they continue in this manner.

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