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Follows the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern-day African-American woman. Issa and Molly, these best friends must deal with their own real-life flaws as they attempt to navigate different worlds and cope with an endless series of uncomfortable everyday experiences.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Insecure

Insecure - S2E8

#1 - Hella Perspective


Season 2 - Episode 8

Over the course of one pivotal month, Issa, Molly and Lawrence face choices affecting their work and personal lives, with each considering whether to embrace a new future or look back to the past.

The episode was rated #1 Best episode of Insecure from 627 votes.

Insecure - S3E8

#2 - Ghost-Like


Season 3 - Episode 8

After facing numerous obstacles, Issa gets discouraged about her project, while Molly helps give Issa a drama-free 30th birthday.

The episode was rated #2 Best episode of Insecure from 251 votes.

Insecure - S3E5

#3 - High-Like


Season 3 - Episode 5

The girls take a weekend trip to celebrate Tiffany. Molly has trouble leaving her obsession with work behind.

The episode was rated #3 Best episode of Insecure from 298 votes.

Insecure - S4E8

#4 - Lowkey Happy


Season 4 - Episode 8

Issa and Lawrence catch up and talk life, careers, past mistakes, and what makes each of them happy.

The episode was rated #4 Best episode of Insecure from 167 votes.

Insecure - S1E8

#5 - Broken as Fuck


Season 1 - Episode 8

Molly and Issa's trip could be undone by lingering tension between them; and Lawrence catches up with his friends.

The episode was rated #5 Best episode of Insecure from 851 votes.

Insecure - S4E5

#6 - Lowkey Movin' On


Season 4 - Episode 5

With the block party finally here, Issa is determined to deliver a memorable event, despite some surprises. Meanwhile, Tiffany enjoys a break from her baby, Kelli entertains a gullible new boo, and Molly attempts to put a grudge on hold.

The episode was rated #6 Best episode of Insecure from 189 votes.

Insecure - S1E7

#7 - Real as Fuck


Season 1 - Episode 7

Issa preps for a fund-raiser, but has trouble staying focused. Meanwhile, Lawrence mulls a job opportunity; and Molly learns something new from an old friend.

The episode was rated #7 Best episode of Insecure from 840 votes.

Insecure - S2E7

#8 - Hella Disrespectful


Season 2 - Episode 7

Tensions run high during Derek and Tiffany's dinner party. Molly rethinks her future after being forced to come to terms with her romantic realities. Issa tries to make things right with Frieda.

The episode was rated #8 Best episode of Insecure from 704 votes.

Insecure - S4E9

#9 - Lowkey Trying


Season 4 - Episode 9

Issa considers doing Nathan a platonic favor. Meanwhile, both Dr. Rhonda and Andrew ask Molly to consider a different approach in dealing with people who've wronged her, and Issa extends a timely olive branch.

The episode was rated #9 Best episode of Insecure from 153 votes.

Insecure - S4E10

#10 - Lowkey Lost


Season 4 - Episode 10

Molly takes Andrew to a work function and they struggle to see eye to eye. Issa continues to search for happiness. The girls get a distressing call about a friend.

The episode was rated #10 Best episode of Insecure from 162 votes.

Insecure - S2E6
#11 - Hella Blows
Season 2 - Episode 6

Issa maintains her roster but is met with disappointment as she finds herself without a car. Molly worries about an important friendship while embracing something new. Lawrence gets a rude awakening at work after pitching his app.

The episode was rated #1 Best episode of Insecure from 681 votes.

Insecure - S4E3
#12 - Lowkey Thankful
Season 4 - Episode 3

While Molly's family celebrates Thanksgiving together, Issa and Ahmal decide to do their own thing. Meanwhile, when Lawrence joins Friendsgiving at Condola's house, the new couple breaks some awkward ground.

The episode was rated #2 Best episode of Insecure from 187 votes.

Insecure - S2E1
#13 - Hella Great
Season 2 - Episode 1

Issa struggles in the aftermath of her breakup with Lawrence, while facing challenges at a new work assignment. Molly questions her worth at work, while Lawrence adjusts to his new living arrangement.

The episode was rated #3 Best episode of Insecure from 816 votes.

Insecure - S2E4
#14 - Hella LA
Season 2 - Episode 4

Issa's newfound confidence is shaken at a day party; Molly has an eventful reunion with a childhood friend; Lawrence's trip to the grocery store turns into a wild and crazy night.

The episode was rated #4 Best episode of Insecure from 705 votes.

Insecure - S2E5
#15 - Hella Shook
Season 2 - Episode 5

Issa attempts to build a roster and butts heads with Frieda at a work retreat. Molly's day takes an unexpected turn at her parents' vow renewal ceremony. Lawrence stumbles upon some news about Issa.

The episode was rated #5 Best episode of Insecure from 686 votes.

Insecure - S3E2
#16 - Familiar-Like
Season 3 - Episode 2

Issa gets advice from Kelli about her financial situation and plays wingwoman as Daniel tries to make a music-industry connection.

The episode was rated #6 Best episode of Insecure from 297 votes.

Insecure - S3E6
#17 - Ready-Like
Season 3 - Episode 6

Issa needs moral support when her new project proves more complicated than she originally thought; Issa and Kelli press Molly to consider dating someone new; the girls attend Tiffany's baby shower and try to be helpful.

The episode was rated #7 Best episode of Insecure from 269 votes.

Insecure - S4E2
#18 - Lowkey Distant
Season 4 - Episode 2

When Issa and Condola decide to confront the elephant in the room head-on, Lawrence gets uncomfortable. In search of a real connection, Molly struggles to get Andrew to open up during a carefully architected date night.

The episode was rated #8 Best episode of Insecure from 197 votes.

Insecure - S3E7
#19 - Obsessed-Like
Season 3 - Episode 7

Issa tries to concentrate on her business plan but is driven to distraction; Molly steps out of her comfort zone in her love life.

The episode was rated #9 Best episode of Insecure from 272 votes.

Insecure - S2E3
#20 - Hella Open
Season 2 - Episode 3

Issa's sexual frustration prompts her to reassess her dating outlook; Molly meets a potential beau on a girls' night out; Lawrence's new work friends test his commitment.

The episode was rated #10 Best episode of Insecure from 706 votes.

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I was skeptical this was going to be any good after the pilot. It hadn't occurred to me that this was the spin-off (extension?) of the web series I came across years ago. Identity politics is a tough road to travel. At one level we all can understand logically that we're the same and go through relatable drama and get caught in similar dialogue. Then you add the burden of your cultural or sexual identity and sometimes in trying to round out your voice you almost parody yourself. This was my initial reticence. I don't need another "awkward-type" fumbling around in the dark telling me how very awkward they feel and, man, this life thing right? I don't find invitations into the bathroom particularly deep or a source of insight just because that's where you like to amateur rap. It's real, just in a mundane way. I keep coming back to the idea that this is almost like Girls if Lena Dunham were attractive and exhibited more tact. Girls over time sort of devolved into a self-indulgent screed pretending like it was celebrating and satirizing entitlement, I think because it realized that the voice that launched the show was fundamentally weaker than the expectations for it to keep telling stories. I hope that's not what happens to Insecure, though I suspect given the title, the creator will show an increasingly evolved and intimate portrayal of her characters. On the second to last episode I finally felt it starting to feel more sincere and real. I'm getting drawn in and finding myself curious as to how things will resolve. The part that feels the weakest is the comedic voice. Again back to Girls, I remember at least pretty consistently laughing my ass off at characters like Adam or some of the physical comedy. Here Insecure feels like it walks a finer line in pawning off a few chuckles to side characters or the idea of "general white obliviousness." Perhaps it's deliberate? In that there's always a kind of tension or stress trying to be black while navigating a white environment, except, even among friends the dialogue leans heavy. Mind you, that isn't a problem in and of itself, it's just that you can feel like there's maybe supposed to be more of a joke there, but it rarely comes. I think I'd just like to see the show with a little more edge. Had Atlanta not come out, I'd only have white analogues or something like Masters of None to generally pit this against, which I think can blind you to voices it's harder to recognize by being on the outside. At the same time, regardless of culture or skin color I feel a show lives or dies by its ability to dig into the heart of its humanity first and then use the individual voice to color it, so to speak. Leaving aside the consequences of marketing and the hype machine. I'd like to see "more," that amounts to not just an increased episode count.


Funny show, but Issa (the character, not the actress) really gets on my nerve sometimes. A funny and brutally honest portrayal of trying to find stable love and success as a black woman in America.


I've never watched Girls, so I can't comment on how this show compares, but Insecure is the show I would point to for so accurately depicting what it's like to be a young millennial (especially a young millennial woman of color) now.


hbo has done it again #ShiftvW8

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