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Paramount+ 2022

Depicting an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant, the series weaves deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Halo

Halo - S1E9

#1 - Transcendence


Season 1 - Episode 9

Beaten, battered, and betrayed, John 117 leads the Spartans on a suicide mission to find the Halo and save humanity. But at what price?

The episode was rated from 1935 votes.

Halo - S1E5

#2 - Reckoning


Season 1 - Episode 5

On the run and out of options, Kwan and Soren have a difference of opinion. With the possibility of finding the mysterious Halo on everyone’s minds, John makes a horrible discovery. And the war rears its ugly head.

The episode was rated from 2118 votes.

Halo - S1E1

#3 - Contact


Season 1 - Episode 1

In the year 2552, humans on the planet Madrigal have been fighting for independence from Earth, but a fatal encounter with the Alien Covenant complicates things. Master Chief John 117 and his super-soldier “Spartans” join the fight. After the battle, Master Chief heads to his home planet of Reach with a Madrigal survivor and a mysterious object he discovered on the planet. But a controversial order has John questioning his mission, and himself.

The episode was rated from 2873 votes.

Halo - S1E6

#4 - Solace


Season 1 - Episode 6

Survivors from battle return to Reach. John confronts Dr. Halsey, and the lies of his past. The new prisoner seems to know John better than he knows himself. Determined to understand more, John turns back to the mystery artifact, which shows him something truly startling.

The episode was rated from 2057 votes.

Halo - S1E8

#5 - Allegiance


Season 1 - Episode 8

John and Makee come to terms with their shared vision. Halsey has one last chance to save her mission, and herself. As things come to a head, everyone must choose a side.

The episode was rated from 1924 votes.

Halo - S1E3

#6 - Emergence


Season 1 - Episode 3

John meets his new partner, and he discovers secrets inside his own memory. Kwan wants to return to Madrigal to continue her people’s fight for independence, but Soren has other plans for her. Makee initiates her plan to retrieve the Madrigal object, with deadly consequences.

The episode was rated from 2342 votes.

Halo - S1E4

#7 - Homecoming


Season 1 - Episode 4

Guided by his visions, John takes Halsey and Cortana back to where it all began, looking for answers from his past. With Soren along for protection, Kwan goes in search of an army. Meanwhile John’s behavior inspires another Spartan to begin a journey of self-discovery. And Miranda discovers a possible link between the artifact and something much larger.

The episode was rated from 2129 votes.

Halo - S1E2

#8 - Unbound


Season 1 - Episode 2

John takes Kwan to an old friend and learns more about the mystery object, which the Covenant and Makee are determined to steal. With the alien threat growing, Dr. Halsey has a plan to deal with John’s unpredictable behavior.

The episode was rated from 2456 votes.

Halo - S1E7

#9 - Inheritance


Season 1 - Episode 7

Kwan’s journey to uncover her family’s “true purpose” takes her deep into the deserts of Madrigal. Soren obsesses over unfinished business.

The episode was rated from 2026 votes.

Last updated: jul 06, 2022



Omg I am so disappointed. I had high expectations. He took his helmet off WTF!!!!! Where are the grunts?? I only sa elites. It’s notebable that the dint researched the original ip. Again Hollywood took an ip and did there own cheap thing with it. To get maximum money out of it. With less effort. generic story writing. Human on human Baby sitting a human girl. Do I need to go on? Only plus point is the look of the Spartans Action it self is good. Everything else is bad generic cheap writhing.


Please don't be cancelled please don't be cancelled please don't be cancelled...


Looking like Hollywood will destroy another. As a fan of the first few games, I waited years hoping for a show or movie but this is what we get? Why did someone not make this at least 5-10 yrs ago? Can the Daily Wire take it over? Its like they are not even fans of the series just looking to make a quick buck off of name recognition. Screw the fans right, but I'm sure people that did not play the game and or are fans of HALO will enjoy it. Only seen the 1st ep so far and Master Chief takes helmet off? Is it just me but why does he sound like (Christian Bale) Batman? Notice a lot of the ep is based around Kwan, I got a feeling she will end up the main character and whoop Master Chief's ass and or cure him of the toxic masculinity before too long.


I was a little worried due to all the backlash I saw about the first episode. Watched it, and thought it got too much hate. Please don't cancel this.


Oh look another show that has its natural flow interrupted by the same ol' industry standards plaguing everything else in the last few years. Hire hack writers who don't care about the source, hire every checkbox in the book, and then blame it on the fans for not liking it. Next.


As someone who has only played the first game when it came out on PC, I thought this was all over the place. It's like a SyFy show or one of those straight-to-DVD Starship Troopers sequels. Not one character you care about.


Good action sci fi.Hope there is a good storyline to go along with the action.


It's okay. Not a big Halo guy but this has a lot of potential. Pretty good pilot, all things considered.


I've never played any of the Halo games, which is the first time for me when it comes to rating Movies or TVs based on video games. Without knowing anything at all about the Halo games, I cannot compare it to it. With such a new and fresh perspective, I cannot really agree with the most game fans and say that I am disappointed. Sure the plot isn't something entirely new, You can see aliens vs humans and mysterious artifacts plot in many movies, tvs and other games, but it's intriguing, as it is. I watched the first episode and I am intrigued. For all we know this could turn into something truly good and exclusive. It's too soon to say anything about the cast tho. I suggest you just give it a chance, don't give them a reason to cancel this show too soon, cause this could really turn into something great.


I don't understand why this is getting so much hate. I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode and thought it was well put together and gave me the "woah, this is cool" feeling. That's all I expect from Sci-fi, expecting some kind of miraculous story is just setting yourself up for a fall! - I really hope they stick with this.


I can allow for some creative leeway for video game adaptations, but get this YA crap out of the show before it ruins it. I was hoping seeing teens exploded by plasma fire was a promising sign but they kept one of these annoying idiots alive and now John has to babysit and do stupid stuff like take his helmet off, rooting for a brute to rip her head off. Also the elite design is bizarre…it looks like they only played infinite and got confused what was a brute and what was an elite. Also i hope they didnt completely removed grunts, that would have been amazing comedic relief


Recommended I did not expect this show to rigidly follow the path of John Spartan shown in the Halo franchise, and was delighted with what I saw. Despite the comments by the trolls and the Halo purist's the elements are all there and a central female character is needed for a television audience, the storyline is just a slight detour in a Halo multiverse (to mix metaphor's). I thought it was a GREAT start for a television series and want to see more. Way to go Paramount!


This is an absolutely amazing show, don't listen to the naysayers. If you've been waiting for it for years obviously it's not going to meet your expectations.


I am a sci-fi fan, not a gamer...don't care about the game story or the books.....All I saw was an excellent first epidode of a new sci-fi series. I don't think they ever intended for it to be an accurate representation of the game. I mean who would spend millions to make a series or TV show only to appeal to a limited number of hard core game fans??? This series so far only 1 episode, but I for one am loving it.


This is great start to a new show. Why all the hate? Amazing production value.


This show is straight trash. Horrible writing bad CGI. The only cool thing is master chef's helmet. I could make a better show with your mom heyoooo.


My experience is from the LATAM Dub version, we have the same voice actors of the games so the master chief have the voice game and is fucking awesome :star_struck: The show is something like a prequel BASED on the games. The writers explained it's supposed to be an alternate universe, especially since most of the time the Master Chief is without his helmet... which is weird at first but the actor is a good image for the Master Chief, he fits the role. :thumbsup: In the show the Master Chief is more human that the games, in the games we have the perfect soldier, I don't have a problem with that, something similar happens with Geralt from The Witcher compared to the books and how a witch should be, the same happens with The Mandalorian and Grogu. At the end in a TV show you need human characters that you can empathize with, I'm ok with that. In the games you are the human part of the character. The CGI when interacting with humans in the same scene is bad, very bad, but in scenes without humans it's fine, I hope it improves with time. I look forward to the rest of the episodes, I hope they don't cancel this, it's the only thing that made me pay Paramount+ sub.


The creators of the show literally said they didn’t look at any source material. They took the basics of Halo and used it to make some shitty show. If they didn’t have the Halo ip nobody would even watch this.


Even if you rule out the excuse that this the not Halo but Halo of an alternative universe to the game. The show is still bad at best. Not one likeable character. A story line that is written and portrayed so poorly. Acting that is average at best. Being six episodes in I'm basically playing the show as background noise just to mark it off as complete in my trakt library.


I´m a gamer and never played Halo more than 5 minutes. I dont care if it doesnt follow the source material or if he took his helmet off. **This is an incredibly awesome action sci-fi show!** Just enjoy it!

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