10 Best Episodes of Gintama

In an era where aliens have invaded and taken over feudal Tokyo, an unemployed samurai finds work however he can.

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Gintama - S5E39

#15 - People Can Only Live By Forgetting the Bad (Season 5 - Episode 39)

After getting drunk at the year-end party, Gintoki managed to become a six-timer in one night. In order to prevent the show from being pulled off the air, Gintoki is forced into engaging in a relationship with all of them. And now he has to go on dates with all of them at the same time...!

The episode was rated 9.12 from 33 votes.

Gintama - S3E43

#14 - Life Is About Making Consecutive Decisions (Season 3 - Episode 43)


As Gintoki and the gang head toward Hosen’s lair, they encounter Abuki, one of Kamui’s subordinates, and are overwhelmed by the incredible fighting power of the Yato Clan. On Shinpachi and Kagura’s urging, Gintoki heads out to face Hosen alone. The remaining two fight desperately against Abuki, only to be cornered by the overwhelming difference in power. In the midst of the fierce battle Kagura renews her feelings toward her older brother Kamui and her reason for fighting. But with Shinpachi’s life in danger, Kagura goes through a dramatic transformation…

The episode was rated 9.12 from 34 votes.

Gintama - S2E12

#13 - On a Moonless Night, Insects Are Drawn to the Light (Season 2 - Episode 12)

The battle comes to a conclusion, with benisakura finally taken over Okada's body, and Gintoki will have to use the sword Tetsuko gave him to stop this.

The episode was rated 9.14 from 44 votes.

Gintama - S8E11

#12 - First Student (Season 8 - Episode 11)


As the gang comes to grips with the aftermath of the battle with Kamui, a familiar figure appears before Takasugi and the Kiheitai.

The episode was rated 9.14 from 29 votes.

Gintama - S7E50

#11 - Nobume (Season 7 - Episode 50)

With everyone fighting to regroup and escape, Sasaki makes the same mistake one more time.

The episode was rated 9.16 from 32 votes.

Gintama - S6E4

#10 - The Meaning of a Main Character (Season 6 - Episode 4)


It's time for the final showdown. Gintoki's friends rally around him once more, but Kintoki still has one more trick up his sleeve that could spell the end of Gintama forever!

The episode was rated 9.19 from 27 votes.

Gintama - S7E40

#9 - Sworn Enemy (Season 7 - Episode 40)

As Gintoki and Takasugi continue their frenzied fight, the past they shared together with Katsura is revealed, as well as the fate of their teacher, Shouyou.

The episode was rated 9.19 from 37 votes.

Gintama - S7E42

#8 - Farewell, Buddy (Season 7 - Episode 42)


With the battle over, the survivors each go their separate ways. With Nobunobu appointed the new Shogun, Shigeshige and his retainers retreat to Kyo to regroup. For those left in Edo, there may be dark times ahead.

The episode was rated 9.22 from 37 votes.

Gintama - S8E10

#7 - Siblings (Season 8 - Episode 10)

Kagura, Gintoki, and Shinpachi take a stand against Kamui, hoping to bring his true self back.

The episode was rated 9.23 from 31 votes.

Gintama - S7E39

#6 - Those Who Protect Against All Odds (Season 7 - Episode 39)


Past histories are finally confronted for Gintoki and Kagura as they face off against Takasugi and Kamui.

The episode was rated 9.25 from 40 votes.

Gintama - S5E10

#5 - Ghosts Aren't The Only Ones Who Run Wild Around Graveyards (Season 5 - Episode 10)

Pirako has double crossed Gin! Her real plan is to help Jirocho, her father, take over the town. Can Gin stop a war?

The episode was rated 9.26 from 38 votes.

Gintama - S7E49

#4 - Karma (Season 7 - Episode 49)


Things come to a head on Kokujo Island, as death itself descends upon the battlefield.

The episode was rated 9.26 from 34 votes.

Gintama - S6E7

#3 - Five Pinkies (Season 6 - Episode 7)

Gintoki and the gang storm the palace looking for Maizo and Sadasada, the former Shogun. They find and confront Sadasada, but he still has a few tricks up his sleeve...

The episode was rated 9.35 from 34 votes.

Gintama - S8E9

#2 - The Lost Rabbit (Season 8 - Episode 9)


As the battle between Utsuro and Umibozu comes to a head, Kamui reflects on his childhood, where he had to deal with an increasingly sick mother and an increasingly absent father.

The episode was rated 9.42 from 33 votes.

Gintama - S6E8

#1 - Pinky Swear (Season 6 - Episode 8)

Just when it looks like all is lost, the Shinsengumi and Mimawarigumi arrive to lend their aid to our heroes. Sadasada attempts to escape but Gintoki is hot in pursuit.

The episode was rated 9.53 from 34 votes.

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