Ice Road Truckers

10 Best Episodes of Ice Road Truckers - Season 6

Take a trip to Yellowknife, Canada to experience one of the most dangerous careers around. In unfathomably cold conditions, truck drivers haul equipment and supplies to miners in the Canadian tundra in the dead of winter on a 350-mile highway of ice.

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Ice Road Truckers - S6E11

#15 - Hurricane Alley (Season 6 - Episode 11)

On the Dempster, Alex faces Hurricane Alley, but the biggest blizzard of the season plunges him into a complete whiteout that buries the road, and leaves Alex and his convoy partner no way to escape. On the Dalton, Darrell Ward raises the stakes in his rivalry with Jack Jessee, but the north slope keeps him grounded as frost heaves threaten to shake his load apart. While Jack deals with Darrell s aggressive move, it s Atigun Pass that nearly takes out the veteran. Rookie Porkchop also struggles to climb Atigun Pass, and keep his streak of successful solo runs going. Austin is sent out on a heavy haul special assignment, but being forced to load the oversized cargo himself could be too much for the young heavy hauler.

The episode was rated 7.33 from 49 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E7

#14 - Hard Road Ahead (Season 6 - Episode 7)


On Manitoba s Winter Roads, Hugh Rowland and Rick Yemm's season is already on the brink of disaster. But Rick makes a deadly discovery about his truck that puts the rest of his season, and his life, in jeopardy. On the Dempster, Alex risks his life by taking on the challenge of hauling an excavator that s over the safe weight limit of the ice. But on the shifting ice of the Mackenzie River delta, Alex is in a no-win situation when a truck malfunction leaves his trailer in danger of jackknifing, while stopping to fix the problem means falling through the ice. On the Dalton, haul road ace Jack Jessee is missing in action. Darrell, Porkchop, and Austin hammer down to take the lead int he load count. But when Terminal Manager Lane Keator hits the road, drivers will be forced to answer to the boss.

The episode was rated 7.38 from 52 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E2

#13 - Sink or Swim (Season 6 - Episode 2)

Alex drives on the Arctic Ocean, to the northernmost Canadian village accessible by ice road. Hugh and Rick face melting ice in a desperate search for missing trailers. In Alaska, a massive oil rig move continues as Jack struggles to mentor impatient young driver, Austin Wheeler. And, it's judgment day for the Dalton rookies as both Darrell and Porkchop meet with the boss to see if they pass their training runs.

The episode was rated 7.43 from 42 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E15

#12 - Race the Melt (Season 6 - Episode 15)


On the Dalton, Jack Jessee and Darrell Ward are dispatched across the ice to make the final run to the village of Nuiqsut, but with the road scheduled to close at sundown, failure will leave them trapped on the wrong side of the water. Tied for the top of the load count, Austin Wheeler s looking to end the season as the new champ, but after weeks of heavy hauls and risky maneuvers, Austin may have finally pushed his truck too far. Returning former load count champion Ray Veilleux is trying to prove he still has what it takes after a breakdown put an end his first haul. On the Dempster, Alex gambles with an extra large trailer to haul all of the season s final supplies, but the high winds of hurricane alley put his fragile plywood trailer to the test. In Manitoba, the Winter Roads are melting fast and if Hugh and Rick can t put days of animosity aside and work together, they ll both end up stuck in the bush until the roads form next season.

The episode was rated 7.55 from 38 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E1

#11 - Aces and Jokers (Season 6 - Episode 1)

The Ice Road Truckers battle across the continent over frozen lakes, rivers, and ocean. Alex heads farther north than ever before on the deadly Dempster. Hugh and Rick face an impossible task on the thin ice of Manitoba's Winter Roads. In Alaska, veteran Jack Jessee returns to lead a pack of hungry new drivers on Carlile's biggest mission in history.

The episode was rated 7.56 from 54 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E9

#10 - Braking Bad (Season 6 - Episode 9)


On the Dalton, Austin s trying to prove himself in a heavy haul convoy, but pushing the 100-ton modular building through blowing snow leads to a rookie mistake that threatens the entire mission. Word of Jack Jessee s return gets Darrell Ward on the road early, but the Montana log hauler s quest to become the new haul road ace is derailed by notorious Atigun Pass. Porkchop s been struggling with a series of deliveries off the Dalton, but at dispatch he gets an unexpected load. With Rick still out of commission, Hugh makes a "Hail Mary" play to save his season by drafting a ragtag team of drivers into a convoy across the ice; it s a high risk gamble that puts his life in the hands of an ice road rookie. Alex is dispatched with a time sensitive load bound for a remote mining operation, but the sheer cliffs and soft shoulders of the one lane mine road push the veteran and his truck to the limit.

The episode was rated 7.56 from 41 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E5

#9 - Desperate Measures (Season 6 - Episode 5)

With the Dalton shut down, every haul road driver fights to make their delivery as the DOT scrambles to reopen the road. Austin spent the night on the north slope after going into the ditch. Darrell is up early to keep his lead in the load count. But a tragic wreck changes his plans. Jack wakes up in Coldfoot after being forced to remove two wheels from his trailer and news of the wreck has him scrambling for information. While the rest of the Dalton drivers fight the remnants of the storm, Porkchop is miles away in Fairbanks after being pulled off the road by Lane. On the Dempster, Alex is racing south to get another load, but the storm that recently ravaged the Dalton is headed for the Yukon. Alex must race the storm to make it south and back before the road shuts down. In Manitoba, the brutally warm condition of the winter roads have made driving nearly impossible. Hugh and Rick are doubling down, taking on a load of two massive cement trucks.

The episode was rated 7.58 from 45 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E13

#8 - Cold-Blooded (Season 6 - Episode 13)


On the Dalton, extreme temperatures have the oil fields on the verge of a cold weather shutdown, leaving Jack Jessee scrambling to get out of town. Austin makes a time saving decision to not chain up, but it leaves his load spinning toward the edge. Darrell Ward also rolls the dice to save time, but his risky decision forces him into a desperate situation on one of the Dalton s steepest inclines. And it s the final trial for Porkchop, and former trainer Phil Kromm is the judge. On the Dempster, massive snowfall has the road closed, cutting off northern Canada s only lifeline. Alex must brave the brutal conditions to deliver the machinery the DOT needs to open the road. And on the Winter Roads, Hugh's drive to save his season jeopardizes his 18 year friendship with Rick Yemm.

The episode was rated 7.60 from 48 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E3

#7 - Hammer Down (Season 6 - Episode 3)

In Alaska, the clock is ticking on the Dalton as the deadline to deliver a massive oil rig pushes every driver to step it up to get the job done. Will the pressure of his first ice crossing cause one rookie to crack? Plus, Alex races to deliver a load to a village across an icy river delta, but a looming storm threatens to trap him just inches above the rushing current. And, Hugh and Rick fight the melting winter roads to deliver their first load of the season to Winnipeg, when a rookie mistake leaves Rick in the line of fire.

The episode was rated 7.61 from 46 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E8

#6 - Proving Ground (Season 6 - Episode 8)


On the Dalton, everyone is gunning to be the new haul road ace, but Darrell s plan is derailed by a massive wreck that calls into question his reasons for being in Alaska. Porkchop gets his shot to prove himself with a solo run to a remote Alaskan village, but the sheer cliffs of the access road are more than he bargained for. Austin finally joins a heavy haul team, but a disaster on the grueling 100-ton haul leaves his chance for glory in question. Alex faces the Dempster in reverse, but a sign of trouble on the ice has the veteran riding with an open door ready.

The episode was rated 7.62 from 50 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E16

#5 - The Final Showdown (Season 6 - Episode 16)

Spring comes to the top of the world as across North America, drivers are racing to deliver the last loads of the season before the ice melts away. On the Dalton, the load count race is too close to call as Jack and Darrell race neck and neck, but an aggressive move by Darrell Ward leaves Jack Jessee in the dust, and has the ace wondering if he s lost the load count title. Austin Wheeler gets another chance to end his season strong when his truck comes out of the shop, but the giant modular building he s hauling may be too much for his failing engine to handle. Alex Debogorski has to cross the ocean with supplies for the village of Tuktoyaktuk, but the arctic breakup has the ice shattering beneath his wheels, forcing him to do the one thing drivers are never supposed to do: stop on the ice. On the Winter Roads, Hugh and Rick return to Winnipeg to cash out, but a seasons worth of bad blood leads to an explosive showdown with Polar Industries owner Mark Kohaykewich.

The episode was rated 7.67 from 43 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E12

#4 - Battle Lines (Season 6 - Episode 12)


Rick returns to find the Winter Roads even more brutal and unforgiving than before, but he puts both his and Hugh s season in jeopardy when he crashes into a superintendent of the road. In Alaska, Austin s been given the toughest challenge of his Dalton career--five 85 foot sections of long pipe--and getting the load to Prudhoe Bay is a battle between the 23-year-old s skill and overconfidence. Jack Jessee s got a special delivery off the Dalton, and with temperatures on the north slope hovering near negative 50, Porkchop is sent along to help Jack get the job done. But Porkchop s desire to get ahead in the load count gets the better of him, and a reckless decision leaves Jack furious and alone at 50 below. But the cold temperatures also have Darrell Ward fighting to stay warm when his truck dies on the frigid north slope.

The episode was rated 7.70 from 44 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E14

#3 - Chopping Block (Season 6 - Episode 14)

On the Dempster, Alex is hauling a dangerous load of deadly compressed gasses, but at hurricane alley, high winds have already pushed one truck off the road, and any mistake Alex makes could have explosive consequences. In Alaska, load count rivals Jack Jessee and Darrell Ward are both determined to take the top spot, but Jack gets derailed by a torturous load that leaves his chance at victory in question. Austin meets a trucker stuck on Atigun Pass, and he puts his heavy haul load, and his life, on the line to help out the fellow driver. Porkchop meets the boss to answer for his performance on the road, and with the season coming to a close, Lane is forced to make the call that will keep the loads moving. On the Winter Roads, Rick s looking for a little payback after being ditched by Hugh on their previous run, but his actions leave his cargo in danger, and it s up to Hugh and Vlad to find a way to save the load or miss out on the paycheck.

The episode was rated 7.78 from 41 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E10

#2 - Stacking the Deck (Season 6 - Episode 10)


In Canada, Alex Debogorski is trusted with a million dollar load, but at the start of his trip, the one lane mine road earns its reputation as one of the deadliest roads in North America. On the Dalton, the load count rivalry gets personal. When haul road ace Jack Jessee pulls a veteran move on Darrell Ward, the Rocky Mountain log hauler fights back to take the lead. While the two heavyweights battle each other, Austin Wheeler s battling his first solo heavy haul of the season, but facing the Dalton alone proves more of a challenge when there s no one else to rely on. Porkchop s also on his own, running the Dalton solo for the second time, but the newfound freedom has him taking risks that has put his life and others in jeopardy. In Manitoba, Hugh leads a rag tag convoy across the winter roads, but when they encounter trouble on the ice, Hugh has to prevent a first time ice road trucker from breaking through.

The episode was rated 7.79 from 39 votes.

Ice Road Truckers - S6E4

#1 - No Way Out (Season 6 - Episode 4)

The biggest storm of the season hits the Haul Road. A trailer malfunction leaves Jack Jessee in danger of getting stranded as the brutal weather closes in. Darrell tries to push through the blinding whiteout, and Porkchop visits the boss to answer for career-ending mistakes. Eager rookie Austin Wheeler is free of former mentor Jack Jessee, but in the brutal winter conditions, his impatient actions threaten to shut down the haul road. In Manitoba, Canada, Hugh and Rick take on their second load of the season, transporting vital water tanks to the remote community of St. Theresa Point. But getting to the remote village means crossing a newly opened section of the winter roads, and taking their heavy loads across untested ice.

The episode was rated 7.86 from 49 votes.

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