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I am Kai, last of the Brunnen-G.Millennia ago, the Brunnen-G led humanity to victory in the war against the insect civilization. The Time Prophet predicted that I would be the one to destroy the divine order in the league of the 20,000 planets. Someday that will happen, but not today. Because today is my day of death. The day our story begins.A cowardly security guard, an undead assassin, a female with a body designed for sex and a robot head madly in love with her all make up the crew of the spaceship Lexx, the most powerful weapon in the two universes.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Lexx

Lexx - S3E13

#1 - Heaven and Hell


Season 3 - Episode 13

Xev and Kai go to Fire to confront Prince about Stanley's life essence. When he refuses to give it up, Kai jumps down into a well to the planet's core hoping to retrieve it. He winds up on the beach, with Prince taunting him that he's now trapped there for eternity, unable to help either Stanley or Xev.

The episode was rated from 23 votes.

Lexx - S4E24

#2 - Yo Way Yo


Season 4 - Episode 24

Prince visits the Lexx warning of "Earth's date with destiny". Emotions abound as Kai begins to feel again and the Lexx's health is ailing. As the alien mother ship has reached Earth.

The episode was rated from 21 votes.

Lexx - S2E20

#3 - End of the Universe


Season 2 - Episode 20

With only hours to go before Mantrid has demolished the universe, Stanley comes up with the idea of creating their own army of drones based on 790 to combat Mantrid's. But is it too little too late?

The episode was rated from 23 votes.

Lexx - S4E18

#4 - The Game


Season 4 - Episode 18

About to be destroyed, Prince requests Kai complete their game of chess, but with this time with real stakes. Should the undead assassin win, he'll get his life-essence back. Should he loose, Stan and Xev's lives are forfeit.

The episode was rated from 20 votes.

Lexx - S3E6

#5 - K-Town


Season 3 - Episode 6

Xev and Stan find their way into the towering city they landed on, but discover the inhabitants aren't exactly the friendliest or sanest around...

The episode was rated from 22 votes.

Lexx - S1E2
#6 - Super Nova
Season 1 - Episode 2

Zev decides they should go to Brunnis, the original home of the Brunnen-G, in hopes of finding something that can prolong Kai's life. When they arrive they find it barren, except from holographic messages left by the eccentric "Poet Man". As they enter the library, they are totally unaware that back on the Lexx Giggerota has sprung back to life and plots to steal it with the help of the remaining Divine Predecessors.

The episode was rated from 99 votes.
Lexx - S3E4
#7 - Boomtown
Season 3 - Episode 4

Gametown is attacked by Duke's forces in the stolen moths, though Kai manages to take back one and return to the Lexx with Bunny. Trying once more to go down to Water for food, Stanley decides they should go to Boomtown - the "all sex all the time" city... Meanwhile, Duke moves against Prince on Fire.

The episode was rated from 26 votes.
Lexx - S2E18
#8 - Brigadoom
Season 2 - Episode 18

As the Lexx approaches the centre of the universe a strange building appears out of nowhere... with the Brunnen-G battle song emanating from within. Going inside, the crew discovers a theatre troupe performing the history of the Brunnen-G. They ask Kai to play his part in the story - the starring role as it turns out.

The episode was rated from 31 votes.
Lexx - S1E1
#9 - I Worship His Shadow
Season 1 - Episode 1

On Cluster, the capital of the league of 20 000 planets, a ship with the power to destroy planets lies waiting for it's master - "His Divine Shadow". But the soon to be executed rebel Thodin has his eyes on it too, and mangles the city's computer system while engineering his escape. Using the chaos that erupts, the death sentenced security officer Stanley Tweedle and the escaped "love-slave" Zev evade capture and eventually team up with Thodin... with the undead assassin Kai following, with orders to kill them all.

The episode was rated from 178 votes.
Lexx - S1E4
#10 - Giga Shadow
Season 1 - Episode 4

Kai is running out of protoblood, and a desperate Zev forces Stan to set course back to the Cluster through the fractal core. When they arrive they find they entire planet barren - everybody killed in "the cleansing", in preparation of the birth of the Gigashadow.

The episode was rated from 70 votes.

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